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Friday, November 23, 2007

Conjunction Junction

Sounds a little like Brother Ray! Learn about how to write, and listen to some great blues:-)!! I grew up watching these cartoons on Saturday mornings on ABC. Ah! The good old days:-)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Another BB King Interview

The Peoria Journal Star has an Interview with the master BB King. BB is going strong at 82! Make sure to check him out on tour. Click here for the interview.

Ilinois Blues Update

Here are some more blues news from the folks at Illinois Blues.

Upcoming Blues

So you thought the Blues season was over? No Way! This week brings the Klakson Blues Festival in Vilvoorde, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium, and the Baby Blues Showcase in St. Louis, Missouri.

Also From Illinois Blues comes word of the West Virgina Blues Society is in need of some help sending their blues challenge winners to Memphis

Blues Society News

The West Virginia Blues Society - Charleston, WV

The WV Blues Society will be sending TWO Blues Acts , Izzy & Chris,Duo Div. and Billy the Kid and the Regulators, Band Div. to Memphis they can represent our Blues Society by competing in the Blues Foundation's 24th Annual 2008 International Blues Challenge. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

These two Acts beat out entrants in our Appalachian Blues Competition from NINE States. Our Society stands a better than even chance of bringing home a winner this year. But, we can't do it without your help. We are looking for clubs and venues to showcase them in and have benefit fundraisers. We are looking for Sponsors. The end of January will be here before we know it. Remember, this competition will put your Blues Society on the National and International map in the Blues Scene. Your donations could be tax deductible.

Izzy made it to the final round last year and placed seventh overall with competition from over 145 locations worldwide. So, if you really love the blues and want to make a difference this is your chance. If you have any Blues artifacts that we could auction or anything thing or way to help defray the cost would greatly benefit our representatives. Lets show our Support and bring home a winner. We can be reached thruogh our web site at, or by calling, 304-389-1439. Jack Rice, President - West Virginia Blues Society, Inc. PO Box 11646, Charleston, WV 25339

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Brian Setzer: Jump Jive And Wail

An old Louie Prima song remade by the number one Stray Cat Brian Setzer!

Billy Zoom! Brian Setzer! James Intveld: Good Rocking Tonight

Wow! Billy Zoom!!! Brian Setzer!!!!

The Paladins: Daddy Yar

I haven't seen these guys in years! Don't know what year this was, but it is a rocking video!

Candye Kane Needs Your Help!!

Just got this email from the Rusty Wright Band about Candye Kane needing some help with her transportation. This is a big issue, and we can all help out our favorite blues diva. By clicking on the post title, or on the link below you can donate to a pay pal account to help her out. For more info just read the letter below.

Dear fellow Blues musicians and Blues lovers,

One of our own is in a jam and could really use a helping hand.
Touring Blues diva Candye Kane has had a horrendous streak of rotten
luck this week with her tour van. This has resulted in one missed show
already this week, lost income, and additional hotel expenses and
mechanic bills she was ill prepared for.

We're musicians too. We've been in her predicament. It sucks.

Fifteen years ago this week I white knuckled it all the way from
Northern Nebraska to Michigan in a van with a cracked engine block.
When you're a full-time musician, cash is always in short supply for
costly repairs like that so we surely sympathize with Candye's
predicament. My Nebraska adventure was the final straw that made me
give up my full time music career and life on the road for many years.

We've never met Candye but after reading about her troubles on her
Yahoo fan forum we felt compelled to help . Rusty and I got in touch
with her via email and she gave us permission to set up a donation page
through PayPal. The link is On
that webpage you will find more details and a Donate button at the
bottom of the page.

You don't need a Paypal account to make a contribution and all monies
go directly to Candye's personal Paypal account. We have no access to
the donations that come her way and all transactions are secure.

Prefer to help in another way? Go to her website
and buy a CD. Better yet, buy several. CDs make great stocking stuffers.

To get this snowball rolling downhill and to put money where our mouth
is, Rusty and I have kicked things off with a $50 contribution to the
cause. Won't you join us in assisting a damsel in distress? Any
gesture of support and compassion would be welcome and greatly
appreciated by Ms. Kane. We realize that times are tight and
the holidays are coming but even five bucks or a dollar can make a
difference. It all adds up.

