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Sunday, April 1, 2018

IBSC 97 Regional and Local 6


Regional and local blues 6  Tonight we feature the Backstage Boogie Band.  Other guests include My ode to Jimmy Pryor, Big Daddy Dennis Kain, Jimmy Pryor, Tom Gary Blues Band, Curry Harter, Lightning Red, Rob Lumbard, Johnny Reeferseed, and Madam Jules

Warning Johnny Reeferseed, AKA Jamie Grim, is joined by AFroman, who perform the song Lightem Up, which contains adult language.  If you have children DO NOT DOWNLOAD.   Also if you don't like adult language avoid this song.  Also the auto play feature is being disabled this week so no need to worry if you are browsing the blog to accidentally hear the song, although it is a great song.  I wouldn't have put it on the show if it wasn't!

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IBSC 97 Regional and Local 6