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Friday, August 21, 2009

Albert King And Stevie Ray Vaugn: Stormy Monday

Here is a video clip of the In Session show featuring Albert And Stevie. This has also been re-released as a CD by Stax Click here to buy it.

Luther Allison: blues medley

classic Chicago blues by Luther Allison. This is an old film that has clipped together several songs.

Ray Charles: America The Beautiful

Should be the Unitied States official Blues song:-)

Heart Of America Living History Blues Fest. Urbandale Iowa

The Central Iowa Blues Society, and Living History Farms present a huge blues festival September 5-6th in Urbandale Iowa. Urbandale is a western suburb of Des Moines. The Living History Farms is right off of the Hickman Avenue exit on I35/80. I have been to some large shows at the Living History Farm. They had a Chautauqua there in the 80s, with multiple stages, very cool show, and I met Pete Seeger there. Also Pope John Paul II said mass to 300,000 people back in the early 80s. So they can handle large crowds! This promises to be a great show so be sure to get your face in the place.

Sooooooooo, I wonder if they got a waver to allow dancing in Urbandale:-) Click HERE to read about Iowa's own Footloose.

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

Holy (butter) Cow! It's time for Blue Band on-a-stick! We have gotten to play many really fun festivals and celebrations over the years, but my favorite for a quarter century (give or take a year) is The Iowa State Fair. Perhaps you saw the article in this week's Des Moines Register Datebook: I'm embarrassed to admit that none of us have kept any appearance records from the mid 80s, so we're not "exactly" sure if our first Fair show was 1984 or '85. (do you know?) Jeff and I and original drummer Bryce Loshman all think it was 1984, but all of us admit to faultering memory these days. (what were we talking about?...) So, it's "about" 25 years this weekend! Friday and Saturday, two shows nightly, 7 & 9pm on the same stage we've played all these years. Before the advent of "naming rights" it was The Fairview stage. then The Coors stage, then the Pabst stage, and now AE Dairy/TV8 stage. Speaking of TV8, they broadcast their 5 o'clock news from the stage we play, right before we set up, so they've asked Heath (playing guitar!) and me to play a short rendition of He's Back In Town sometime during that half-hour. So set your VCR (or whatever you digital geeks use to record) and tune in channel 8 in Des Moines at 5pm. Then get yer butt out to the Fairgrounds for that 7pm show...

The Fair has really become kind of a 5 generation reunion for us with people from all over the state and country coming in to relive the Goodle Days and create new Goodle Days. And, as an added treat, Sam Salomone will get out that GIANT organ (you KNEW I had to make some BIG organ reference when I mentioned Sam) and play with us both nights. A SEVEN piece band!! And Bryce Loshman said he'd stop out Friday to play drums on a couple of songs that he played with us during his 15+ year tenure in the group. Ya never know who might show up (someone even posted on the chat page that they thought they saw Molly Nova at the Fair!) (Was she walking the midway with Elvis?) This is gonna be FUN!!...

Next week, Saturday (8/29) is another cool little festival that we'll be playing for our 3rd year in a row, The Brew-B-Q Fest in Independence IA. Beers from around the world, Bar-B-Que from around the nation, and the Blue Band on a bandshell (as opposed to half-shell) in a park with a view of the Wild Wapsipinicon River. What's not to like? We play 5-9pm...

I've got 18 weeks of employment at UNI before I take advantage of that "early retirement option". I'd feel a little more at ease with that decision if The Blue Band had some more work in the coming months and into early 2010. (OK, it's bleak now, but SOMETHING will turn up, won't it?) Please keep telling folks about us, we'd love to play that holiday party on that heated deck with sauna, hot tub, and heated pool on your acreage on the outskirts of town, but we'd probably play in your basement, if you didn't have the acreage...

Carolyn and I spent most of the first 3 days at The Fair hunting for all 50 food items on a stick. We still have about 5 to find. What's a Carmello? (on-a-stick) But I'm happy to report that there is cheeseCAKE, dipped in chocolate, on a stick. And, of course, funnelCAKES!...

