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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday Night Fish Fry: CF Radio Blues

Tonights internet radio station is CF Blues Radio. I don't know much about CF Blues Radio, but I know that they have several internet stations covering all types of music. As always click on the above link, and then click on the yellow circle with the speaker, that should automatically load your media player of choice and start the music! Also remember that the deadline is coming quick to stop the music from playing on the internet. July 26th is the day that the music will die if you don't contact your congress person. I have received letters from Senator Grassley, and Congressman King. Neither comes across as very committed to the issue, which is bad news! So please write to these people and let them know that Internet radio is important to you!!!!!!!!! If you need help contacting someone then click on my Internet radio banner at the bottom of the blog.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Renee Austin: U-Haul

Here is a rare blues video of Renee Austin singing U-Haul. I haven't heard what has happened to Renee after she announced her retirement from singing in 2006. She had a paralyzed vocal chord due to thyroid surgery. At the time they thought it was permanent. One can only hope that, that is not the case. If anyone has heard any news please let me know so I can update her career.

Porterdavis: Penny Candy

Great band, great song, very gritty down in the alley blues! Porterdavis is the name of the band, and if you read the interview below you know that they named themselves after a couple of subway stops in Boston. Now they are in Austin TX.

Ray Charles: America The Beautiful

Only brother Ray could perform this song as it should be. This is without a doubt the greatest version of American The Beautiful that I have ever heard. At times like these we need songs like this to remind us just how good we can be!

God Bless Ray! We Miss You!

Ray Charles

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Cephas And Wiggins Interview

A medium length interview with Cephas and Wiggins from the Free Lance Star of Fredericksburg Virginia. They will be performing at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. The above link will lead to tons of more links and information about the festival, but the basic info about the festival, and Cephas and Wiggins comes from the Free Lance Star below:

What: Cephas and Wiggins will perform during the Smithsonian Folklife Festival Where: National Mall, Washington When: Wednesday, 1 p.m. Cost: Free Phone: 202/633-1000 Web: FYI: The festival runs from June 27 to July 1 and from July 4 to July 8. It is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., with evening events at 6 p.m.

Porterdavis Interview

Wow! Another cool find stumbling around the net. This is an acoustic blues trio called Porterdavis, originally from Boston, but now living in Austin(go figure:-) I like these guys! sometimes they remind me of John Paul, and sometimes me and Dennis. What I like about them is how they fill up space with such a limited combo. ( not limited in talent, but in numbers) It is a harp, acoustic guitar, and a drummer who plays mostly snare. It is a nice full sound ( which why it reminds me of my own music:-) Here is a great interview from the Houston Chronicle, and here is their myspace page.

Big George Brock

I ran across this on the Cat Head music production web site while searching the web about Big George Brock:

Born in Grenada, Mississippi on May 16, 1932, Big George spent his teenage years
near Clarksdale, Mississippi, before settling in St. Louis, Missouri, in the 1950s.
While living in the Clarkdale area, he did back-breaking fieldwork, boxed on weekends,
and played the blues. He remembers hanging out at house parties in the Delta where
folks like Memphis Minnie would show up. Even today, he still has relatives in the
Clarksdale area, including his blues-playing nephew James "Super Chikan" Johnson
and brother-in-law Big Jack Johnson. In St. Louis, Big George owned a series of blues
clubs in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, including Club Caravan (formerly the Early Bird Lounge)
– where his wife at the time was killed by stray bullets from a drunk's pistol – and
New Club Caravan. Later, Big George & the Houserockers was the house band at Climmie's
Western Inn for 12 years. During his career, Big George has played shows with blues
legends like Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Jimmy Reed and many others. Garrick
Feldman of the Arkansas Leader has said Big George is "about as good a harmonica
player as any of the blues greats, and he knew and played with most of them." At
various times, he's had fellow Mississippians Willie Foster, Big Bad Smitty, Terry
"Big T" Williams, Jimbo Mathus and Bill Abel back him at shows, but most often, you'll
find him with one of the best "unknown guitar players" in the biz: Mr. Riley Coatie.
Besides his 6-string skills, this native of the Arkansas Delta is also known for his
amazing family blues band. Coatie taught his children Tekora, Latasha and Riley Jr.
to play in the old classic style that Big George Brock loves.
Big George is currently playing in England at the Sainsbury's Social Club in Basingstroke. For more info check out this article from the Gazette. It is nice to see Big George still playing in his mid 70s. What is so cool about the blues, is that the older you get the better you get. Unlike rock, or other forms of pop music. Blues respects its elders, and it is the wisdom of these old blues performers that makes them so great. There is so much life experience that these performers share with the audience that it is almost like going back in time. I know that the few years I was able to play with Jimmy Pryor made me a better person, both as a player and as a human being. So if you get the chance to see one of the elder statesmen of the blues do it! You won't be sorry.

