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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blues Historian Review: Taylor Hicks, Whomp At The Warfield

I received this DVD from some fine folks at one of Taylor Hicks fan clubs. I suppose a review is not really necessary since his fans will love the DVD no matter what I say. However, I can safely say for those of you who haven't listened to this guy yet, that this DVD is for you. Taylor Hicks is the real deal. I have said this many times, but it is true the man can sing the blues, soul, R&B and rock and roll. Whomp At The Warfield is mostly a soul filled romp recorded live at The Warfield in San Francisco back in 2007. The band in incredibly tight and Hicks has both the band and the fans pumped up from start to finish.

I must admit I am fascinated with Hicksmania. Perhaps in a differnet time and place before the music business imploded from its own excess he would have been the next incarnation of Elvis, but today in a music scene that is so large, over played, and mega corrupt, Hicks seems to fly beneath the radar. It is both fortunate and unfortunate. In one sense his fan base is tremendous and very faithful. In many ways he and his fans remind me of the relationship between Tom Jones and his fans. Jones never got his due, was regarded as a pop singer, and his legendary fans have followed him forever. Both Jones, and Hicks can sing anything, blues, soul, R&B, Pop, Country, and folk. However, the blues purist would not think about either one as a blues performer, but when I hear them sing I think otherwise.

The other thing that strikes me when I watch the video is that Taylor reminds me a lot of the good qualities of Elvis. It is more than the accent, because both have the Mississippi drawl, but it is their obvious love of the music, and culture of African Americans. Also Taylor doesn't have all the trappings that came with Elvis's fame. Perhaps in the long run it is a good thing that the music industry doesn't control artists like in the old days because that's what ruined Elvis.

This is a great DVD. lots of energy, and great music. Buy it today you can't go wrong.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Walter Horn "Mississippi Slim" RIP

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

Have you ever decided to settle for the 2nd or 3rd best mango because the best mango doesn't have one of those damn scanner stickers and you know damn well that the 14 year old checker (ok, they LOOK 14 years old to me, but at my age EVERYONE looks like a kid) has no idea what fruit that is and they have to scream at some other poor stock person to go back to the mango department and find out how much it costs (which is always more than you thought it was) (BTW, I thought George Bush gave away some of our nuclear secrets so that we could get cheap mangos from India. When's THAT gonna happen?) (mango is the new CAKE) Isn't it a shame that we're letting our standards slip just because the best doesn't have a scanner sticker? (scan 'er sticker?) (stick 'er?) Never mind, that has nothing to do with the Blue Band, I'm just sayin'...

Which brings me (finally) to Saturday night's Blue Band gig at the Bourre Lounge, inside of Roux Orleans Restaurant, 4th & Sycamore (the old Black's Building) in Waterloo's entertainment district. Come early for the fabulous New Orleans cuisine (there might even be something with mangos, but I'm not sure) and stick around for dancing and adult beverages. We've been able to talk them into starting the band at 9pm instead of 10pm and we'll play til around 12:30am...

Then we have no work until the final First Friday show of the season at The Hub on May 7. Normally I would be freakin' out over having no work, but I have been so busy with all the projects involved with consolidating Carolyn's and my households into one that I haven't had time to worry about it. (What, me worry?) (that's Phil's job) (a little longtime Blue Band fan inside humor there) We finally closed the sale of that third property on Wednesday. (after considerable hail damage was done to the property on Apr. 6, complicating the sale) I learned a lot about the real estate market, human nature, and myself during that 5 month fiasco. I was helped along the way by some new people in my life and some longtime friends. I wish I hadn't lost so much money in the process of that lesson (it would have made a substantial down payment on a new band truck) but I'm still alive and well and wiser and more humble (actually, the words humble and Bob Dorr are rarely used in the same sentence!)...

Speaking of Phil the Road Worrier, Mr. Maass is really out doing himself on the technical recording, mixing, and editing of this year's New Year's Eve souvenir cd. He and I have been mixing the tapes about 5-6 hours a week for a couple months now and things are sounding good! I must say that I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such fabulous musicians, sound engineers, support people, and fans of the band. The band (and in particular Heath and Jeff) went WAY out of their way to deliver the requested wedding songs (At Last and I Knew The Bride) in such superb fashion. You'll be stunned at Heath's vocal on At Last. I get to relive that night every time we work on those recordings and the memories are fantastic. Thank you Blue People and family. I really needed that!...

