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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Count Basie Swinging The Blues

Here is Count with the full band going to town.

The Delta Rhythm Boys St. Louis Blues!

This is a 1943 movie of the Delta Rhythm Boys doing some very early doo wop. It is also a very jazzy version of St. Louis Blues, not to be confused with the WC Handy version that Bessie Smith performed.

Eric Clapton Playing Robert Johnson

Eric Clapton doing Walking Blues. This is one of Robert Johnson's songs, although some of the lyrics and melody come from Son House. This has cause a few blues scholars much concern about the originality of Robert Johnson. However, I think one has to look at blues as a continuing music, that is passed down from player to player. You pick and chose words, and melodies as you go. I also think that propriety, or ownership of creative material probably wasn't a big issue among blues players. Elmo James is just as much the author of Dust My Broom, as Robert Johnson, and Robert took it from someone else, who took it from someone else, and the line continues on. Old songs, like Kansas City, C C Rider, Stagger Lee, and Frankie and Johnnie, are a few examples of songs with multiple authorship. Who was first? Some people think that the first is the most important, but the most important historically speaking is the person who made the biggest impact with the song. Hands down Robert wins it most of the time.

I Goofed

Well, I guess I posted too many Youtube videos, and now blogger's spam bots, think I am a spammer. I can still post, but with each post I need to jump through hoops. Hopefully this is a one time 24hr thing. I suppose what really set it off was my tagging all the videos. If you click on the video link under any of the movies you will get only posts with videos. It is pretty cool, and if you only want to watch some great blues, R&B, and Soul music then go for it. However, I think that must have set off the alarms at blogger, because after I did that then I found out I would need to jump the hoops.

Oh well, enjoy music.

Internet Radio Deadline Delayed!

Good news! Internet radio has gotten a delay. The copyright board has pushed back the deadline to July 15th. More here at his link. This doesn't mean that Internet radio has been saved. It only means we have more time to contact our local Representatives, and Senators. Just remember that if this plan goes through independent, small am and fm stations, and small market NPR stations will no longer be able to broadcast on the net. Don't let the big corporations determine what you listen to on the Internet. fight back!

<span class=


Big News for Cub fans! The Cubs have gone from last to second place in the NL central. Plus Ron Santo has returned to the booth after his annual health scare. Ron is one of my all time favorite Cubs. Santo has had type I Diabetes for over 50 years, and was the first pro athletic to play with the illness. Ronnie has shown that you can accomplish anything you need regardless of diabetes. I have been a type II diabetic for several years, and I have always marveled at what Santo did back in the 60s and 70s. Considering how far we have come in treating diabetes, it is amazing that this guy was able to play at an all-star level back in those days. Santo also belongs in the baseball hall of fame, but for whatever reason some old time ballplayers think that six gold gloves, many all-star appearances, and probably the best all-around 3rd baseman in the 1960s is not good enough to vote him in the hall. Anyway, Ronnie is feeling better and back in the booth, and the Cubbies are winning, and when you think about it that's all that counts:-)

Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers

This is from the movie Stormy Weather, and is the incredible dance scene with the Nicholas Brothers. These guys could really dance! It is amazing watching them. It is surprising that they didn't blow out their knees with those moves. Of course, cab rocks as always:-)

Tammi Terrill and Marvin Gaye

This might show up twice. I originally posted it from Youtube, but it disappeared in the Internet tubes:-D Anyway this website in France has much better resolution on its videos. This is one of the great soul duets. Unfortunately Tammi Terrell died young from cancer in 1970. Marvin took two years off from performing after her death, but when he came back he had composed some of his greatest works including What's Going On.
Ain't No Mt. Marvin Gaye Tammi Terrell
Uploaded by avajra

Count Basie, and Jimmy Rushing

Jimmy Rushing also know as Mr. 5x5. Nice KC swing blues with the full Basie Band.
Count Basie-Take Me Back Baby
Uploaded by redhotjazz

You Tube Strangness

Okay, I posted probably three videos from Youtube tonight, but none of them showed up either on the site, or rejected in my mailbox at Youtube. So it is quite possible they may show up at some point tonight, or they will float around cyberspace forever:-)

Eric Clapton and Robert Cray playing a song they co wrote. I remember David Sanborn's TV show back in the late 80s. I think it was on friday nights on NBC, as I recall Letterman always took fridays off, and Sanborn had a music show in his time slot. Nice stuff.
Eric clapton & robert cray - Old love
Uploaded by -bouddha-

Friday, May 4, 2007

BB King comes to Sioux City.