Unfamiliar with Candye's music? If you're a Blues Revue Magazine
subscriber you probably received the latest issue and compilation CD
in the mail this week. Skip to track # 6 to hear I'm Lucky, a really
great tune (and an ironic song choice) from Candye's latest CD,
Guitar'd & Feathered which has gotten rave reviews everywhere.

Thanks for allowing us to post this message.

All the best,
Laurie & Rusty Wright
Rusty Wright Band

Happy Thanksgiving

Well I am checking the old wire for some blue news to post, and not much is around. I have a few more places to wade through before calling it a night, but I did want to take some time to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Staying away from the politics and just looking at being thankful, I want to thank everyone of you that has stopped by this year and made this blog a success. I have enjoyed posting here, and I hope to continue to post here for many years to come! As always thanks for the tips, they come in handy and make life easy! Have a great turkey day, and don't get too stuffed:-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Osgood And Blaque Press Release

Another press release this time from Osgood and Blaque

Osgood & Blaque Duo Band
Genre: Blues
Secondary Genre:

Introducing a performance style so melodious and smooth, Osgood & Blaque Duo Band creates a panorama of multi-layered synthesis never before seen or heard throughout the music world! Just two musicians who can tango all the way!

Artist Information

Greg Osgood - Vocals and Keyboard (All drum, bass, piano, strings, horns and organ sounds played simultaneously)
Cee Blaque - Vocals and harmonica, tambourine

Osgood has the rare ability to harness an entire cataloge of sounds with just two hands; incorporating them simultaneously while holding a driving rhythm and fingering solo parts. Osgood introduces an extensive musical knowledge and a performance style so melodiously soothing, even in an acoustic setting, creating a panorama of multi-layered synthesis never before seen or heard throughout the entire music world.

"Osgood's keyboard and Blaque's harmonica, backed by their dual vocals, could easily be mistaken for a full-sized band� - The Vicksburg Post

Blaque's powerful vocal delivery, carefully selected songs, and harmonic phrases are a deep personification of her heartfelt yearnings while growing up in and around the Mississippi Delta and Catfish Row. Blaque joined Osgood in 2003 to form Osgood & Blaque Duo Band.

�Blaque�s harmonica style has been called "seductive" by Cross Harp Chronicles Magazine, and indeed, her vocal performance offers intriguing embellishments to whatever she's singing, whether cover tunes or original material. Adding her own variety of harmonic calls, vocal scats coupled with authority and resilience, Blaque offers much more than meets the eye.

Earlier this year, the Nashville nominated Entertainer Indie Award duo recently performed at the public unveiling of a mural dedicated to Willie Dixon held in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Osgood & Blaque Duo Band has shared the stage with prominent performers like Jimmy Henderson of Black Oak Arkansas, Marvin Sease and the legendary Lenny Williams. October 6, 2007 found them performing at Vicksburg's Southern Cultural Heritage Center with Rufus McKay of the lengedary Red Tops. More recently, they performed on the mainstage at Vicksburg's Horizon Casino in Mississippi.

Though small and compact, Osgood & Blaque Duo Band has demonstrated that they can adapt, adjust and maintain in this high-tech world of music.

In 1993, Greg Osgood began seeking ways as a solo keyboardist to improve the image of the "one-man-band", to become more competitive in the local music market. Since then, Osgood has developed his musical skills in the area of performer, composer, computer specialist, arranger, side musician, teacher, mentor and music idealist. it wasn't long before Osgood put it all together to comprise what he calls a true "duo-band", operating much like a traditional band, actually playing the music instead of relying on the keyboard to produce it. In this way, Osgood manipulates the keyboard and creates "on-the-spot" styles, shaping a song to fit the desired taste of the audience and yet keeping pace with contemporary performers. And all this on just one simple, inexpensive digital keyboard.