I have often talked about my mother's last living sister, my Aunt Dolores. Please send out prayers and positive energy to Dolores' husband, my Uncle Wallace, who has decided to fight his cancer without taking any more chemo treatments. Wallace is the strongest, quiet man I know. His personal and moral integrity has been a source of inspiration to me many times. If the world was full of human beings like Wallace Busse, we would have a much better planet. Thoughts and prayers to him, Dolores, and my two cousins Greg and Sharon...

We still have WAY too many open dates this spring and some prime open weekends in the summer. Let us know if we can be part of your neighborhood block party or the party in the barn on your acreage in the country. Book The Band info is available here:

So let's turn our attention back to mangos. As a matter of fact, how 'bout mango CAKE?! (I'm hoping my friend James P. Ronan has that recipe) See yas on the Blue Highway, it would be fantastic if we could get 10 or 15 zydeco tie players going all at once in the New Orleans theme restaurant on Saturday night, watch out for hail damage (it's like someone just took a ball-peen hammer to the hood and roof of the band truck, right Carolyn?) and always remember we love you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

Steve Goodman: You've Never Called Me By My Name

David Allen Coe covered this song by Steve Goodman. This is Steve doing it himself. Still good stuff:-)

Blues Historian Review: Nick Curran, Reform School Girls

Nick Curran's latest release Reform School Girl is a rollicking romp through the best of the late 50s and early 60s. Curran at times sounds like Little Richard, then Screaming Jay Hawkins, or a sly parody of the Shangri-la's Leader of the Pack. I also enjoyed the intentionally distorted vocals on some of the tracks. The original artists who were African American didn't have the soundmen, or the equipment to improve the sound, or the time since many recordings were essentially one take. So now many years later, Curran takes that sound and intentionally records it that way. In many ways it makes sense given Curran's punk sensibility. Curran is interested in the raw power of the music and what better way than to distort the vocal, much like Little Richard or Muddy Waters did 60 years ago. I like this disc for many reasons, but mostly I like how punk and blues can work well together. both are a visceral, in your face type of music. To paraphrase John Lennon, it is not "would you please have the foresight to throw me a life preserver, but HELP! Like Lennon, Curran belts out his songs, and the emotion come through.

As you might know Nick is battling cancer. I am not sure if he has insurance, because most musicians don't have the money to pay for great health care. There was a fund raiser a last month for him. However, I am sure if you buy this disc it would help, and while you are at it buy another for your friends, and help out a bluesman in need.

BTW, to keep you on teh up and up, I did receive this disc from Electro Grove Records.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tom Gary Blues Band On Amazon

Yesterday & Today

Hey kids!  LOOK!!  You can now order my CD or just my hit song Holly Golightly Blues at Amazon!!!   HOLY COW!   This is pretty cool.  I love modern technology!  It amazes me that I can create, send my stuff out into the internet, and have my music stored on a server, then it can be distributed to several great sites where you can buy either the CD or the music right from the comfort of your own room.  Who needs a big old record company that is going to take most of your money when you can do it all by yourself. 

To buy the CD click on the yesterday and today link above, for Holly click on the ad on the right.

Smokin Aces Update

Smokin' Aces will be playing Saturday April 17th at the Fernwood in Palenville, N.Y. at 9PM. I hope to see you all there! Sonny

Ross Sisters: Solid Potato Salad

This is a must see video! Holy cow! swing music, and some very limber girls! Amazing!