June 30th BB King headlines our local blues fest up here in wonderful Sioux City Iowa. Dicky Betts is also slated to attend. More when it becomes available. However, check out the website here.

Boat Load Of Blues Chicago

I know I have people in Chicago who read the blog, so you probably know about boat load of blues on Saturday night. here is the blurb from the Courier:

A rocking boatload of blues docks along the Fox River at West Dundee's Clearwater Theatre on Saturday, while that same evening, chart-topping bluesman Joe Bonamassa plays the Blizzard Theatre at Elgin Community College.

The captain of this cruise is San Francisco Bay area musician Tommy Castro, whose band will play its own tunes and back keyboard player Deanna Bogart, harmonic player Magic Dick of J. Geils Band fame, and "the Crown Prince of Chicago Blues" Ronnie Baker Brooks, for the evening.

I am assuming that you guys know where the Clearwater Theatre is located. Sounds like a good show.

More Blues In Schools

I am a fan of blues in Schools. I also am a fan of strange reporting. Here is a blues in school report from the Courier News, in Elgin Illionios. Joe Bonamassa a feature performer at Boatload of Blues played a blues in school gig in Elgin. Check out this quote about Joe's influences:

He said his jazz music is influenced by artists ranging from the 1980s heavy metal band Def Leppard to guitarist and singer Jimi Hendrix to blues legend King to singer/guitarist Eric Clapton.
Okay, I think he is a blues player, so where did the jazz reference come from, and hey, I think we all loved the jazz stylings of DEF LEPPARD! I am sure Joe knew what he was talking about, but I wonder if the reporter had a clue. I think not, because then the reporter asked one of the kids for his artistic critique of the show:

One sixth-grader and aspiring musician at Willard, Zeke Miller, gave Bonamassa a hesitant two-thumbs-up.

"He was all right," said Miller, who has been playing the guitar and singing since he was 8. "I was impressed by how fast his fingers moved and the tunes of the guitar."

When Miller was asked how he would rate Bonamassa on a scale of 1 to 10, Miller said, "he was a nine. It was good but, his voice was too loud; I thought he could bring it down a little."

Brittney Bombs At Second Apperance At The House Of Blues

Read all about Brittney Spear's latest show at the House of Blues....... ahhhh,,,,,,,,,, hmmmmmmmmm, Pop,,,,,,,,,,,, okay, House of *&^%;*&^%!!!!.

Of course, House of Blues won't change even with the bad reviews. When they charge 125$ for a 15 minute show, it will only encourage them to do more shows like that.

Well, if there ain't no blues at the house of blues, does that make the blues homeless???

