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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Artist Of The Week JB Lenoir

Artist of the Week is JB Lenoir. Check out the videos available on the sidebar. JB was born in Mississippi in 1929, and ended up in Chicago 20 years later. He recorded for many different blues labels, and had a wonderful mix of delta and boogie type blues. He was known for his wild outfits, and was called Mr. After hours.

There seems to be some confusion over his death. According to the Wim Winders film he died of injuries from an auto accident in after being denied treatment in Champagne Illinois. However on the web site. Blues Online, JB died of a heart attack several months later. Either way JB left us way too soon. Check out all four videos. They may look the same, but they are different songs. The color footage is I Feel So Good, which I did post on the blog a couple of weeks ago.


According to WIKI both are sort of right. Here is the quote from Wikipedia

He died on April 29, 1967 in Urbana, Illinois from a heart attack related to injuries he suffered in a car accident three weeks earlier. His untimely death is lamented by John Mayall in the song, "Death of J. B. Lenoir
The blues online article has the car wreck in 66, however, it was in 67. JB did die from his injuries. The town was Urbana not Champagne. which is probably my bad memory.

I'm an idoit UPDATE

Urbana is a sister city to Champagne, like St. Paul to Minneapolis.

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