Since their incorporation in 2003, Osgood & Blaque Duo Band's goal has been to magnify the small duo act into a big sounding unit, producing live performances comparable to a six-piece band. Indeed, they have achieved that goal. Though performing many clubs, festivals, restaurants and community events over the years, Osgood & Blaque Duo Band made significant history on October 6, 2007, as the first duo-band ever to play a casino stage in Mississippi, performing for the first time at Horizon Casino-Vicksburg's Mulberry Lounge.

The music instrument manufacturing industry has been encouraging more use with digital technology. Do you not agree that the efforts of Osgood & Blaque Duo Band should be perceived as a milestone step toward original, creative, economical and industry advantages for record labels, booking agents, promoters and the like, who are interested in taking the world of music to the next level?

We welcome onto the music scene Osgood & Blaque Duo Band, the next generation of high-tech performers!

The Good Is In The Man (2003)
(Walking On The Backstreet (2004)
Aint No Harm In Singin' The Blues (2005)
Brown Sugar (2005)
Through The Fire (2006)
Call Me Baby (2006)
Re-Birth of the Blues (2007
Back Yard Blues (2007)

Hyena Records Press Release

Just got this press release in the email from Hyena Records.

HYENA Records | November 2007

Hello to Everyone--

Hope this finds you all feeling footloose and fancy free as we hit the last month of 2007. All's well here. The Winter nip is starting to bite in New York City, and as much as I dread the long, cold months ahead, there's something about it that's also quite invigorating. As for this past year, I'm sure you've all heard it's been a tough one in the music business. But we've made it, still standing. The credit goes to the super-inspired artists we have the good fortune of working with each and everyday, as well as, all of you guys out there who know that good music is like sunshine. And you can't steal sunshine off the internet.

So speaking of which, onto the music. We've just released three new albums, and in the process, we've welcomed two new artists into the HYENA family.

Seth Walker

There ain't no way to fake it in Austin, Texas. It's one of the greatest music towns in the world. As a musician there you either bring it each and every time you get up on the stage or you find another profession. When artists like Dale Watson are setting the bar, you know what I'm saying is true. That being said, we introduce you to Austin's Seth Walker and his new self-titled album. Seth is a wicked guitar player. He's got a voice that Taj Mahal compared to a "a little white Ray Charles." Most importantly, he writes songs that speak to our hearts. When he sings "Change My Way Of Living" on the album opener, we've all been there ourselves. A song like "Steady" is nothing short of classic. I'd also mention Seth's reading of Tom Waits' "Picture In A Frame." It's stunning. Pick up the whole album here.

You can always catch Seth playing around Texas and you'll be seeing him more and more in other parts of the country next year.

SETH WALKER Tour Dates for the remainder of 2007:

November 30 / Cosmo's / Houston, TX
December 14 / Freebird / Jacksonville, FL (w/ Johnny Winter)
December 15 / Culture Room / Fort Lauderdale, FL (w/ Johnny Winter)
December 16 / State Theatre / Saint Petersburg, FL (w/ Johnny Winter)
December 18 & 19 / The Green Parrot / Key West, FL
December 20 / The Bamboo Room / Lake Worth, FL
December 21 / New World Brewery / Tampa, FL
December 22 / Bradfordville Blues Club / Tallahassee, FL

The Bridge

We caught The Bridge here in New York City earlier this year and by the first chorus of the first tune, we knew this was a band on its way to becoming an institution. They play with that loose tightness that comes from staying out on the road for 250 shows a year. They draw deeply from the entire spectrum of great American music. New Orleans rhythms dance with big harmonies. Laid back California rock comes East and promptly heads South of the Mason Dixon line. Muscle Shoals soul finds room for bluegrass pickin' and jazz improvisation. Here's an mp3 of the opening track "Get Back Up." The album is out now, simply entitled The Bridge. Be one of the first 100 people to order it direct from HYENA and get a free ticket to The Bridge show of your choice. Get it here.

