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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Taylor Hicks: The Right Place

I posted the version from the View HERE. This version was shot by Stacey who was nice enough to share the link with me. Enjoy Taylor live in Biloxi Mississippi.

Blues Fests Alert From Illinois Blues

The best blues newsletter available online! Here is the listing of big blues shows coming up this week.

Upcoming Blues

So you thought the Blues season was over? No Way! This week brings the Downtown Blues Concert in Gainesville, Florida, the Roundhouse Blues & BBQ in Savannah, Georgia, the South Florida International Blues Festival in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the Southwest Florida Music Festival in St. James City, Florida, the American Music Weekend & Blues Festival in Kiawah Island, South Carolina, the Blaublues Festival Haringe in Haringe (Poperinge), West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, the Blues sur Seine in Mantes la Jolie and surroundings, Ile de France and the Gala Blues Summit in Osijek, Croatia.

Hans Theessink: Brand New Dawn

Interesting acoustic blues from Hans Theessink.

Buddy Guy: Sweet Home Chicago

Buddy Guy with some of the best living guitar players of today playing Sweet Home Chicago.

Back Log On Reviews! Myspace gone!! ACK!!!

I want to thank the Soul Searchers, and Back Door Slam for providing me with their CDs to review. I promise this weekend I will get it done. I will be on the road all weekend, so I will listen to these great gems! I have heard the Soul Searchers self titled CD Soul Searchers, twice already and I can tell you that it is an outstanding disk, but I need one more listen:-) I should have something posted Sunday or Monday Night:-)

I took my Myspace page down. It seemed to be a bit redundant with this blog and the myspace page. Also far more people read the blog, then check out my myspace page, so if I really want people to know what is going on with my band, this is the spot to put it in:-) Perhaps this summer when I have more time I will revive my Myspace page, but for now this is where you can get your news about my band.

BTW, I will be performing November 17th at the Gathering Place in Cherokee Iowa. It is a very nice small performance place located in NW Iowa. The show is at 7pm. I have worked out a lot of my old music that I wrote over the last 20 years, so anyone who remembers the old band might want to check this out!

Hans Theessink Interview

The Patriot News from Central Pennsylvania has an interview with European bluesman Hans Theessink. Just another example of the world wide influence of the blues. To read about Hans, Click HERE.

Cool Buddy Guy Interview

One of the great legends of Chicago Blues is interviewed in Flipside, a publication of The Southern Illinoisan. Read about Buddy HERE.

Concord Blues Club

A new blues organization called the Concord Blues Club in North Carolina. Read about it in the Charlotte Observer HERE. The official webpage of the group is HERE. From the article it sounds like a small group of musicians who are tying to find like minded musicians to jam with. Hope they have great success!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Taylor Hicks: Try A Little Tenderness

I wish I had some time to post tonight, but I got a big show coming up on the 17th so this will have to hold you for the day:-) A nice Taylor Hicks cover of Otis Redding's Try A Little Tenderness.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wild Cherry: Play That Funky Music

Hmmmmmmmm, I must be slipping. I thought I posted this one too:-) I guess I should post the original song too!

The Commitments: Try A Little Tenderness

One of my favorites movies, because it is about the Irish, Soul music, and like almost every band I have ever been in:-) How can you go wrong with all of that!! If you haven't seen the Commitments do yourself a favor and RENT IT TONIGHT!!!!!

Taylor Hicks: Play That Funky Music

I thought I posted this gem a long time ago, but I looked through my posts and couldn't find it, so HERE IT IS:-)

No Wonder Blues Brothers 2000 Was So Awful!

I knew there was something wrong with that movie. The movie Blues Brother 2000 was not filmed in Chicago, it was filmed in TORONTO!!!!!! Yup! Thats right Canada! ACK! I knew there was something off about that movie, besides the fact that the story was the same as the first, the music was no where as good as the first, and you really can't replace Jake (John Belushi) Blues!!!! To read a very short article on the movie and other movies filmed in Toronto, but supposed to be some where else, Click here for an article from the Torontoist.

Joe Bonamassa Blues In Schools

Joe Bonamassa who was a child prodigy in the blues, continues to help out kids with his blues in schools program. I have posted about Joe and his program HERE and HERE

Click here for another great article about Joe and his blues in schools program. This time reported by the Green Bay Press Gazette.
I think one of the best ways to keep the blues alive is having great blues artists like Joe going into the school so the kids can hear the music. I have found that administrators, teachers, and students love the blues. I think there has always been the misconception that the music is sad, but when people hear all the variety of blues it changes their mind about the music, and they realize that the blues really can chase the blues away.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Grafton Blues Association

A cool new website put together by the Grafton Blues Association. Grafton was home to the legendary Paramount Records. check them out.

Artist Of The Week: Son Seals

Son Seals was one of those great guitarists that really never got a break. I suppose one could say that Son truly lived the blues. From broken marriages, shot twice by an ex-wife, a fire that destroyed his home, his guitars stolen, and finally losing his leg, and then his life to Diabetes at a young age. That is certainly the resume of someone who lived the blues. To listen to the great Son Seals just click on the videos in the Google video box located on the left side of the blog.

Photo Of The Week: Jimmy Pryor, Gene Jackson, and Frank Strong

A great pic that I took during New Years Eve of 2003. Jimmy is sharp in his red suit. While Gene is laying down the beats on the drums. My former partner in crime Frank "Freight Train" Strong playing the harp. It was a great show that also featured Steve George, and "Chicago" Rick Lussie. We had a great crowd at the Raccoon River Brewery, and we played until they made us stop at 2am. It was a great night, and it was fun playing with Jimmy, Gene, Steve, and Rick.