Gig Alert! North Carolina

from Claudia Swartz

Hello dear friends and supporters of local Music and the arts
Just wanted to give you all another reminder of some really exciting new events coming up downtown.
April 23rd "BluesEnigma" will rock the new stage at Dock's @ the Capitol from 7PM until 10 PM
Guitar: Cliff Bender, Bass: George Johnson, Drums: Tony Raimondo, and myself singing and harping the Blues. We will have lots of fun and our special guest star will be 13 year old Bluesphenomenon " Lakota" John Locklear and his sister Layla singing . What a treat!!!!
Hornes Deli will have the Raiford Street Band from 6 PM until 9 PM and will serve a homecooked delicious dinner.
The Fayetteville Drum Circle will gather again underneath the Markethouse and will be there from now on for all 4th upcoming Friday celebrations. There will be plenty of drums available for the public and children and adults are encouraged to drum with us.
There will be music in most stores along Hay Street.
Bring the kids, bring the dogs lets have a ball.
Please come out to Dock's and support us there as we are trying to convert Dock's into a true entertainment venue for all , including arts shows by local visual artists .
Please tell your friends and families and come on out for an evening of fun and live music and the arts in Fayetteville!!!
Every Monday night from 8.30 until Midnight
Live Open Mic Jam with Bob Steele, famous veteran of the Blues and the hottest Musicians of Fayetteville!!!
At BIG HARRY'S TAVERN on Fort Bragg Road.....across from the Cadillac Ranch...
We need you all to come out to support us as without listeners this ain't no fun.
Long live the Blues and all the best to all of you!!! CU downtown!!!
Claudia Swartz
Music and Arts Events

Steve Goodman: Go Cubs Go 2010

Yup! This year, I swear this year! Yes Great Pumpkin its going to happen! Hmmmm, Ok, I forgot it is the Cubs:-)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BB King: Sweet 16

A very good clip of BB playing one of his signature tunes. I am thinking that this is from the 70s. At the very end Mohammad Ali is jumping up and clapping and he looks pretty young. Of course BB is ageless:-)

Big Gigs From Bluz Newz Entertainment

Bluz  Newz Entertainment Banner


Good Times Open Jam

David Miller Live Music Presents:

Good Times Open Jam

Every Thursday at The Starting Gate


W188N10515 Maple Rd.
Germantown WI 53022

(262) 251-4727 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (262) 251-4727 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

901 West 35th Street (FREE HOT DOGS AND CHIPS)
901 W 35th St
Chicago, IL 60609
Just a few blocks west of Sox Park

Club Blu Jazz has a great kitchen/Great vibe!
YES, we're hosting the jam on EASTER!
1540 West North Avenue
Chicago Illinois
(between the Kennedy and Ashland)


Email Robert Pasenko with questions!

Hambone's Blues Party, WDCB 90.9 FM, Thursdays at 10 p.m., central!


Gus Cannon is being inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame on May 5. A note for him has been approved for him on Beale Street but the money has not yet been raised for its manufacture and installation.

Let’s do this ourselves. If Gus and his Cannon Stompers are good enough for our Blues Hall of Fame, then we ought to make sure this happens.

All your life you have been told to not put cash in an envelope, but I am asking you to stick a dollar bill in an envelope and send it to:

The Blues Foundation

49 Union Avenue

Memphis, TN 38103

Put a buck in an envelope right now so that his note will be ready by the time of his induction. In this way, he can be inducted on May 5 and his note can be unveiled the next day!

Also, feel free to post this on your social network sites, your business website and forward this to all your friends!

We will see you on Beale Street!

Joe Whitmer

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Nellie "Tiger" Travis

Buddy Guys Legends

754 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL

With The Men In Black

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Mel Waiters

Suken Garden Theater

San Antonio, TX

Friday, April 16th, 2010

JUKE JOINT FESTIVAL - CLARKSDALE, MS - through Sunday, April 18, 2010


Our 2010 edition of Juke Joint Festival is dedicated to Wesley Jefferson, Sam Carr and Miss Sarah Moore.

Spring is just around the corner, and that means the world’s one and only Juke Joint Festival will be here before you know it. The date: Saturday, April 17, 2010. With Related Events on Friday, April 16th and Sunday, April 18th 2010. The place: Clarksdale, Mississippi.

What is the Juke Joint Festival? It’s a positive event for everyone in Clarksdale. It’s good for families, businesses, musicians and tourists alike. The festival itself combines an international “blues festival” with a community-minded “small-town fair,” creating a strong and memorable event like no other in the universe. It’s organized by the Clarksdale Downtown Development Association (CDDA) and staffed by enthusiastic volunteers. This “half small-town fair, half blues festival” does more than simply
entertain attendees. It aims to educate and enlighten native Deltans and blues tourists alike through a series of performances, exhibits, and presentations involving music, art, storytelling, film, and children’s events. The event mixes visitors with locals and showcases the economic power of cultural tourism, turning average Deltans into ambassadors for the region.

