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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chicago Blues Tour

Just got this in my snail mail! Yup! People still use it:-) I also see that Illinois blues also has it in their website. It sounds like a lot of fun so for all of you that read this blog in the Chicago area and love the blues you should check it out.

Murali Coryell Update

Looks like Murali has a few more new gigs coming up. Here is his update.

Happy New Year-see you at the shows!
Friday, January 4th, 2008
Keegan Ales -
solo acoustic - 8:30pm
20 St. James Street
Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 331-2739

Saturday, January 5th, 2008
Hyde Park Brewing Company & Steakhouse -
acoustic duo - 9:00pm
4076 Albany Post Road
Hyde Park, NY 12538
845 229-8277

Friday, January 11th, 2008
Fat Fish Blue -
21 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland, OH

Cleveland's best live music bar & restaurant

Saturday, January 12th, 2008
Fat Fish Blue -
21 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland, OH

Sunday, January 13th, 2008
Your Place Lounge -
17326 East Warren Ave.
Detroit, MI 48224
(313) 881-4850

with special guests

Saturday, January 19th, 2008
JJ's Blues -
3439 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA 95117
Price: TBA

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
Larry Coryell, Murali Coryell, Paul Wertigo, Jeff Berlin - TBA
Cleveland, OH

Friday, March 7th, 2008
Mid-Hudson Civic Center -
14 Civic Center Plaza
Poughkeespie, NY 12601
(845) 454-5800

opening for B.B. King

Saturday, March 15th, 2008
Shea's Performing Arts Center -
646 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 847-1410

opening for B.B. King

Friday, April 18th, 2008
Columbia-Greene Community College -
The Coryell's featuring Larry Coryell & Murali Coryell - 7:00pm
4400 Route 23
Hudson, NY 12534
518 828-4181
Price: TBA

an evening of jazz/blues/rock & soul

Bob Dorr Update

Latest email from Bob Dorr and The Blue Band

There's NO Blue Band gig this weekend, so this won't take long...

First, my sincere thanks to Blue Band members past and present for making New Years Eve one of the most memorable in our 26+ year history. To be able to reconnect with so many players from so many eras, as well as have so many Blue People from those eras come and celebrate with us really made it special. OK, it got kinda loud. I shoulda known. What did I expect with three guitar players, three horn players and two full sets of drums ALL AT THE SAME TIME?!! I'm hoping we get the chance to try the reunion concept again next year. Thanks for being there!...

Our next gig is one week from tonight, Friday Jan. 11 at The Reverb (2nd & Main) in Cedar Falls (THE Sparkle City) it's one of those TGI Fridays, 5:30-9:00pm and will be my 29th annual 28th Birthday Celebration so BRING CAKE!!...

Tomorrow night (Sat. Jan. 5) will be my annual Elvis Presley Special on Iowa Public Radio-KUNI. This happens every year on the Saturday closest to The King's birth. Elvis will be 72 years old on Jan. 8. (yes, he's still alive, hunting down Nazi war criminals in Paraguay, just like the song says) YIKES! Get your frequency or listen on line at The following week, Jan. 12 is the annual, It's My Party And I'll Play What I Want To birthday show. I hope you can join me for both of these specialty programs! (now, if I could just find us a gig for Jan. 12, my ACTUAL bday, life would be GREAT!)...

Jeff and I are visiting Tom Gary's Blues class at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake on Monday Jan. 14. Mr. Gary will be joining us on piano for the performance part of the program, which is free and open to the public, 7pm in Anderson Auditorium which is the small theater located underground next to the library...

In case you visited the Tour calendar recently, you noticed that the Jan. 19 date scheduled for O'Kelly's in Baxter has dissappeared (something to do with the owner and a dispute with his soon to be ex-wife!) However, this date has now been replaced with a very cool, newly opened place, 5 miles south of Dubuque on Hwy. 52. It's Lombardi's Ballroom (anything named Lombardi's, to a Packer fan like me, MUST be good!) More details will be posted shortly on that Tour page. And while you're there, please notice we've been invited to Famous Dave's in Minneapolis, Friday Feb. 8, the night before The Hawks and Goophers play basketball. Drive on up to the Cities and let's make the place Hawkeye Headquarters!...