25 Annual Topanga Blues Festival LA Cali

In California in June?? The 25 Annual Topanga Blues fest is going on. If you are going Kid Ramos is worth seeing. I saw Kid Ramos play with James Harmon over ten years ago, when I was lucky to open for Harmon. Ramos rocks, so show your face in the place. Link is here, some of the important text is below.
Topanga Blues Festival. The festival is a family-friendly event, featuring a variety of activities for the families and children, such as a harmonica workshop and face painting, plus a wide array of food options as well as a beer garden to quench your thirst in the sun. The doors open at 9am, and the entertainment kicks off at 10am with Donnie 'V-, a local to Southern California who has previously opened for such acts as Jimmy Vaughan, John Mayall and Canned Heat. He will be followed by the Teddy Lee Hooker Band, whose frontman, Teddy Lee, received his first guitar from the late blues legend John Lee Hooker. The lineup also includes the Ozzie Blues Band, followed by the Catherine Denise Band, leading up to this year's headlining act: none other than the internationally-renowned Mannish Boys Blues Revue. The current edition of The Mannish Boys features a veritable one-band blues festival of talent. Veteran front man Finis Tasby is recognized by music fans world-wide as one of the most soulful and dynamic blues singers working today. Tasby shares the vocal duties with Johnny Dyer, who is widely acclaimed as one of the last keepers of the old-school Chicago-style blues flame, with his deep, soulful vocals and full-toned blues harp. Kid Ramos, nominated for 2007 Blues Music Award for guitar instrumentalist of year, tears it up on lead guitar. Ramos, formerly with the James Harmon band and The Fabulous Thunderbirds, will be accompanied on guitar by blues veteran John Marx, who has previously played with many of the greats, including Lightning Hopkins and Floyd Dixon. Leon Blue, best known for his work with the 3 'Kings- of blues music, Albert King, Freddie King, and B.B.King, and veteran of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue in the 1960s and ‘70s, will be handling the piano. R&B veteran Tom Leavey lends a rock steady backbone to the band on bass, and is joined by legendary drummer, James Gadson, who has played with everyone from Paul McCartney to B.B. King. The latest addition to The Mannish Boys is singer Bobby Jones, a veteran of the Chicago blues circuit from the 1950s and ‘60s, who proves beyond any doubt that he's still one of the most powerful and vibrant blues singers in the country. Finally, impresario / emcee Randy Chortkoff is not only the man ‘behind the curtain', he's also a superb blues harmonica player and singer in his own right, who led his own bands for many years before masterminding the assembling of the extraordinary blues revue now known around the world as The Mannish Boys. So get ready for The Mannish Boys to pull the blues up from the ground by the roots and shake the earth! Tickets for the event will be available in advance on the Southern California Blues Society website, Advance ticket at $20 and are available for pickup at ‘will call' the day of the event. Ticket will also be sold at the event for $25, cash only. Children 12 and under will be admitted free. No lawn chairs, coolers, outside alcohol or pets permitted. Handicap parking is available. For more information, please call (714) 229-0643, or email Amber Bollard at or Kelly Davis at Official MySpace Page:

Thursday, May 3, 2007

MARVIN GAYE!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to listen to what Marvin has to say about African American music. He is talking about the blues, soul, R&B, and the importance of music in not only the African American community, but in the world itself. BTW, the song rocks too:-)
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
Uploaded by chilavert

Little Milton

This is some sweet soul from the bluesman Little Milton. A nice song, and the third video from what I assume was a local TV show somewhere in Tennessee.
Little Milton - We're Gonna Make I
Uploaded by Funkadelika

Robert Johnson Blues Fest May 8th

Well, it would have been nice to know that this was going on sooner. The Clarion Ledger reports the third annual Robert Johnson Blues Fest will take place this Saturday, May, 5th in Hazlehurst Mississippi.

From the ledger:

The all-day event features headliners Bobby Rush and Dorothy Moore, and starts in the late morning with a gospel program that includes the Williams Brothers.

Other artists include Rory Block, who recently released an album of Johnson's songs, and the bands of pianist Henry Gray and saxophonist Eddie Shaw, who both played for many years with Howlin' Wolf.

Organized by the Robert Johnson Foundation, the festival is headed by Johnson's son Claud Johnson, who was determined to be the heir of the Robert Johnson estate by a Mississippi court in the late 1990s. The festival moved this year from Crystal Springs - Claud Johnson's longtime home - to Hazelhurst, where the foundation operates the Robert Johnson Center and the Heritage House. The center provides programs in cultural heritage and art for local youth.

"The festival raises money for our foundation, which gives out scholarships to music majors," says Steve Johnson, the son of Claud Johnson and the foundation's vice president. "My grandfather made a great impact on the music world, so we feel like a scholarship will honor his legacy and keep the music alive and strong."

This sounds like a cool festival and a family affair, as Robert's son Claud and his son Steve are involved in the festival.

The painting above can be seen at the Robert Johnson Center in Hazelhurst. The painting is by Chris Osborne, and is really outstanding. I think I will mark this one on the calender for next year!