Speaking of economics, last year’s festival was our most successful yet with full hotels, doubled attendance and expanded press coverage. The Juke Joint Festival makes every effort to keep vendors, talent and suppliers as local as possible. A family-friendly event also provides a bus service at night to discourage drinking and driving between music venues. For more information and pictures from last year’s inaugural event, log on to

Roger Stolle

Phone: 662-624-5992 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 662-624-5992 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Willie Clayton

Date: Apr 17, 2010 - Time: 07:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Performing In Detroit, Michigan @ The Palomino Entertainment Club

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

City Park

Blues on the River

Power 92/KOKY Blues on the River is a day where over 5,000 blues lovers will come to enjoy blues, beer, and BBQ on the banks of the Arkansas River.

Address : City Park
Phone : (501) 401-0321 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (501) 401-0321 end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Always call and confirm events.)
Web Address :
Admission Fee : $25 advance; $35 day of show

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Mr. G's Supper Club

Aries Birthday Celebration - 7:30 pm

1547 W. 87th Street
Chicago Illinois 708.369.0998 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 708.369.0998 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or 312.354.0300 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 312.354.0300 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Price: Tickets $25.00 | At Door $30.00


Sunday, April 18th, 2010





C&J’S THE PLACE!!!!!!!!


Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Theodis Ealey

Ms. Kitty Park, Huttig, AR

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

David Miller Duo with Marcell Guyton will be at the Clarke Hotel (Black Trumpet Lounge): 4/29, 6:30, 314 W Main St, Waukesha WI (262) 549-3800 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (262) 549-3800 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The Back Alley Players Blues and Soul Band


Time: April 29, 2010 at 11pm to April 30, 2010 at 3am
City/Town: NYC,NY
Website: http://www.boneentertainment.…
Phone: 212 283 9728 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 212 283 9728 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Organized By: Rose Petal Entertainment Media, Inc & Bone Entertainment

Event Description:
The Back Alley Players Blues and Soul Band will be bring their brand of Blues and Soul to St. Nicks Pub on April 29th, 2010. BAP is becoming one of NYC top Blues and Soul Groups with an 11 piece ensemble they bring a "Big Band Blues Sound to the Band Stand". Pick-up a copy of their most resent CD release entitled , "Beyond The Blues" available on-line and in stores. You can also purchase a copy on BAPS' website; and learn more about The Back Alley Players Band members at the same time.

Come out for a night of Blues and Soul played like you never heard it played before. BAP will stop playing when you can't snapped your fingers anymore!

St.Nicks Pub, has a two drink minimum policy at Bar and Tables.

No music cover charge!

See you on Thursday, April 29th,2010 from 11:00pm till 3:00am at the "PUB"!

Saturday, May 1st, 2010


3rd Annual White Lake Blues Fest Presented by Killer Blues - 7:00 pm

304 S. Mears
Whitehall Michigan
Price: $15.00


Saturday, May 1st, 2010

The Alabama Blues Project presents Blues Extravaganza 2010 - 12-7pm

Price: Free

On Saturday, May 1st, the Alabama Blues Project presents Blues Extravaganza 2010. This is the ABPs first outdoor festival! It is a free, family-friendly blues festival and will be held in historic downtown Northport from noon to 7 p.m. The live show features three After-School Blues Camp student bands as well as Alabama blues greats Microwave Dave, Bettie Fikes, Lil' Jimmy Reed and more! This event is hosted by the Northport Downtown Merchants Association.


Thursday, May 6th, 2010



The 2010 Blues Music Awards will be Thursday May 6, 2010 at the Cook Convention Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

31st Blues Music Awards 2010
Here is the basic schedule for the 2010 Blues Music Awards. When making your travel plans, rest assured that by the time May rolls around there will be plenty of other great musical events before and after the Blues Music Awards. There always is! We will post new information as it becomes available .

