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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Best of Des Moines Blues, Blues Army of Des Moines, and Saving the Blues One Soul at a Time.

Sorry for not blogging, but life is busy, and the blue class was canceled. Apparently college kids are not interested in the blues.  Probably a fairly true statement not because they dislike the blues, but have never heard it, or realized that they have listened to it.  Every time you watch TV, or a commercial you hear the blues.  It is used a lot in popular entertainment, and yet the kids seem unaware of its existence.

 However, if you need a blues fix I am posting now at the Best of Des Moines Blues. It is part of the Blues Army of Des Moines an attempt to save the blues by promoting local blues musicians.  Trust me it could be a long up hill battle, but if your town is like Des Moines you have probably seen fewer places playing the blues, and even fewer local bands playing the blues.  Certainly national acts still come through Des Moines, but how can you have a local blues scene without a blues bar, or local blues bands?????? 

If you like come join our fight.  You don't need to be from Des Moines to join the blue army, just like us on Facebook. I will still stop by from time to time to post here, but mostly I will be working on the Best of Des Moines blues Vlog. 


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