John Mayall CD Review

I have never been a big fan of British blues, but this latest review of John Mayall's In The Palace Of The King, is really just a rant about the blues in general. reviewer Scott Homewood basically states from almost the beginning that the blues has not evolved from the days of Howling Wolf, and Muddy Waters. Then precedes to to rant about tribute albums like In The Palace Of The King, which is a tribute to Freddie King. As many of my students will attest too, I am no fan of either British Blues, or tribute albums done by British blues players, but to say the blues hasn't changed or grown since Muddy, and Wolf is ridiculous. I suppose I could write a whole list of players who have added to the blues, and the whole variety of blues types that exist today, but this post would be so long that it would fill two or three pages of the blog. However, I really think that if you are going to review a CD, then review the CD. Tell us what is good, what is bad, and should we buy it. After all isn't that a CD review? I suppose when it comes down to it, if ya like Mayall, buy the CD:-)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Little Richard

Little Richard - Long Tall Sally
Video sent by SamFisher037

Louis Jordan Jumps IN COLOR

I must admit that this is a very cool video of the great Louis Jordan. It is also one of my favorite songs. I love the Saturday Night Fish Fry. Unfortunately the song started out way to fast. That thing is going about three times the speed of the recorded version. It starts out rough with no vocal, but after the first verse they start to rock, and boy do I mean ROCK!
Louis Jordan - Saturday Night Fish Fry
Video sent by soulpatrol

Michael Hill's Blues Mob

Here is a very good bio about Michael Hill's Blues Mob from the Greensboro North Carolina Yes Weekly. Michael Hill calls his music New York blues, and the article does a good job talking about early blues, and the difference between delta, Piedmont, and city blues.

Toxic / House Of Blues / Britney Spears


House of What???? Oooooooooh Look its the great blues diva Brittney performing that great old blues standard Toxic!

For a critique of the show check out the link below.

Last night it was only rumor, but today it is real. Brittney actually played, if you can call it that, at the House of Blues. I just wonder what the heck is going on over there. I know that House of Blues has always booked a variety of different bands, but why keep the charade of calling yourself a blues club. Why not House of Rock, or House of Pop, or House of %&*#&%#! How about some truth in advertising:-)

Muddy Waters Lost Son Larry Williams

Blues jam Larry McCray

Larry McCray live at a jam session. I dont know if Larry is still working in the auto factory like he was a few years ago when I last seen him in Des Moines. This is some hot guitar playing

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ain't No Blues At The House Of Blues

Okay, before you read this post go to my friend Dick Deluxe's Myspace page and listen to his song Ain't No Blues At The House Of Blues. Never was a song so right. I have never understood what the deal was with the house of blues, but the latest news from the wire is just crazy. Brittney Spears is supposedly planning her great comeback by playing some gigs with a band called M&Ms. At, get this, THE HOUSE OF BLUES. Oh, yeah, Brittney the great blues goddess. You know if they booked Christine Aguilera I could see that. I have heard her belt out a few blues tunes, and she even sang with Dr. John, but Britney. Give me a break! Does ol Elwood have anything to do with this place? I bet Jake is turning over in his grave about now. ACK!!!!!!!! Lets hope this is an urban legend, or a very late April Fools joke:-)

Blues Tourism In Mississippi

This is from the Clarion Leger in Mississippi. Another article about Mississippi tourism and the blues. I know it sound very strange, but apparently people are buying up old shacks in the Mississippi Delta and turning them into tourist spots! I kid you not! Now you can spend the night in a real authentic blues shack. Of course, some of them have modern accessories like running water, and electricity!

You know, in a way it is sad to see comericalization come in and take over an historical area. I know many of you who visit Beale Street in Memphis have no idea that the whole area was stripped down and remade as the Disneyland of the blues. I suppose on one level it is a good thing, as one store owner in the article stated that the blues was the only thing keeping things going in Clarksdale. Yet, you hate to see something cheapened by people out to make a buck.

New 4cd John Lee Hooker Set

I suppose in a way this is just another collection of John Lee Hooker recordings. However, if you don't have any of these songs here is your opportunity to buy some John Lee. For a complete review click here. It covers his whole career from his early years in Detroit up through 2000. I didn't see any mention of his recordings with San Francisco blues guitarist Roy Rogers. Those were perhaps some of John Lee Hookers finest recordings during his comeback years in the late 80s. What is cool is that the Detroit recordings in the 50s were made when Jimmy Pryor was hanging around with John Lee. As Jimmy put it, him and John Lee Hooker would play a lot of the same clubs and when they weren't working they were listening to each other. It was also very neat years later when John Lee Hookers son met up with Jimmy and spent some time talking about the old days in Detroit.

The Blues Lives On.