Official Events at Memphis Marriott Downtown and, 250 North Main Street Cook Convention Center, 255 North Main Street

Wednesday, May 5

1:00pm-5:00pm Ticket Will Call and Silent Auction Marriott

6:00pm Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Marriott

Thursday, May 6

10:00am-2:00pm Silent Auction & Blues Music Award Merchandise Sales Marriott

10:00am-4:00pm Ticket Will Call Marriott

3:00pm Drink Ticket Sales Open Marriott

5:00pm Ticket Will Call and Drink Ticket Sales Convention Center

5:30pm The Party Begins reception featuring performances by 2010 Blues Music Award nominees. Convention Center

5:30-11:00pm Silent auction & Blues Music Award Merchandise Sales Convention Center

7:00pm-1:00am -- Dinner, Awards & Nominee performances Convention Center

Additional Events

Tuesday, May 4

7:05pm Albuquerque Isotopes (Dodgers) v. Memphis Redbirds (Cardinals) AAA baseball game featuring 2010 Blues Music Award nominee Doug MacLeod singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch. (Autozone Park)

Wednesday, May 5

8:00pm Nick Moss & friends Rum Boogie Cafe

Friday, May 8

Saturday, May 9

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

The Solo Soul and Blues Festival

The Solo Soul and Blues Festival
Humble, Texas, USA


A mixture of soul and blues will be on tap at the Solo Soul and Blues Festival. Come out and enjoy an all day music festival with great food vendors and refreshments.

Bobby Womack, Bobby Blue Bland, Lenny Williams, Shirley Brown, Floyd Taylor, Rue Davis, The Superior Band featuring Lady Audrey

Humble Civic Center Arena

8233 Will Clayton Pkwy Humble, Tx 77338

Gates open at 11:00 am
Show starts at 1:00 pm

Admission & Parking
Admission $30.00
Parking $5.00


713- 204 8800 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 713- 204 8800 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

The Charleston Jazz Festival - 8:00 pm

Price: $35.00

The Charleston Jazz Festival

Date: Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Charleston Music Hall
37 John Street
Charleston, SC

Time: 8:00 pm

Ticket Prices: $35 - on sale at

Starring: Kim Waters, Kenny Lattimore,
and Daniel D.

For further information:
Contact Steve Simon at 1-800-514-3849 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-514-3849 end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext 2 or at

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Mother's Day Blues Festival

Charles Wilson, Donnie Ray, Bigg Robb,

Omar Cunningham, Rue Davis, Willie Hill


Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Carnes Park

Mother's Day Concert

Highway 80
Whitehall, Alabama

Killer Diller Roscoe Miller Productions Presents...
Sunday May 9th
Mother's Day Concert at Carnes Park on Highway 80 in Whitehall, Alabama
Bobby Rush
Karen Wolfe
Tickets: $25
Gates open at 12 noon
Show starts at 2pm

Steve Goodman: Dying Cub Fans Request

I post this song every year for two reasons. First, I love the Cubs! How could you not love the lovable looser from the northside of Chicago. Second, Steve Goodman! As you know from my previous posts, Steve Goodman was a die hard Cubs fan, who unfortunately, was dying of cancer when this video was made. The sad irony of Steve and the Cubs, was that he died just days before the Cubs made it into the playoff for the first time in 40 years. Of course, the 85 Cubs lost to the Padres in 5 games, after blowing out the Padres in the first two. It was one of the most painful three days of baseball that I remember. Much worse than Bartman! God Bless Barman, but the Cubs choked away the Florida game, and Alou was never going to catch that ball Bartman or no Bartman.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blues Historian Review: Hot Buttered Blues

OK, you didn't think I actually sat through this garbage to see the real bluesman Louisianna Guitar Red did ya! Oh! The things I do for you people. This is an old movie from 1995 that I found at a video store and I just had to buy it. Certainly this movie will not go down as one of the greats. It is terrible even by adult film standards, and that is very, very low! Thank goodness, Red is blind, and couldn't see what was going on, in fact, I doubt he even knew it was a porn film! Our hero shows up in the beginning of the film singing the blues on a street corner, supposedly in the 1960s. He gets harassed by the police and leaves. Then he shows up later in the film to play a few songs. Red is the real deal although I believe he is now deceased. His real name was Cardell Boyette. Also, Red only sings and plays guitar. During his set people have there clothes on!