Stevie Ray Vaughn: Superstition

A great video of Stevie Ray playing Stevie Wonder's Superstition. Boy Stevie broke about every superstition you could think of and survived! At least until he got on the *#@* Helicopter a few years later. Also catch the cameo by Stevie Wonder at the end of the video!

BTW, this video is dedicated to Ulonda and Bobby:-)

Muddy Waters: You Can't Loose What You Aint Never Had

I love this song. It is probably not one of his better known songs, but it is classic muddy. The announcer seems confused saying that this was the best band in the land. Certainly Otis Spann, and Sp Leary with Muddy was old school, but the other guys, although great were not Muddy's primary players from his hey day. Players like Willie Dixon on bass, Jimmy Rogers on guitar, and Big Walter, and Little Walter on harp. Also Buddy Guy, and Junior Wells played with the master as well.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chris Cain Interview

a nice short interview with the wild man Chris Cain. It is mostly about his childhood, and I found it very interesting. Those of you who have had the opportunity to see Chris Cain live know that this guy is from another planet! I had the opportunity to play with him in Des Moines when his keyboard player quit, and while I had a lot of fun playing with the guy, I must admit that he is way, way, way, out there! He is one of those truly amazing guitar players so he is worth the ticket. He is playing this weekend in Wilits California. for more info and the interview read the article form the Wilits News Here.

Blind Pig Press Release

Just got this from Blind Pig. If you have XM satellite radio then catch this show TODAY.

Blind Pig recording artist John Nemeth, who's rapidly becoming one of the most talked-about new sensations on the blues scene, will appear on Bill Wax's popular blues show on XM satellite radio this afternoon (6/21) from 3:00 pm EST to 5:00 pm EST.

Nemeth is an extraordinarily gifted singer and talented harmonica player
whose uncanny blend of retro-modern blues and soul music delights purists and young hipsters alike. Blues Revue magazine said he "conjures, impossibly, the spirits of Nat King Cole, Wilson Pickett, and Magic Sam, alternating between cocktail-combo jazz and balls-out Stax soul while exuding an air of authenticity beyond his life experience."

During the XM show Nemeth will spin some of his favorite records and discuss his musical influences. If you're not an XM subscriber, but would like to hear John, you can listen in by clicking on this link to a FREE TRIAL.

To hear samples from John's new album, Magic Touch, click HERE.

Publicity: Debra Regur 415-550-6484
Radio: Peter Robinson 773-772-0043
For more information visit

Gateway Blues Festival Des Moines Iowa

New press release from the Central Iowa Blues Society

Press Release

Gateway Blues Festival

Save the Date

The Central Iowa Blues Society is in the planning stages of their annual Summer Festival and just wanted to remind you to save this date:

September 2, 2007

A new site location has been finalized for this year’s event at the Western Gateway Park at 15th and Grand in Des Moines, IA. Bands will play on the stage set up at the west end of the park, starting at around 4 PM. The Finals for Solo/Duo Blues Challenge will take place at Blues On Grand later in the day and a jam will follow at 10:00 PM at Blues On Grand. Hotel rates will again be available – look for more details soon at

Warren Haynes And Derek Trucks: Old Friend

This is a backstage video of Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks. The song really doesn't get going until almost two minutes into the video, but stick with it because it is worth it!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Susan Tedeschi

This is a video of Susan Tedeschi on Austin City Limits. A great melodic blues tune!

Rolling Stone Top 100 Guitarists

I found the list here are the blues cats on the list and their position.