Here is a nice heartwarming story about kids who write about the blues. It comes from the Pittsburgh Gazette. It just goes to show that the music lives on. Three separate kids wrote essays on African American history, and all three wrote about music. In particular, Billie Holiday, the Staple Singers, and Hubie Blake. Those stories were winners in the National City Bank African American essay contest.

Last of the Great Delta Bluesmen

A very nice review of a very special recording session and evening from Blogcritic. Back in 2004 The blue shoe project brought together, Pinetop Perkins, Robert Lockwood Jr., Honeyboy Edwards, and Henry James Townsend, for a live show in Dallas Texas. This disc is up for a BMA. If you would like to buy the disc after reading the great review on blogcritic, then go to the blues shoe project web page HERE.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Raccoon River Boys at Blues For Bagdad

Okay, this very short clip is me and Dennis Cain playing the tail end of Roberta. It isn't much, and it doesn't really show any talent and has little historical significance, but it is a vanity post, so deal with it:-D

B.B. King on Ralph Gleason's Jazz Casual 1968 Part 1

TRIFECTA!! BB King. To quote Bob Dorr inthe song, Give Me Some Soul For Christmas, Albert, BB, and Freddie are my three kings:-)

Albert King - Born Under a Bad Sign (Live in Sweden 1980)

Albert King! I have always loved this song. whenever I feel bad I put this song on my CD player.

Nice Blues and Jazz Blog

I found this site that only reviews blues and Jazz CDS. I will put a link to the site in my cool links section. I know that I don't have the time to listen to complete CDS very often so I will keep trying to send you to other sites that take care of reviews.

My main goal for this site is to teach the history of the blues in a friendly way. What we call in the business writing for the general public. I have written some academic papers on the blues, but trust me they would bore you:-) I figure if I can get you interested in blues without drowning you in the details that you are more likely to keep reading and keep listening.

Also, I like to keep blending contemporary blues bands, with the old time classics. I feel the best way to keep the blues alive is respecting the past, and preserving the present, while building for tomorrow. that's the way to keep Da Bluz Alive!

Lansing Michigan Gets The Blues

Lansing a town that has had it share of the blues is having its own downtown blues nights. Here is the schedule of events from the City Pulse.

National blues artists scheduled to appear include Scott Holt on June 13, Ronnie Baker Brooks on June 21, Ana Popovic on June 28, Tab Benoit on July 19, Anthony Gomes on July 26, Laith Al Saadi on Aug. 2 and Larry McCray on Aug. 9.

Just looking at the schedule I would have to say that someone knew what they were doing. Larry McCray is awesome. One night I seen him play at Sheffield's a now defunct bar on Court Ave in Des Moines. It was almost like seeing Albert King/Stevie Ray at their finest. In fact, it was probably one of the five greatest blues gigs I have ever seen. ROAD TRIP!!!

The Amazing Recovery of Jason Crigler

Here is an interesting story about Jason Crigler. Apparently Jason had a condition similar to Tim Johnson the Senator from South Dakota. He had an aneurysm and was given little chance for a normal life, and yet now he is ready to put out a new CD, and play live blues again. To read more of this amazing story follow the link.

Blues In Schools

Many Central Iowa Blues Society members will remember Fruteland Jackson. Jackson came to Des Moines several years ago thanks to CIBS. The Marietta Times reports about his latest blues in schools project in Marietta Ohio. It is nice that Fruteland Jackson teaches the blues to kids in the schools. I used to do blues in schools back in the early 90s, and I enjoyed playing for the kids. They are a great audience and they really appreciate the music.

The photo is from Fruteland Jackson's website. Fruteland is holding the mike, and wearing the beret, while seated in white is the legendary blues scholar the late Alan Lomax.

2007 Iowa Blues Challenge

Just received this email from the Central Iowa Blues Society. If you are in town for the finals you need to check it out!

Press Release-2007 Iowa Blues Challenge Finals

The Finals for the 2007 Iowa Blues Challenge are now set!

Come join the party at the Hilton Garden Inn at I-80 & 86th Street in Des Moines, Iowa. On Fri., May 18th, 2007, performances will start at 9:30 PM with Smokin’ Mojo Kings, followed by Yetti Bluz Band and Matt Woods and the Thunderbolts.

Cover will be $7 for Central Iowa Blues Society members and $8 for non-members. Call 515-270-8890 or 877-782-9444 to book your rooms.