Well, I've got to get back to doin' a whole lotta nothin'! NFL playoffs happen the next 3 weekends. I'm in heaven (no, IOWA) I won't be seein' ya on the Blue Highway this week, but USE YER DAMN TURN SIGNALS anyway. Keep practicing your washboard tie licks (wasn't that fun to have all those tie players strokin it (!) on the NYE dancefloor?!) Elvis and I will be celebrating birthdays this next week, so BRING CAKE (thankyou, thankyouverymuch) and remember we love you...Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Buddy Guy: Crawling King Snake

Unplugged Buddy Guy.

John Lee Hooker: Boom Boom Boom

Classic John Lee Hooker!

Syl Johnson: Take To The River

A great version of Take Me To The River by Syl Johnson.


Bluesman Syl Johnson has sued Michael Jackson, Will Smith, and the Late Tupac Shakur over their use of his song Different Strokes. According to an article from PR Inside, the named artists sampled Johnson's song without paying him. For more check out this Link.

Keb Mo Interview

The Arizona Republic has an interview with Keb Mo, about the new film Honeydripper, that he appears in. I must admit that this is a movie that is high on my list of must see films. To read more about Keb Mo Click HERE.

Black Diamond Heavies Interview

The St Louis Dispatch has an interview with Black Diamond Heavies. Click here for more.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Taj Mahal: Mailbox Blues

Taj knows how to funk up and jazzify the blues! Taj is certainly one of the treasures of the blues that is still out there making music. Go check him out if he is around your area.

Ry Cooder: At The Dark End Of The Street

A great soul classic from the 60s redone by Ry Cooder. Cooder is one of those great under appreciated guitar players that you probably heard on many movie soundtracks and never realized it.

Rod And Honey Piazza Interview

An interview with Rod and Honey Piazza in the Bakersfield Californian to read more about it Click HERE.

Jordan Gonzalez Interview

15 year old guitar phenom from Atlanta Georgia is interviewed in the Atlanta Journal constitution. Check out the interview HERE.

Andy Coats Update

Just got this email from my friend Andy Coats. Good Luck in Memphis!!!!!!

Happy new year to all of you, I hope that 2008 is starting off right.

I’ve got a number of gigs lined up for this month, all leading up to the excitement of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis later this month.

This week, we have

Andy Coats, solo
Sat., Jan. 5, 8-11 pm
The Bean and Barrel
50100 Governors Dr
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
(919) 967-9990

Hope to see you out and about!

All my best,


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Albert King: Born Under A Bad Sign

I have always loved this song, because I can related to having things not go your way. I guess that is what makes the blues so universal. This is also a cool video because it looks like it was shot at the Maintenance Shop at Iowa State University.

BB King And Friends: Everyday I Have The Blues

One of BB's signature tunes, plus he has a lot of great help. Buddy Guy, Dr. John, and Kim Wilson. Also if you want a laugh look at Jay Leno! I can't believe how much Jay has aged since 1992! I also can't believe how long Johnny Carson has been gone! EEEKS! I am getting old!

Joe Cocker, Billy Preston, and Patti Labelle/ Taylor Hicks: You Are So Beautiful To Me

Here is two versions of You Are So Beautiful To Me, one by the song writer Billy Preston, with help from Joe Cocker, who made it famous and the amazing Patti Labelle. The second version is Taylor Hicks from American Idol.

Blues Historian Year In Review 2007

Well, a new year has begun and it is time for the traditional year in review. It has been an interesting year for me. I didn't start the blog until late April, and to be honest I was taken by surprise at how popular the blog became from day one. I guess I never planned for this to become such a hub for blues information, but that is exactly what happened. My plan was for this blog to be a resource for my students at Buena Vista University who are taking my blues history class. However, the blog took a life of its own, and now it has become a nightly release for me. I guess the blues can chase the blues away, and I really feel that this blog has really helped me get through a tough year. writing about the blues, which I love, has also helped me to meet a lot of great people over the last year. From artists, agents, record label owners, and lots, and lots of fans of the blues. I always enjoy getting emails or comment from people about the blog, and I try to post anything sent my way.

The end of the year totals for the blog really blew me away. From the last week of April to the end of the year we had 17,055 hits, 25,602 page views, and excluding my hometown from the hits list, New York, Chicago, and LA had the most hits for the year! Worldwide After the US Canada, and England, came Spain, France, Germany, and Brazil. I espeically want to thank Marcus in Brazil, and Blouboss in France who have helped to promote my blog in their countries!

