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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Blues Tourism In Mississippi

This is from the Clarion Leger in Mississippi. Another article about Mississippi tourism and the blues. I know it sound very strange, but apparently people are buying up old shacks in the Mississippi Delta and turning them into tourist spots! I kid you not! Now you can spend the night in a real authentic blues shack. Of course, some of them have modern accessories like running water, and electricity!

You know, in a way it is sad to see comericalization come in and take over an historical area. I know many of you who visit Beale Street in Memphis have no idea that the whole area was stripped down and remade as the Disneyland of the blues. I suppose on one level it is a good thing, as one store owner in the article stated that the blues was the only thing keeping things going in Clarksdale. Yet, you hate to see something cheapened by people out to make a buck.

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