1. Jimi Hendrix
2 Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band
3 B.B. King
4 Eric Clapton
5 Robert Johnson
6Chuck Berry
7 Stevie Ray Vaughan
8 Ry Cooder
22 Mike Bloomfield
25 Freddy King
30 Buddy Guy
36 Steve Cropper of Booker T. and the MG's
37 Bo Diddley
38 Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac
47 T-Bone Walker
57 Roy Buchanan
58 Dickey Betts
61 Ike Turner
65 Hubert Sumlin
71 Lightnin' Hopkins
74 Johnny Winter
81 Derek Trucks

Anytime you make a list of the 100 best you are going to stir up a lot of anger. First should have been Stevie Ray Vaughn no if and or buts, Albert King should have been on the list. Jeff Healy, and Gary Moore should have been shoo ins. BB is way over rated, and I love BB dearly, but come on number 3?!?!?!?! number 91 was Robbie Krieger of the doors? Why is he even on the list? The best guitar solo on any doors album was on Roadhouse and that was played by Lonnie Mack Who should have been on the list. Then what about Albert Collins? I mean if you put in Lightnin Hopkins, could you perhaps of put in Son House, or Charlie Patton?? I could go on all night long, but thats the blues:-)

Derek Tucks And Susan Tedeschi Interview

Snohomish County News (yes, I spelled it right:-) (Actually it is part of the Seattle Times) Has an interview with Derek Tucks, and Susan Tedeschi. I don't read Rolling Stone, so I didn't know that Derek Tucks was named one of the top 100 guitar players in Rolling Stone. I am going to have to hunt down that list and see how many blues players are on it. Anyway, if you are in the Seattle area Thursday night you might want to seek out this show. It is a combined show with Derek and his wife Susan Tedeschi. Just seeing one of them is worth the price of admission, but two for the price of one is a bargain at any price.

Otis Taylor Interview

From the Broward Palm Beach New Times comes an interview with Otis Taylor. Once again an interviewer who thinks the blues is dying! Ack! who hires these hacks! Otis does make a few good points about white artists co-opting African American art forms. Certainly through out history white American has accepted African American music, even when they didn't accept blacks as equals. However, when you compare the popular music of the day it is easy to see why African American music became popular. Also by this time blues, jazz, R&B, Rock & Roll, Soul, and Rap, are now music for everyone. You can find Hispanic, Asian, and Native American musicians who play the music, so in my mind African American music was, and is the greatest gift to world. All over the world you can hear blues, and all of its children, and that is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Iowa Blues Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Here is the official press release from the Central Iowa Blues Society:


EVENT: Iowa Blues Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

WHEN: Sunday, July 1st, 2007

TIME: 5 p.m.

WHERE: Blues On Grand, 15th & Grand, Des Moines, IA

ADMISSION: $12 for Blues Society members, $15 for non-members

We couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to honor the Class of 2006 Iowa Blues Hall of Fame inductees than the Sunday following all of the festivities surrounding the high-profile Des Moines Arts Festival.

That’s right, on Sunday, July 1st, just as the Arts Fest is shutting things down on another great year, the doors will be opening at Blues On Grand at 5 p.m. for the IBHOF Induction Ceremony!

Yes, the IBHOF Class of 2006 finally gets introduced to the public with what will be another memorable night of music, food and fellowship. The Class of 2006 includes Rick Cicalo, Craig Erickson, Steve Hayes, and Bo Ramsey. The Iowa Blues Hall of Fame is a program of the Central Iowa Blues Society.

There will be music beginning at 6 p.m. by the same IBHOF Band that will have performed at the Arts Fest that previous Friday night with the Blues In The Schools students. The IBHOF band will feature IBHOF members Dartanyan Brown, Sam Salomone and George Davis.

You will also be offered a full dinner with your paid admission. This year, Tia-Juana’s will be serving up a selection of tasty foods, which will include fried fish and chicken, green beans with new potatoes and ham, spicy cheesy potatoes, macaroni & cheese, corn cobbettes, cornbread and rolls, plus cookies for dessert.