For the month of December we finally broke and stayed about the 3,000 hit mark, and finished the year with a rolling 30 day average of 3192 hits, which equals out to over 100 hits a day! The most popular page is still the front page, but of the top ten pages Taylor Hicks has five of them. I owe a lot to the Taylor Hicks fan clubs who have really promoted this blog on their message boards. Taylor has without a doubt the most loyal fans of any blues/soul/R&B artists today. I really think that other blues artists need to look at what he is doing on the net, because the internet is the future of the blues Click HERE for Taylor Hicks posts. Another popular page has been anything done by the late Steve Goodman, especially anything about the Cubs. Go Cubs Go easily made the top 10 this year on the blog Click HERE for Steve Goodman Posts. Perhaps the surprise of the year was the interest in Frank Sugar Chile Robinson, the 8 year old blues prodigy from the 1940s. Frank resurfaced this year to play a few festivals. I hope that he continues to play so that more people can hear him Click HERE for Frank Sugerchile Robinson posts.

The Internet radio station is rolling along. December was the best month yet. November had sagged a lot so I was going to end the station, but since December was so good I will keep it going. However, when you do listen be sure to vote, or rank the songs, I am planning on adding some songs, and I want to get rid of the unpopular songs so help out if you can.

2007 brought the deaths of many beloved blues performers, some way too soon. Here is a list of those who left us since May 1st. If I missed anyone let me know and I will add them to the list.

Ike Turner, Cotton Candy, Jerry Ricks, Oscar Peterson, Wilson Turbinton, John Turner, Oliver Morgan, Richard Bell, Carey Bell, Gary Smith, Gary Primich, Edward Berner, Sonny Day, Jimmy Nelson, Bill Perry, and Joe Duskin. To read more about them Click HERE.

My plans for next year is to keep on providing news, and videos of the blues. I also hope to add a little more history of the blues as well. I am also looking to relocate. being stuck here in the middle of nowhere has some major disadvantages. I have received a lot of great invites to festivals, award shows, and gigs, but it is tough to get away from here sometimes. I am looking at the coasts, and certainly Chicago. I used to live in Kansas City, and I could return that way if the right job was there. I am an historian, and I am certified to teach K-12 Art, and 7-12 US and World history. I have a masters in history so I can also teach college level history. So if any of my readers find something that I could do to get me back to the big city, I would greatly appreciate it!

Mojo Stuff Band

I recieved an email from a band from Croatia, called Mojo Stuff Band. I don't know a lot about them, but it is good to see the blues all over the world. Check out their website HERE.

Here is a video of them performing on TV in Croatia! They are doing an old Robert Johnson song.

Delmark Records 2008 Preview

Kevin Johnson from Delmark sent this email out with information about the upcoming blues year!

Hey hey friends of Delmark- Happy New Year! Wishing you a happy, healthy, and safe Holiday Season!

We’d love to see you out in the New Year to celebrate our new Delmark jazz and blues releases with the Sabertooth Jazz Quartet, Little Arthur Duncan (CD and DVD), Keefe Jackson’s Project Project, and Brad Goode. These new releases follow hot on the heels of the highly acclaimed Ari Brown’s Live at the Green Mill and Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble’s Live at the Velvet releases on CD and DVD. Look for an entertaining feature on Nicole Mitchell in the April issue of DownBeat, along with a “Hot Box” 4 critic review comparison of Jimmy Blythe’s enhanced pianola rolls from the late 20’s/early 30’s, Messin’ Around Blues!

Delmark CD release parties and other important holiday shows!


Delmark CD/DVD release parties in 2008!
Come out and celebrate with both new and veteran Delmark artists on their brand new releases!

's Dr. Midnight, Live at the Green Mill - Friday, January 4, 2008, 9pm-1am (also celebrating their 15th Anniversary!!)- The Green Mill, Lawrence and Broadway, Chicago's Uptown. Delmark debut from this wildly popular quartet who hosts the Green Mill "After Hours Jazz Party" every Saturday night. Funky sax tandem B3 organ jams all night! This is also a celebration of a remarkable 15 year run/prowl at the world famous Green Mill! For those keeping score at home here are some numbers...Sabertooth has played over 800 gigs at the Green Mill. To those who have supported Sabertooth over the years we salute you. However, if you've never seen them, you've missed approximately 2,400 sets of music, which amounts to about 12,000 songs that you've missed!
Sabertooth Jazz Quartet ( is Pat Mallinger (tenor and alto sax, flute), Cameron Pfiffner (tenor and soprano sax, flute, piccolo), Pete Benson (Hammond B3 organ), and Ted Sirota (drums)

