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Friday, March 19, 2010

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

March is Fundraising month for Iowa Public Broadcasting outlets. As soon as I hit the send button on this note, I'm off to Des Moines (my 5th trip to the Capitol City in the last 11 days!) to help with Iowa Public Television's money raising efforts. In case you missed last week's fabulously successful Moody Blues at The Royal Albert Hall concert, you've got yer chance to catch the show tonight, starting at 7:30pm, and make a pledge and get some tickets to the Moody's show in Des Moines in late June! Other thank you gifts including CDs and DVDs are available at other levels of support. Other music shows are scheduled after the Moody Blues, I'm just not sure which ones! You'll just have to tune in, turn on, and make that pledge either by calling 800-779-7000 or cyber pledge at

Then, on Saturday, Iowa Public Radio starts it's on-air fundraiser. This is the first IPR fundraiser that I am officially an "independent radio producer" rather than an IPR employee. I'm not really sure why IPR refuses to let me come in and help ask for calls of support, but I think I've crafted prerecorded fundraising editions of my two programs that are worthy of your support. My rock'n'roll history show Backtracks runs 7-10pm Saturday night and the new blues show Blue Avenue airs Sunday afternoon 5-6:30p, with The Beatles Medley following 6:30-7pm. I am thankful that IPR distributes these shows and I hope you'll be able to help financially support those programs. I have a feeling that fundraising success will be necessary for IPR to continue to carry the shows. Pledge numbers are 800-897-9204 or It would be great if you could mention something nice about the shows that you support. I am proud of my 35+ year history of producing programming for Iowa Public Broadcasting stations. Please be generous in your donations...

The Blue Band has not gotten any last minute gigs for this week or next (there's still time for that WELCOME SPRING deck party at your mansion on the outskirts of town next weekend!) (or your garage or basement in a smaller neighborhood like mine) Otherwise, we're looking forward to seeing you at The Hub, 4th & Main, right here in Sparkle City, on Friday April 2. In the meantime, Phil Maass has been doing his usual Sultan of Sound/Wizard of Wires/Deacon of Decibels/Knave of Knobs magic on the mixing of the tapes from New Year's Eve. We're hoping to have the project finished by the middle of April...

No doubt you have heard that the BIG TIME music business is struggling. I'm here to tell you that us little timers are struggling also. Continue to tell people about us. Encourage your local festival, private party, or nightclub to consider hiring us. (OK, I admit it, we're not the cheapest band you can hire, but we're still one of the best!) Consider purchasing a CD or DVD the next time you come out (you won't believe the merchandise specials we'll be offering on our back catalog as soon as the new NYE CD gets out- tentatively titled Blue Moon Honeymoon) How do we do it?? VOLUME!!! (and CAKE)...

Without work next week and the radio shows in prerecorded fundraising mode, I'm gonna take next week off from this Blue Note. See ya on the Blue Highway (probably somewhere between Des Moines and Sparkle City!) Watch out for that SNOW that's predicted for this weekend, keep workin' on your washboard tie chops (the new CD will have a spot where you can play along with the band!) don't hesitate to stop over for CAKE, and always remember we love you. Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

Soul Searchers Update

friday, march 19, 9pm
tally's (formerly B&B)
2712 beaver ave, des moines

saturday, march 20, 8pm
trostel's dish
12851 university ave, clive

every wednesday, 8pm
greenwood lounge
3707 ingersoll ave, des moines

"the soul searchers lay down authentic west coast blues from their des moines, iowa surroundings" -BLUES REVUE magazine "the soul searchers are a veteran group of players who roll along slickly and confidently" -BLUESWAX "this band puts down energetic jump-blues with a vintage vibe that harks back to early fabulous thunderbirds" -OMAHA READER