At around 7 p.m., we will begin honoring the new inductees, each of which will receive an IBHOF plaque. The inductees will then have the opportunity to perform with the house band and with each other. It should be a very interesting and memorable night for the Blues in Iowa!

Admission for this historic event is $12 for any Blues Society member, and $15 for non-members. $5 of every cover charge will go back to the new IBHOF inductees.

Craig Erickson has recorded several strong albums of his own, as well as being part of the band on the Glenn Hughes Blues album, forging a worldwide reputation as an ultra-talented guitarist with a powerful fusion of Rock and Blues.

Rico” Cicalo and Steve “The Chief” Hayes have been a rhythm section team for many, many years performing with numerous other top Iowa artists including Greg Brown, Dave Zollo, Dave Moore and fellow IBHOF members Patrick Hazell, Joe Price, and Bo Ramsey, including playing on Ramsey’s recent Stranger Blues album.

Bo Ramsey, renowned for his songwriting skills and his unique style of guitar playing, has reached worldwide acclaim for his own work, in addition for his work with many of the aforementioned artists, as well as his touring and recording stint with Lucinda Williams.

Please come and be a part of this night where we will honor these great Iowa musicians!

Proud sponsors for the IBHOF Induction Ceremony include the Central Iowa Blues Society, the Linn County Blues Society, Blues On Grand, Cityview, KFMG-LP 99.1 FM, VividPix & Design, Tia-Juana’s, Ron McClain, A Sensation Mobile Music Productions, Barber’s Piano Service, Fishlips3 Beads & Blues, KeanInsight, American Awards, Andy Lyons Cameraworks, Chef’s Kitchen, Chris Miner, Hiland Park Hardware, Music Circuit Presentations, Southside Music Studio, Winstons Restaurant, A Mold Detective, and Classic Hats For Men. Please support these fine folks that are supporting the Blues in Iowa!

For more info you can log onto or

CONTACT: Don “T-Bone” Erickson, Co-chair – IBHOF Committee


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Richard Bell RIP

Blues and rock piano player Richard Bell died June 15th. Although you may have never heard of his name, you probably heard his music since he was one of the top session players around. He played for Ronnie Hawkins, Janis Joplin, and The Band, plus played on tour for almost a who's who of 60s and 70s rock artists. For a full obit from the Ottawa Citizen Click HERE.

More Mississippi Tourism

Those who have been reading this blog for awhile know about my fascination with Mississippi tourism and blues. Tunica Mississippi has put out a press release about a new highway maker devoted to Son House. I think that Mississippi is on to something. By celebrating blues heritage and promoting tourism Mississippi is helping to keep alive a rural economy. Mississippi has a lot of blues history to promote so it is a good thing. Although all of this good news about blues tourism in Mississippi must be tempered with the realism that most of those great blues players left Mississippi! As good as Mississippi might be to the blues today, in the past race relations in the deep south was abysmal. African American who could leave, did leave and headed north for jobs, and better (although slightly better) living conditions. The north still had discrimination and some areas had Jim Crow laws like the south, but lynch mobs, and violence were less frequent in the north than the south. So while it is important to celebrate the blues in the south, it is also important not to forget why there was blues in the first place.

Mohawk Valley Blues Festival

Upstate New York has a nice little blues fest coming up on June 30th put on by the Mohawk Valley Blues Society. If you are in the area you should stop by since some of the proceeds are going to charity. For more info CLICK HERE.

The concert lineup from the MVBS

The Mohawk Valley Blues Society has selected a diverse lineup of artists to perform for the first Mohawk Valley Blues Festival, on June 30, 2007. We have chosen a great group of acts that represent different blues styles… the traditional and jump blues of Sugar Ray and the Bluetones… the soulful vocals and fiery guitar of contemporary Chicago Blues master Carl Weathersby... and Jimmy Thackery, the premier guitar pyrotechnician of the blues scene today. Also appearing will be Canadian JUNO Award nominee (best CD), Roxanne Potvin and Blues Music Award (formerly WC Handy) nominee for best new artist, Dave Gross. We are also proud to have our very own MVBS bands, Bernie Clarke & The Rhythm Sharks; Al Nathan & Bluestreak and Jimmy Wolf.