*Little Arthur Duncan and the BackScratchers, Live at Rosa's Lounge - Friday, January 11, 2008, 9pm - Rosa's Lounge, Chicago's friendliest blues club, Kimball and Armitage. Come out and shake your money maker with Arthur and his "Young Fashioned Ways" at the Backscratcher down home "Blues With A Feeling" party. This will also be a double birthday celebration for Illinois Slim and myself!
Little Arthur Duncan (vocals, harp), Illinois Slim (guitar), Rick Kreher (guitar), Twist Turner (drums), and Michael Azzi (bass)
( Little Arthur will also be performing Saturday, January 19th as part of the Winter Chicago Blues Tour, along with five other blues/soul bands at six different south and west side blues clubs- ( Little Arthur will be layin’ down his ol’ school blues at the Root Inn (230 W. Root – 41st & Wentworth- 773-285-5280) Look for a feature on Little Arthur Duncan and Chicago Blues Harmonica in an upcoming Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine!

*BRAD GOODE's Nature Boy- Friday, Saturday February 15, 16, 2008 - The Green Mill, Lawrence and Broadway, Chicago's Uptown Brad Goode Quartet : Brad Goode (trumpet), Jeff Jenkins (piano), Johannes Weidenmuller (bass), and Todd Reid (drums)
Nature Boy emphasizes everything genuine going on in jazz today. The music takes into account past innovations with modern sensibilities. Goode and company are performing at an incomparable level, at once virtuosic and innovative.” John Barron, All About Jazz

*KEEFE JACKSON's Project Project - JUST LIKE THIS- Sunday, February 24, 2008, 10 pm, Hungry Brain, 2319 W. Belmont, Chicago
Project Project : Keefe Jackson (tenor sax, bass clarinet, composer), Josh Berman (cornet), Jaimie Branch (trumpet and flugelhorn),
Jeb Bishop (trombone), Nick Broste (trombone), Marc Unternahrer (tuba), James Falzone (clarinet), Guillermo Gregorio (alto sax, clarinet), Dave Rempis (alto and baritone sax), Jason Stein (bass clarinet), Anton Hatwich (bass), and Frank Rosaly (drums)(
Free-wheeling 12 piece exploratory Chicago jazz ensemble with new adventurous Jackson compositions.

*Mike Walbridge’s Chicago Footwarmers featuring Kim CusackCrazy Rhythm! - Sunday January 27, 2008 - Madison Jazz Society presents the Footwarmers in a Delmark CD release party and an early Mardi Gras party from 2-5 p.m. at the Coliseum Bar, 232 E Olin Ave, Madison, WI.
Traditional Jazz Fans unite! The Chicago Salty Dogs are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year (since 1947!!) Salty Dogs include legendary trad jazz players Mike Walbridge (tuba, cornet) and Kim Cusack (clarinet, sax) who just released new 2007 Delmark studio recordings with Mike Walbridge’s Chicago Footwarners, also featuring Don Stiernberg on banjo and guitar. This is a fascinating new release in that it combines the new 2007 recordings along with 1966/1967 studio recordings from 40 years earlier with the same working nucleus of Walbridge and Cusack!

*Jimmy Blythe
Messin’ Around Blues- solo barrelhouse boogie piano stomps and romps- Lincoln Gardens, January 27, 2008, Lincoln Gardens [Royal Gardens]. 459 East 31st Street, at South Cottage Grove Avenue. Chicago. “Black Gal Make It Thunder!!”

NEW YEAR'S EVE SHOWS for Delmark artists: DECEMBER 31, 2007

*Ari Brown (sax, flute) with P.M. Organ Dynasty with Isiah Spencer (drums), VELVET LOUNGE, 9pm

*New Year's Eve BATTLE OF THE SAXES w/ VON FREEMAN & EDWARD PETERSEN and featuring the GREEN MILL ALL-STARS, featuring: Von Freeman on sax, Edward Petersen on sax, Willie Pickens on piano, Brian Sandstrom on bass, Robert Shy on drums, Friday, December 28; 9pm-1am, Saturday, December 29; 8pm-1am, Monday, December 31, 8:30-12:30, Green Mill, Lawrence and Broadway, Chicago's Uptown

*Jimmy Burns Band, Nick's , 9pm, 1516 N. Milwaukee, Chicago - FREE!!
*Dave Specter,
Shaw’s Crab House w/ The Fabulous FishHeads, 7:30-12:30, Shaw’s Crab House, 21 E. Hubbard, Chicago
*Big Time Sarah & the BTS Express , BLUE CHICAGO w/ JW Williams & Patricia Scott, 9 PM, 536 and 736 N. Clark, 312-661-0100
*Jimmy Johnson, B.L.U.E.S., 9:30 PM, 2519 N. Halsted, 773-528-1012
*Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater. (w Melvin Taylor), Bill's Blues Bar, Evanston
*Magic Slim, Billy Branch , BUDDY GUY'S LEGENDS, 9 PM, 754 S. Wabash, 312-427-0333