THE BRIDGE Tour Dates are:

November 21 / Rams Head Live / Baltimore, MD
November 27 / Lupos / Providence, RI (with Dark Star Orchestra)
November 28 / Revolution Hall / Troy, NY
November 29 / The Lion's Den / New York, NY
November 30 / 9:30 Club / Washington, DC (with Dark Star Orchestra)
December 1 / Whiskey 1803 / Annapolis, MD
December 2 / The Norva / Norfolk, VA (with Dark Star Orchestra)
December 20 / River Street Jazz Caf� / Plains, PA
December 21 / Shawbucks / Jamestown, NY
December 22 / The Docksider / Erie, PA
December 29 / The Weinberg Center / Frederick, MD
December 31 / Museum of Industry / Baltimore, MD
January 4-9 / The High Seas JAMCRUISE
January 10 / City Limits / Del Ray Beach, FL
January 12 / Open Grass Festival / Lake Worth, FL
January 15 / Smith's Olde Bar / Atlanta, GA
January 16 / Tastyworld / Athens, GA
January 17 / The Pour House / Charleston, SC
January 18 / Soapbox / Wilmington, NC
January 19 / Jewish Mother / Virginia Beach, VA
January 25 / Dr. Unks / Greenville, NC
January 26 / The Pour House / Raleigh, NC
February 1 / World Cafe Live / Philadelphia, PA
February 2 / The State Theater / Falls Church, VA
February 7 / Castaways / Ithaca, NY
February 8 / Higher Ground / Burlington, VT
February 9 / Paradise / Boston, MA


About two years back, Grayson gave us a CD with early acoustic recordings of songs like "Slidell," "Guitar," "I Can't Hear You" and "Psychic Channel Blues" that he cut at the 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor in New Orleans prior to the creation of what became his debut album If You Knew My Mind. The tracks feature just Grayson playing guitar and harmonica with his old friend and gigging partner Tom Marron on fiddle. He passed it on without the intention of it ever being released, but just for us to listen. I found myself going back to this collection all the time. For me, it was like being transported to a front porch on a summer night in Louisiana. His songs in this stripped-down setting were humid, immediate, personal and, I'd go as far as to say, absolutely timeless. After bugging him for awhile, finally this August, Grayson gave us the green light to offer it as a limited edition release as something to hold folks over while he works on his new studio album, which will be a double disc set coming out sometime in 2008. So here it is, SONGBONES.

In the meantime Grayson and his band The Stumpknockers sing for their supper down South...which strangely enough resonates for some people, including myself, like going to church. Thanks to all our friends in the UK who made his solo tour such a resounding success.

Grayson Capps' Tour Dates are:

November 23 / Old Auburn Ale House / Auburn, AL
November 24 / Pirate's Cove / Josephine, AL
November 25 / Callaghan's / Mobile, AL
November 29 / WorkPlay / Birmingham, AL (Solo)
November 30 / Monsoon's / Mobile, AL
December 6 / WUWF / Pensacola, FL
December 7 / Le Bon Temps Roule / New Orleans, LA
December 8 / Odom's Bar / Century, FL
December 9 / Callaghan's / Mobile, AL
December 28 / Monsoon's / Mobile, AL
December 29 / D.B.A. / New Orleans, LA
December 30 / Callaghan's / Mobile, AL
January 18 / Pirate's Cove / Josephine, AL
January 20 / Callaghan's / Mobile, AL
January 24 / Smith's Olde Bar / Atlanta, GA (Solo)
January 25 / The Nick / Birmingham, AL


Buy Any 3 HYENA CDs and Get 2 FREE!!!

After adding 3 CDs to your shopping cart, simply list the 2 FREE CDs you would like in the "Special Instructions" box of the "Check Out" Form.

We'll add the 2 FREE CDs to your order when we mail it to you.

Visit the HYENA Store Here

Alright, that should catch you up on what we've been up to here at HYENA Records.

Just a few other quick asides:

--For James Blood Ulmer fans out there, check out Living Blues Magazine this month for a cover story. And if you haven't yet picked up Bad Blood In The City: The Piety Street Sessions, why wait any longer...

--Tune into NPR's World Cafe with David Dye on December 12 for an interview and in-studio performance with Dale Watson talking about his most recent album, From The Cradle To The Grave. And if you're wondering where the video for "Hollywood Hillbilly" went, let's just say the oh-so-precious cardboard cutout appearing alongside the "Hollywood Hillbilly" Johnny Knoxville got a little persnickety, so the video will be re-released with the far hipper Rip Taylor.