Magic Sam: All Your Love, and Magic Sam's Boogie

One of Chicago Rick Lussie's favorite blues guitarist, and one of his good friends was Magic Sam. If you ever heard Chicago Rick play guitar in Des Moines you would swear that he was channeling his late friend by the way he played guitar. Unfortunately both of them left us too soon. Magic Sam died in 1969, while Chicago Rick died a few years ago.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hound Dog Taylor And Little Walter

Apparently this is the only video of Little Walter, and it is certainly one of the few good films of Hound Dog Taylor.

Rick Estrin Interview

Check out this interview with Rick Estrin of Little Charlie and The Night Cats from the South Bend Tribune. I haven't seen these guys in years. They used to play Des Moines and Kansas City a lot, and I use to catch a lot of their shows, but living up here in the hinter land it is hard to keep up with whats going on in Des Moines. Anyway, to check out the article Click here.

Koko Taylor Interview

Koko Taylor has a new album, and a new attitude. Koko has been sick for awhile so it is good to see her back up and running. There is a nice interview of her from Insight News here.

Blues In Schools Des Moines Iowa

Just got this today about a blues in school program going on in Des Moines, held by the Central Iowa Blues Society, and taught by Dartanyan Brown, and Kevin Burt.

Here is the press release from CIBS


Subject: Blues in the Schools

Date: June 18-29, 2007

Starting Time: 9:30 am daily

For Immediate Release.

The Central Iowa Blues Society is proud to announce the third installment of its Blues in the Schools, Artist in Residence Program.

This educational program will be held in the music education department of Scavo Campus igh Schoolocated at 19th and Locust. The program will run daily from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM Monday through Friday, June 18th - 29th, culminating in a live performance on the U.S. Cellular stage at the Des Moines Arts Festival at 7:00 PM Friday, June 29th.

The program will feature Iowa Blues Hall of Fame member Dartanyan Brown and Kevin Burt as the primary instructors, along with numerous guest instructors. Each student will have the opportunity to learn to play either the guitar or harmonica, how to write music along with the history and culture of the blues and its impact in Iowa.

For more information, please contact Jeff Wagner at 515-250-4136.

17 year old Iowa Phenom Plays Boogie Woogie Piano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was looking at some videos related to mine that pop up after my video plays, and I stumbled upon this kids piano playing. WOW! His name is Chase Garret. I don't know him, but if you do have this kid contact Bob Dorr at KUNI, and get his stuff played on the radio. That is some very fine Boogie Woogie! As I have said, over, and over, and over, da blues won't die, and it ain't even sick! With kids like Chase playing like that the blues should be alive and well for decades to come!

Artist Of The Week: Buddy Guy

The great Buddy Guy is the artist of the week. Buddy has been around for a long time. It is hard to believe he is 70 years old though! Yikes! Buddy came up to Chicago and played with all of the greats including Muddy, and Howling Wolf. Probably one of his best friends was the late Junior Wells. With Wells on harp and Buddy on guitar they were known as the original Blues Brothers. Buddy was also recognized as one the great blues guitar players who influenced Jimmy Hendrix. It has been said that Hendrix copied Guy when he saw him playing behind his back and with his teeth. I have always found those stories more wishful thinking than accurate, but what it does say is that blues players were doing a lot of things that rock players picked up years later. As always enjoy the videos on the left hand side of the blog in the videos powered by Google area.

Photo Of The Week: John Edwards

The photo of the week is John Edwards. Edwards came to town to talk about his plan for America. If you want to read more about it then check out my other blog here. As some of you may know I endorsed Edwards a couple of months ago HERE. I think him and Governor Richardson are the best people possible to help get our country out of the mess we are in, and back to being the greatest place on earth!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tom Gary Blues Band: Iowa

I made this video using film clips from my trusty and cheap digital camera! This is a song about Iowa so the clips are mostly from Storm Lake, and the Buena Vista Campus. I also put my little nephew, and step niece into the video, and if you look closely you will find my hero Jimmy Pryor and his wife Cheryl at the historical building enjoying some music. BTW, the first 40 seconds are of the Storm Lake Municipal Band, playing American The Beautiful! Wait for my song! PLEASE:-)