“THE UNSTOPPABLE Nicole Mitchell!”- Ollie Bivins, AAJ
Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble’s new Delmark release on CD and DVD, Black Unstoppable is already listed in the top 10 of the year in 3 Jazz Journalist Association critics – Thank you Rob Hoff, Rahsaan Clark Morris, and Neil Tesser!
Nicole was also featured on the cover of the new December All About Jazz with a feature and interview from Ollie Bivins ”Black Rhythm Happening” Look for the Michael Jackson feature on Nicole in the April DownBeat, as well as a Jazz Times piece from Michael Shanley.

ARI BROWN is back on Delmark as a leader!!
Local unsung jazz hero Ari Brown and his new Delmark release on DVD and CD, Live at the Green Mill was just rated by esteemed jazz critic Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune as the top 10 jazz recordings of the year!
There’s never a shortage of recordings by saxophonists major and minor, but Chicagoan Brown turned in one of the most searing, by far. Like Chicago jazz itself, the music on this CD sounds sinewy, unpretentious and technically brilliant. You can practically touch the blues impulse of Brown’s playing in “Richard’s Tune” and “One For Skip,” as well as the bracing language of the South Side avant-garde in “Shorter’s Vibes.” Though recorded live, the CD carries an economy of expression and vividness of tone one sooner associates with studio releases. By any measure, “Live at the Green Mill” documents a mighty Chicago saxophone playing at the peak of his considerable abilities on tenor and soprano.” - Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune, December 16, 2007

The new releases are slowly but surely coming out to press, and to radio next. I apologize for the delay, but I know they will be worth the wait! Please contact me about any details about the recent two batches of Delmark jazz and blues releases.

National Blues Music Awards 2007 nominees are in!! Delmark’s recent reissues Robert Jr Lockwood’s Steady Rollin’ Man and Eddie
Vinson’s Kidney Stew Is Fine are up for historical release of the year, and our dear friend Lurrie Bell is up for best guitarist and best traditional blues male artist. Lurrie’s legendary father, the recently departed Carey Bell, is up for harmonica player of the year. Our friend Bob Stroger is up for bassist of the year, and Tad Robinson is up for soul blues male artist and soul blues album of the year.
And we are proud and excited to announce that Carey and Lurrie Bell’s Getting’ Up- Live at Rosa’s, Buddy Guy’s and Lurrie’s home on Delmark is up for DVD of the year (a brand new category). Lurrie is also featured on this month’s cover of LIVING BLUES with an interview from our friend, Chicago blues singer, Deitra Farr. Way to go Lurrie; you deserve all the acclaim and more!

A warm welcome home goes out to Lurrie Bell along with Tail Dragger and friends, Eddie Taylor, Jr. and Martin Lang from their month and a half European tour- what an incredibly talented and entertaining Chicago blues band! The one and only Tail Dragger was just featured on the nationally syndicated House of Blues Radio Hour for December 8, 9 ( Old school Chicago blues is on the menu this week, recorded live at Vern’s Friendly Lounge: Tail Dragger. He is the real deal. He talks about his bald head, how Howlin’ Wolf gave him his name, what the Wolf was really like, how he writes songs on the fly, and offers some strong opinions on what is blues and what is not. Hint: it involves seduction.”

We also recently welcomed back Rob Mazurek (congrats on your Amnesty Int’l award speech!) and the Chicago Underground Trio and filmmaker/artist/Delmarkian Raymond Salvatore Harmon from their European tour and a special screening and entering of Delmark’s DVD/CD Chronicle in the prestigious 2007 International Documentary Film Festival in Copenhagen along with live performances! Delmark and CUT’s competition in the 2007 Sound and Vision Award was Joy Division, The Who, Joe Strummer, Lou Reed, Dixie Chicks, Sigur Ros, and more. Not bad for this lil’ ol’ indie label from the Midwest! Mark F. Turner, editor from All About Jazz, listed CUT’s Chronicle and Ethnic Heritage Ensemble’s Hot ‘N’ Heavy as best jazz DVDs of the year. ( AAJ’s editor Troy Collins listed Joseph Jarman’s As If It Were The Seasons as best Historical Reissue of the year.