The movie is very forgettable and Ron Jeremy makes yet another appearance in an adult flick so I think you can just imagine how bad it is. There is also another band in what I can only describe as what a bunch of porn actors, trying to act as the stereotypical bluesmen on a normal day. Needless to say in all my years of performing (as a bluesman:-) I have never, ever, not even on my best day, ever had that kind of luck! (Ok, the story is we get into music to meet chicks, but hey guys here is the dirty little secret. IT DON"T WORK!!)

God bless ya, Louisanna Red. I hope that you had a great time, and made a lot of money.

Murali Coryell Live On The Radio Tonight With Sonny Rock!!

On radio tonight with Sonny Rock!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Ray Hoff RIP

More bad news from the land downunder from Bob Corritore

  • RIP Ray Hoff, December 29, 1942 - March 19, 2010. Gil Onyett reports on the passing of Australian blues/roots rock musician Ray Hoff. In Gil's own words; "Australia lost another rock 'n' roll/rhythm 'n' blues legend with the passing of Ray Hough, who recorded as Ray Hoff. He made some recordings in the '60s as Ray Hoff & The Offbeats. Hoff's only subsequent recording, "Loud, Dirty, 'n' Rockin', appeared in 2000, and was produced by Australian rockabilly star Red Rivers". To read more about Ray Hoff, click here.

Si Cranstoun Update

I love this guy! It is apparent from his and his brothers videos from Youtube, that they are a couple of street musicians. However, these guys have far more talent than the hacks on any version of American Idol! (OK, Taylor Hicks excluded:-) Every time I think that the upheaval in the music business, is killing great music. I see something like this and I think I can believe again! Those of you in England are lucky. Get to his upcoming shows!!!!!!!!

Here is the latest from Si
Si Cranstoun's Upbeat Party Night, Bromley, Friday 16th April 2010
Just had the amazing news that Si will be supporting Jackie Wilson's son in November !!
Si Cranstoun and his band present the follow up to the sell out energetic live show at the CIU Club, 35 London Rd, Bromley,BR2
Remaining tickets can now be booked in advance by contacting Steve via text or call on 07986 057940.
Click on the links below to see Si's clips ! (Dynamo) Written by Si in tribute to Jackie Wilson search Si Cranstoun for loads of other great stuff !
All of the above are now available on a brand new album of newly written songs by Si entitled
"Skinny Jeans" & " Get Lively" from Si's online shop or on Ebay.
Get tickets priced at £10 each for this intimate venue by calling Steve on 07986 057940 / 07796 858005 and reserve yours now !
Doors open 8pm, CIU Club 35 London Road, Bromley, BR2. The show features two 40 mins sets which end at around 10.30pm with bar open until 11pm
Club equiped with dancefloor and plenty of candle lit tabled seating !
for further info and great new music please visit

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ernie Banks: Hey Hey

As hope springs eternal, so does the belief that this year will be the year the Cubbies go all the way. Ah-yes, the Cubs 100 year loosing streak of not winning a World Series continues. It is also the 55 year since the Cubs were even in a World Series. This clip is from 1970. One year after the best Cubs team since the probably the 1930s lost the pennet to the 69 Mets. 70 was full of hope, but it was pretty obvious that age had caught up to the Cubs best player Ernie Banks. He was no longer playing short stop and was now on first base. However, Mr. Cub still had the spirit to play two and he sang the Cubs fight song in this video!

Herb Ellis RIP

From Bob Corritore

RIP Herb Ellis, August 4, 1921 - March 28, 2010. Jazz guitarist Herb Ellis always had a blues sensibility to his fine playing. In the words of the New York Times "Herb Ellis, a jazz guitarist whose polished, blues-inflected playing earned him critical acclaim as an outstanding soloist and worldwide recognition as a member of the pianist Oscar Peterson’s trio, died Sunday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 88." Ellis recorded with Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Stuff Smith, Stan Getz, and of course Oscar Peterson. Ellis' co-wrote the jazz classic "Detour Ahead" which was most notably covered by Billie Holiday. To read the full New York Times obit, click here.