--Mushroom's new album with Eddie Gale called Joint Happening continues to buzz among musos. I have to mention this because this is a dope record very much worth adding to your collection. A reclusive collection of musicians, they'll make a rare live appearance on December 13 at The Starry Plough in Berkeley.

--And finally, Bethany & Rufus wrap 2007 and kick off 2008 with a number of shows:

December 7 / Cellar Stage / Baltimore, MD
Dec 8 / Dawson's Concerts / Silver Spring, MD
Dec 9 / Blue Moon Series / Sheperdstown, WV
January 19 / Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center / Alexandria, VA
Jan 26 / Broward Center / Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Jan 28 / Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center / Tampa, FL
Feb 16 / Arden Guild Hall / Arden, DE
Mar 1 / Hurdy Gurdy Folk Club Presents / Fair Lawn, NJ
Mar 15 / Musical Lairs / Davids, PA

Thank you as always for supporting independent music coming to ya straight from the soul...not from the board room...hell, we don't even have a board room. Keep it real. Much love to you all this Holiday season...

Stay tuned and keep in touch.


p.s. Just as we were about to hit send on this email, we confirmed that we'll be bringing you the brand new studio album by Marco Benevento entitled Invisible Baby in early 2008--the tracks will be available at iTunes on January 8, the CD will be in record stores on February 12. He made this record with the help of some amazing musicians, including our very own Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey's Reed Mathis on bass and drummers Matt Chamberlain and Andrew Barr. We've got the tune "Atari" available to you here. We can't tell you how stoked we are to be working with Marco. The mixes are pure ear candy! More info on Invisible Baby coming soon. xoxoxo

Invisible Baby

*** at iTunes on Jan. 8th & Record Stores on Feb. 12th ***

Monday, November 19, 2007

Marc Broussard: Home

I got a request for this video from email for Marc Broussard's Home. This is a cool song. Thanks Lu for the heads up!

Interesting Blues Theater Review In NY Times

The New York Times has a review of an off Broadway show that is devoted to the life of Bessie Smith. The review is sort of so, so, but for blues fans it sounds like a must see. If you live in the New Jersey area you might want to catch the show. Click Here for the review and venue details.

Blues Historian Review: Soul Searchers, The Soul Searchers

One of the great blues bands of Des Moines has a new disc out of retro cool blues. The Soul Searchers self titled CD has all of the cool of the great jump blues bands of the 1950s. Led by Scott Eggleston on Guitar and Malcolm Wells on Vocals and Harp, the Soul Searchers are without a doubt at their coolest on this recording. There is not a bad song on this disc. The Soul Searchers quietly lure you in with Nobody But You, and don't let go until the last song Here I Am. These guys have created and nurtured this sound since the early 90s, and like a fine wine they have only gotten better. In the early days Malcolm was only the harp player. However, once he started to sing the band truly started to grove. Malcolm has that hipster cool down pat, and he can blow a harp with the best of them. Eggleston on guitar is a master of tone, and always plays with taste. The rhythm section of Erich Gaukel(Bass) and Mark Grimm(Drums) keep the band moving like clock work.

I have been listening to this disc a lot, and I have Dimestore Detective running on my Internet radio station. This is a disc that the hardcore blues fan will love. Classic blues done right with passion and love. To buy the disc contact the Soul Searchers at their webpage HERE, Their myspace page here, or CD Baby HERE.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Artist Of The Week: Furry Lewis

The great Furry Lewis may have received acclaim late in life, but his life certainly was legendary. From delta bluesman, to an mythic meeting with a very young Elvis, to the inspiration of Joni Mitchells blues song about Beale Street. From the photo you can see that Furry enjoyed life! To see some videos of Furry check out the youtube video box on the left side of the blog.

Photo Of The Week: Harlan Thomas And Willis Dobbins

Photo of the week is Harlan Thomas and Willis Dobbins. Both these guys played on the legendary Center Street in the 1960s. Harlan stills plays piano and performs with his band in Des Moines and central Iowa. However, Willis has retired from public performance due to illness.