Looking ahead in 2008 with live releases from guitarist Dave Specter (Specter is also opening for Allen Toussaint at the Old Town School of Folk Music Friday, February 8th!) with Jimmy Johnson, Tad Robinson, and Sharon Lewis, along with a new live one from vocalist/guitarist Byther Smith, and a studio release from Mississippi Heat with Carl Weathersby! We’ll also be releasing the Delmark debut of trumpet phenom Corey Wilkes!

YES, Bob Koester recently turned 75 years young, and that means Delmark records is celebrating 55 years in 2008! Stay tuned for details about a 55 year tribute concert with very special guests performing!!

Kevin Johnson
Director of Promotion
Delmark Records
4121 North Rockwell
Chicago, Illinois 60618
(773) 539-5001

Bob Corritore Year In Review

Got this email from Bob Corritore outlining his year in review. Bob is one of the good guys who not only is an outstanding performer, but a great promoter of the blues.

December 31, 2007

  • Great Year at KJZZ: Bob's radio show Those Lowdown Blues on KJZZ turned 23 years old. It was honored by The Blues Foundation with a KBA Award (Keeping The Blues Alive) in which Bob went to Memphis to receive a special award. Every week, this is a time that Bob gets to play music from his vast collection of blues recordings. Some special shows that come to mind are:

The annual Phoenix R&B show with Bob's radio mentor John ("Johnny D") Dixon

An amazing on-air performance by Tomcat Courtney and Chris James

Pinetop Perkins: The 94 year old blues piano master gave a two hour interview as we played and commented on many of his historical records with Earl Hooker, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rogers, and others

Jerry Lawson, former lead singer of The Persuasions, stopped by to share his latest release with his new A Capella group, Jerry Lawson & Talk Of The Town. Jerry's interviews always include lots of delightful "on the spot" singing

A weekend with guests Henry Gray, Billy Flynn, and Eddie Kobek joining Big Pete Pearson and The Rhythm Room All-Stars

An interview and live performance with Phoenix's blues boss, Big Pete Pearson

Randy Chortkoff guesting and playing some of his spectacular productions from his Delta Groove record label and before

A five-hour tribute to Chico Chism on the day of his passing frantically put together by Bob and his loyal blues assistant Jennifer Waters (thank you, Jennifer) which included loving commentary mostly received that day by Koko Taylor, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Sam Lay, Tail Dragger, Hubert Sumlin, Richie Villiger (formerly of the Lucerne Blues Festival), Johnny Rapp, Chris James and Patrick Rynn, Lil' Ed, Kim Wilson, and many others. It was the hardest show ever on so many levels; but it was so important to give this great bluesman his due. He added so much to the Phoenix Blues Community and to the blues world at large

A tribute show to the late Ike Turner, of which about four of the show's five hours were focused on Ike's amazing recorded contributions to blues. Many listeners commented that they never realized all that Ike had done: recordings with B.B. King, Elmore James, Howlin' Wolf, Charlie Booker, Otis Rush, Jackie Brenston, Little Milton, Billy "The Kid" Emerson, Boyd Gilmore, Ike and Tina Turner, and much more

A live on-air performance by Johnny Rawls where he went back to his gospel roots

Thanks to Scott Williams and everyone at KJZZ for providing a safe and supportive home for a blues radio show.

  • Press Recognition:

Three blues magazines did feature articles on Bob Corritore: ABS Magazine (France), Blues Magazine (France), and Big City Blues (U.S.)

Also great mentions with photos in Juke Blues (UK), Soul Bag (France), Two'j Blues (Poland), Baker Street (France)

Juke Blues Magazine (UK) did a spectacular article about my friend Middle Walter (by Dave Williams and Cilla Huggins) where they included my recollections plus photos and posters of Middle Walter from my archives

Charlie Hussey interviewed Big Pete Pearson and Bob Corritore for his radio show, Blues Train, aired in Dublin Ireland

Living Blues interviewed Big Pete Pearson

Cover Story on Big Pete Pearson in Virus De Blues (France)

Voice of America ran features on both Big Pete Pearson and Bob Corritore

Feature article on Big Pete Pearson in Blues News (Finland)

Numerous mentions and features in Blueswax

Plus great reviews of this year's releases from all the blues magazines (thank you)

  • CDs/DVDs Released:

Big Pete Pearson/I'm Here Baby (Blue Witch) with The Rhythm Room All-Stars (Bob Corritore, Chris James, Patrick Rynn, and Brian Fahey) plus guests Ike Turner, W.C. Clark, Joey DeFrancesco, Johnny Dyer, Kid Ramos, Chico Chism, Johnny Rapp, and more. Produced by Bob Corritore.

