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Friday, May 7, 2010

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

You know you're in trouble when you're recently married, retired from your real job, your band hasn't played in nearly three weeks and when you write a check to WalMart, they hand you a piece of paper that says: CHECK DECLINED; Denied by Telecheck, REASON 88. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have your check denied by WalMart? Especially for reason 88? (I s'pose you don't, because you never shop at WalMart) (and don't start in on me about the politics of shopping at WalMart. They're open at 3am and they'll sell me stuff cheap, OK?) What the hell IS reason 88 anyway? I mean really, WalMart will take ANYBODY'S check (judging from the appearance of some of the customers) but they wouldn't take mine. I normally pay cash, but I was trying to buy a small HDTV for a few hundred dollars and I didn't have the cash on me. Anyway, so I grab one of my two credit cards, the 82 year old clerk goes through the swiping process (huh?) and hands me another piece of paper that says CREDIT CARD DENIED-expiration 2/10. By now, the people behind me in line are wondering "Dude, if your check is denied and your card is denied, do you REALLY need that scrawny little HDTV?" but wait, this is a note about The Blue Band, damn it...
TONIGHT (Fri. May 7) is the final First Friday geeezzer gig of the season at the Hub, 4th & Main, downtown Sparkle City USA (Cedar Falls) We play 6-9pm. Pizza by the slice and adult beverages available in between dances. It's simply the most fun indoor gig that we do. The weather is predicted to be cold and rainy, so come on in! Be part of it one last time before the summer break. I was worried when I heard that the Hub's ace soundman, Josh Hubrig was taking the night off, but rumor has it that longtime Blue Sound Guru Phil Maass might be taking his place. Iowa City saxman Rod Pierson will join Al in the horn section, we're hopin' Bob Guthart brings one of those 400 guitars he has on the wall at Bob's Guitars, and like I said, we haven't played in almost three weeks, so it should be lots of fun just seeing if I can remember how the songs go and what the words are! What's not to like, right Avis?! Somebody bring CAKE!...errr MANGOS!...
Speaking of Phil Maass, the guy just continues to wow me with his recording/editing/mastering skills as we get closer and closer to finishing the New Year's Eve souvenir recording. We're hoping to have them ready to sell starting Memorial Day weekend along with the Blue Honeymoon Tour shirts that Steve Campbell designed. If you would like a color other than black, white, or light blue and/or a specific size that might be out of the ordinary, please let me know asap and we'll include it in the order. And if you'd like to get your party, club, or festival date listed on the back, BOOK THAT DATE NOW!!...
Speaking of booking your date, we did add a few things to the calendar this week including the Nevada (the city east of Ames, not the gambling capitol of the world) Fireman's Street Dance, a return to the Celebrate Washington Festival (the city south of Iowa City not the political capitol of the world) and, altho' it's not completely finalized yet, a return to the Cherokee (the town out by Sioux City, not the Native American nation) Jazz & Blues Festival is likely to happen to help kick off next year's 30th Anniversary Tour in January 2011! We've still got 3 open Saturdays thru the summer and would still like to be part of that deck party at your mansion on the outskirts of town...
Speaking of open dates. We don't have work again until Memorial Day weekend (unless we become the house band at your mansion on the outskirts of town) (or your basement or garage if you live in a neighborhood like mine) Oh, and one more thing (Columbo moment) tickets are now on sale for the Iowa Public Radio Blues Cruise on the Spirit of Dubuque River Boat, June 4. There's only room on the boat for 300 people. Don't miss the boat. Info and tickets available on the homepage at
Speaking of my neighborhood, progress on the (de)construction of my house is moving along. We now have all of the exterior finished, except for the residing of the old part of the house and a brand new sidewalk and walkway leading up to the new door. A new 6' X 4' space has been cut out of the kitchen floor and I expect the new stairs to be built, right outside my bedroon door, starting in about 4 and a half hours...
YIKES! FOUR AND A HALF HOURS??!! I gotta get some sleep. I'll just have to tell you about the WalMart clerk's 10 minute struggle to unlock the security wire that was wrapped around that TV when I see ya at The Hub later on tonight. See ya on the Blue Highway, bring yer zydeco tie to the Hub and rub it. It's the Hub pub rub, bub. I hope all you mothers have a wonderful weekend and all your children bring you MANGO flavored CAKE! Always remember that we love you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Roy Carrier RIP

Roy Carrier, zydeco accordionists, and father of Chubby Carrier has died.  He was 63.  For more information check out his obit at the website of the Daily Advertiser.  (Click HERE)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alexa Ray Joel: Come Home

Here is a nice bluzy song from Alexa Ray Joel, who is Billy Joel's little girl.  She is pretty good!