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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Taylor Hicks, Keb Mo, and Shemika Copeland: Slow Blues

Wow!!!! This is a cool video and shows how Taylor is part of the blues scene. Shemika Copeland and Keb Mo joining Taylor Hicks on stage. Pretty cool! The quality is a little bouncy, but it is worth the watch. Also some of the comments on Youtube about the video are pretty funny. It is obvious that the people with the negative comments about Hicks, have no clue what the blues are, or why Shemika Copeland came on stage to sing with Taylor. First he invited her up, and second, she came up. That says a lot, because if she didn't respect his talent she wouldn't have come up on stage. Also, we don't compete, or as they said in the old days "cut heads" not as blues players. We support one another, because we realize just how few of us our out there playing the music. Furthermore, the beauty of the blues is how we can improvise with each other. Once you have learned all the forms of blues, and have learned how to solo, then you can sit in with any band. However, to paraphrase Muddy, it takes seconds to learn, but a lifetime to master:-)

Enjoy this video, because someone caught a magic moment in Chicago, and it is really what the blues is all about. People coming together, and working together, to make beautiful music!


lovintheblues said...

I was lucky enough to be part of the audience that night and it will stay with me forever. Thank you for loving the music.

Anonymous said...

poor quality vic or not...this is HOT HOT HOT

Anonymous said...

That was amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bluesman for showing this video...Taylor is amazing and I would love if he can do something with Shemika in the future..

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That was fantastic. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love the music; love the generous interaction of all the musicians on stage. Thanks for posting this video!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for continuing to support Taylor and for bringing us videos like this one.
You are so right when you say that blues' artists know how to share the spotlight. Spontaneous "jams" are often not caught on video, but when they are, the genuine love of the blues comes through loud and clear! Taylor continues to garner more respect every time he performs unexpectedly with some of these great musicians! What a treat to come here and find this gem.

Anonymous said...

Love this video of the blues!
It is my understanding no filming in the club and they were being watched to make sure ! HaHa
Someone really had to be sneaky to even catch this on video, that's why it's jumping around. The music is great and thanks for showing the video .

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom - This is one I hadn't seen. Your comments are right on spot. I appreciate your suppport of up and coming blues artists. Thanks. medolark Ü

Anonymous said...

I was there that night too. A bunch of us had the notion he would show up there with Keb Mo after the House of Blues show, and we lucked out. Since all of us were real music fans, we figured that we'd have a great time even if he didn't show. He sat there just watching for quite awhile. Josh Smith (who played lead guitar on his tour) and Keb Mo played, and so did the regularly scheduled talent. We were VERY enthusiatic, cheering and dancing to everyone's music, and so it wasn't like Taylor was being followed by fans that came to cheer him and ignore the other serious blues going on there. You could almost feel him relaxing. And when he took the stage, it was all so natural.

And by the way, one of the reasons the videographer was so cautious was that Buddy Guy was actually there that night, hanging out at the bar, shaking hands and accepting the accolades from tourists like me. I guess it was a bit disrespectful to film it, but otherwise we'd have no record of this incredible experience so I'm damn glad someone got it on tape.