Pinetop Perkins/Born In The Honey (Vizztone) with one cut produced by Bob Corritore that features backing by Bob, Johnny Rapp, Paul Thomas, and Chico Chism.

Nappy Brown/Long Time Coming (Blind Pig) with one cut featuring Bob Corritore, Henry Gray, Kid Ramos, Johnny Rapp, Mario Moreno, and Chico Chism. That one track was produced by Bob Corritore and the rest of the CD produced by Scott Cable.

Various Artists/House Rockin' & Blues Shoutin' (Blue Witch) was produced by Bob Corritore & Clarke Rigsby and features live at the Rhythm Room performances by The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Robert Lockwood, Jr., Floyd Dixon, The Mannish Boys featuring Finis Tasby, Billy Boy Arnold, Sonny Rhodes, Paul Oscher, Big Pete Pearson & The Rhythm Room All-Stars, Louisiana Red, Chief Schabuttie Gilliame, Johnny Dyer, Henry Gray, Kid Ramos, and Long John Hunter.

Dave Riley & Bob Corritore/Travelin' The Dirt Road (Blue Witch) produced by Bob Corritore.

Thank you to my dear friend Clarke Rigsby of Tempest Recording for being my recording partner through the years, and for delivering the quality in recording and mixing. Thanks to John Wroble and Jeff Harris of Porcupine Studios for being my patient post production saints. Thanks to Dave Shirk of Sonorous Mastering for his amazing touch, and for Tony Amato of Amato Image Design for some spectacular and soulful cover art. A big thanks to Dale Baich, Beth Lipham, and Judy Marut from Blue Witch Records for three wonderful releases this year, and for their unbelievable ability to make a label a family. Thanks to Karen Leipziger for a stunning publicity campaign on this year's three Blue Witch Releases. Also, thanks to the publicity teams at Blind Pig Records, Vizztone, and Delta Groove for their great efforts in putting the word out. Lots of great recordings in the pipeline and more announcements of releases to follow shortly.

  • Awards, Recognition, and Nominations:

KBA Award: Bob Corritore's radio show was honored by The Blues Foundation with a KBA Award for public radio; it is awarded to individuals or groups who have furthered the cause of this music form.

New Times Best Of Phoenix: The Rhythm Room received editorial awards for "Best Club For Blues" and "Best Gig Posters", as well as Reader's Choice Award for "Best Club For Blues". KJZZ has yet again won the New Times Best Of Phoenix Reader's Choice Award for "Best Blues/Jazz Radio Station".

Phoenix Mayor's proclamation of "Bob Corritore Day": Saturday, September 29, 2007 was proclaimed "Bob Corritore Day" in honor of Bob's cultural contributions to the city. The particular day was chosen to coincide with Bob's 51st birthday party.

Big Pete #1 on Powerblues Radio Chart, January 2007: Click here for the chart listing. Powerblues is a classification made by French blues radio show hosts and appears both on the Powerblues web site and in the popular French rock magazine Crossroads.

Grammy® nomination under the Traditional Blues Category: The Pinetop Perkins CD On The 88's - Live In Chicago on Sagebrush Productions/Vizztone Label Group has made it into the final five in the Grammy® nominations under the Traditional Blues Category. On this CD are 9 live tracks recorded in Chicago, with a band that includes Willie "Big Eyes" Smith (drums), Bob Stroger (bass) and "Little Frank" Krakowski (guitar). Also included is one bonus studio track called "Rather Quit Her Than Hit Her" recorded in Phoenix by Bob Corritore (producer) and Clarke Rigsby (engineer), that features Pinetop backed by Chico Chism (drums), Johnny Rapp (guitar), Paul Thomas (bass), and Bob Corritore (harmonica). This is the first time that a recording with Bob's harmonica playing has been up for a Grammy®!

Blues Music Awards nominations: Bob Corritore is proud to be associated with many great projects nominated for awards this year: Dave Riley and Bob Corritore's album Travelin' The Dirt Road on Blue Witch Records was nominated as Acoustic Album of the Year, Pinetop Perkins' CD/DVD Born In The Honey on CDMojo was nominated for Best DVD of the year, House Rockin' And Blues Shoutin!: Celebrating 15 Years Of The Rhythm Room on Blue Witch Records was nominated for Historical Album of the Year, and Nappy Brown's album Long Time Coming on Blind Pig Records was nominated for Traditional Blues Album of the Year.