The competition will be stiff as these three great bands square off to determine who is the best Blues band in Iowa and play for the opportunity to advance to the International Blues Challenge held in Memphis, among other prizes, so come out and support your favorite band!

For the 14th year, the Central Iowa Blues Society, in cooperation with the Mississippi Valley Blues Society and Lizard Creek Blues Society, presents the 2007 Iowa Blues Challenge, an all-Iowa Blues band contest.

The Iowa Blues Challenge features one of the finest prize packages, for a contest of this kind, in the country. Over $5,000 in prizes are awarded to the top bands, including---cash, travel expenses, recording time, as well as spots in the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival in Davenport, IA; the Nightfall on the River in Des Moines, IA; 2007 Simply the Blues Fest in Fort Madison, IA and the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.

The 2007 Iowa Blues Challenge is proudly sponsored by Central Iowa Blues Society, Mississippi Blues Society, Lizard Creek Blues Society, Budweiser, Citadel Broadcasting/94.9KGGO & 98.3WOW, Junior's Motel, Wolfer Sound, Cityview and Rieman Music.

Check out for more information.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Keb' Mo' - It Hurts Me Too

The Blues are alive and well. Keb Mo rocks.


If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog, or go to my MYSPACE page you will find a Snocap music store. This is a new service that sells your music over the Internet. Hassle free. I have talked to a few musicians who think it is great, so I am giving it a try. What is neat about this store is you can sample a few seconds of the songs. If you want to hear more of some of the songs you can still find them playing on my Myspace page.

Ray Charles Let It Be

Wow This is cool Ray Charles covering the Beatles Let It Be. This is very nice, it has some nice Gospel touches to it. Very Cool.

Artist Of The Week JB Lenoir

Artist of the Week is JB Lenoir. Check out the videos available on the sidebar. JB was born in Mississippi in 1929, and ended up in Chicago 20 years later. He recorded for many different blues labels, and had a wonderful mix of delta and boogie type blues. He was known for his wild outfits, and was called Mr. After hours.

There seems to be some confusion over his death. According to the Wim Winders film he died of injuries from an auto accident in after being denied treatment in Champagne Illinois. However on the web site. Blues Online, JB died of a heart attack several months later. Either way JB left us way too soon. Check out all four videos. They may look the same, but they are different songs. The color footage is I Feel So Good, which I did post on the blog a couple of weeks ago.


According to WIKI both are sort of right. Here is the quote from Wikipedia

He died on April 29, 1967 in Urbana, Illinois from a heart attack related to injuries he suffered in a car accident three weeks earlier. His untimely death is lamented by John Mayall in the song, "Death of J. B. Lenoir
The blues online article has the car wreck in 66, however, it was in 67. JB did die from his injuries. The town was Urbana not Champagne. which is probably my bad memory.

I'm an idoit UPDATE

Urbana is a sister city to Champagne, like St. Paul to Minneapolis.

Photo Of The Week Buena Vista University

This weeks photo of the week is Bunea Vista University. I picked this photo from last summer, because I just signed my contract to teach for another year up here in Storm Lake at Schaller-Crestland schools, which also means I will be around another year to teach the History of the Blues at BV. Also BVU has been very nice to me in regards to my blues history class. They have spent a lot of money on DVDs, a subscription to Living Blues, and their ACES program has helped fund some of my more expensive musical outings. When I moved up here in 2004 I thought I would be back in Des Moines by the next year. However, each year I am passed by the Des Moines area schools(probably because I don't coach football or basketball:-) Luckily, I have a great job at both Schaller and BV. Also living a couple blocks of the lake has its advantages. About the only thing that stinks about living up here(besides Tyson's slaughter house!!) is living alone. Not much social life up here, and I swear everyone is married, or if single under 25. So once again for at least one more year I will be spreading the blues to the best of my ability from the shores of Storm Lake:-)

Peoples Closes In Ames Iowa

Wow! This is a shocker. People's is closing. Peoples had lots of bands over the years including some great blues acts. It is too bad that they are closing the door. For more info check the Iowa State Daily here. It does sound like he is opening a new bar down on 3rd and Court, but I would assume it will be a meat market. Probably one of Smithson's old places.