Independent Music Awards nominations: Big Pete Pearson was nominated for Independent Music Awards in the category of "Best Blues Album" for I'm Here Baby on the Blue Witch record label, and "Best Blues Song of the Year" for the title cut of that record.

  • Festivals and Great Gigs:

Delta Groove Show at Gibson Beale Street Showcase in Memphis: Big Pete Pearson and Bob Corritore made a guest appearance with The Mannish Boys, in a star-studded show that included the amazing Delta Groove roster, as well as the Blue Bella label. Click here for photos taken that night, and here for the poster

Scottsdale Music Festival with Big Pete Pearson & The Rhythm Room All-Stars opening the day on the main stage and Dave Riley and Bob Corritore playing on the side stage in between sets

Arkansas Blues & Heritage Festival appearing as a guest of the Mannish Boys, playing harmonica behind two Johnny Dyer songs. Also made guest appearances on the sets of Diunna Greenleaf and Mississippi Spoonman & Carla Robinson

KFFA live on-air performance with Dave Riley with hosts Terry Buckalew and Sonny Payne

Dave Riley and Bob Corritore Travelin' The Dirt Road CD Release Party at the Delta Cultural Center

Paul Butterfield Fund and Society's Conference and Gathering in Clarksdale, Mississippi with the Sam Lay Blues Band where Bob also met and played with the talented young bluesman from St. Louis, Marquise Knox.

Lucerne Blues Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland with Big Pete Pearson & The Rhythm Room All-Stars with special guest Bob Margolin

Lionel Hampton Jazz Club in Paris, France with Big Pete and the All-Stars plus Bob Margolin

Big Pete Pearson CD release party at The Rhythm Room

Opening for Bobby Rush with Big Pete Pearson and The Rhythm Room All-Stars

Down Home Blues Festival at The Rhythm Room appearing as house band on a show featuring Honeyboy Edwards, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Tomcat Courtney, Big Pete Pearson, Chris James, and Paris James

Patrick's II in San Diego with The Fremonts

Liz Mandeville's Chicago Blues Festival After-Party appearing with Aaron Moore and Barrelhouse Chuck

Sam Lay Blues Band gig at The Rhythm Room with special guests David Maxwell and Big Pete Pearson

Chief Schabuttie Gilliame's 81st Birthday Party

Great gigs with San Diego-based Tomcat Courtney at The Rhythm Room

Opening for the Chicago Blues Reunion with Paris James in a small down-home combo setting

Being called up on the Siegel-Schwall Band's set at The Rhythm Room to perform a number with Sam Lay, followed by a harmonica romp with Corky Siegel, Marcy Levy, and myself all trading riffs

Though the saddest day of the year, it was an honor to perform at Chico Chism's repast and honor the man who has filled my life with great music, joy and friendship for over 20 years

Bob Corritore's Birthday Bash with Phillip Walker performing with Bobby Jones! Also on the bill was dear friend and fellow harpman Randy Chortkoff

Mini Colorado tour with Big Pete Pearson

Pinetop Perkins gig at The Rhythm Room

Christmas Blues Party with Henry Gray, Billy Flynn, Big Pete Pearson, and The Rhythm Room All-Stars

Playing at the Farm restaurant in Phoenix with Paris James and Big Pete Pearson

Blues Harmonica Showcase - Calling up Bill Tarsha during my portion of the show to join me for a wild harmonica duet

Sitting in with Fiona Boyes at The Rhythm Room

A powerful night backing Roy Gaines at The Rhythm Room

A cool evening with Mark Hummel and Johnny Dyer with Big Pete Pearson and The Rhythm Room All-Stars opening up at The Rhythm Room

Playing a song with John NĂ©meth and Junior Watson at The Rhythm Room

Blues For The City benefit show (put on by the Phoenix Blues Society) appearing with Diunna Greenleaf and Blue Mercy

And of course, all the regular gigs with Big Pete Pearson and The Rhythm Room All-Stars at our home base, The Rhythm Room!

Special thanks to Rhythm Room general manager Mona Watkins who runs The Rhythm Room with such love and dedication that it allows me to concentrate of being an artist and the travel that this entails. Mona, you are the best!

Thank You: For your part in allowing this great year to happen. The new year brings the promise of more great shows, recordings, travel, new friendships and renewed bonds and the sacred gift of blues music. My humble appreciation for your support.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year,

Bob Corritore