See yas on the Blue (midway) Highway. We still have as a goal, 50 people bringing their zydeco tie to the Fair and playing with us on New Orleans (could this be a Guinness Book Of World Records opportunity?) (world's largest zydeco-washboard tie orchestra?) celebrate our 25 years (we think) of playing the Fair by bringing CAKE on a stick, and always remember we love you... Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ana Popovic: My Man

Here is Ana doing her best Stevie Ray Vaughn. I tell ya, she can play blues guitar like crazy! I hope she forgives me for the lukewarm review:-)

O'Jays: Love Train

A cool unplugged version of Love Train by the O'Jays from their television appearance on the view.

Cathy Ponton King

I miss diggin around the internet looking for new musicians, or at least new to me. Over the last year or so, I have been very lazy, or should I say a typical blogger:-) So I am crusing around on google looking for some blues and I found a cool article on the Fredrick News-Post online. Cathy Ponton King came to the blues after starting her career playing Irish music. The article (Click HERE) makes some interesting comparisons between the Irish and the blues. Certainly the Irish know something about the blues. Hundreds of years of living under British rule, in desperate poverty, and near slavery can have an effect on a people.

To check out King's website Click HERE.

Blues Historian Review: Ana Popovic, Blind For Love

This is one of the hardest reviews that I have had to do at Blues Historian. Ana Popovic is a blues guitarist, and a damn good one, but her latest disc is not a blues disc. Blind For Love is an eclectic collection of rock, funk, soul, and melodic jazz. The last song on the disc, Blues For M is blues, but that is about it. Yet, her amazing guitar playing certainly is blues through and through.

I think I can understand the need for Ana to move into other genres of music. I have certainly felt that myself. Playing, living, dreaming, and eating the blues can get old. Sometimes you want to stretch out and play or create something else. I went through a Billy Joel stage myself. Go figure!

I am not sure what the blues fanatics are going to think about Blind For Love, but I am sure that Ana's legions of fans will be happy with this CD. After all, her guitar playing is first rate, and her sultry raspy vocals are nice. Her band is tight throughout the disc, and it is a nice mix of styles. I suppose the only real problem is finding a market for this CD. I have read a couple of scathing reviews from the blues sites. However, I can only imagine that a follow up live disc, or her next release will get the blues purists back.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nat King Cole: When I Fall In Love

I know, I know, its not blues, but I have a soft spot for Nat King Cole. How can you not love Nat!

Garland Jeffrays: Washington DC Hospital Blues

Garland Jeffrays does a loving rendition of Skip James Washington DC Hospital Blues. The song was a true story written by Skip James about his stay in the hospital back in the early 60s. James had become the legendary forgotton bluesman. Perhaps even a phantom in the mists of time. Yet, James amazingly shows up at the Newport Jazz festival in 1964 and is rediscovered. James eventually died of Cancer in 1969.

Chris Thomas King: Come On In My Kitchen

Chris Thomas King performing a classic Robert Johnson tune in Clear Lake Iowa, and unfortunately to an uneducated crowd who had no idea who he was. I am ashamed to be an Iowan right now:-(

Chris Thomas King

New has a nice history of bluesman Chris Thomas King. Some of you may remember him from the George Clooney movie O Brother Where Art Thou. King played Tommy Johnson who's legend of selling his soul to the devil was mixed up with the more famous Robert Johnson. In fact the King shows up first on the movie standing on the crossroads just after he sold his soul to the devil.

However, King is much more than a delta bluesman and actor. King has also gained fame as a musican who has combined Hip Hop and blues. The article found HERE is very detailed and covers his career back into the early 90s.

Blues Historian Review: George Thorogood And The Destroyers, The Dirty Dozen

The classic blues rocker George Thorogood has a new CD out called The Dirty Dozen. The 12 songs are listed on the disc much like a classic LP. In fact the CD comes in a nice cardboard sleeve just like the old days!

If you are a Thorogood fan this disk will be a treasure. George blazes through the CD with his classic blues rock slide guitar. Nobody plays slide like Thorogood. He rips it up like the good old days plus the band does a great job keeping up with the old master. Thorogood's whiskey soaked vocals are still strong and mighty. The man hasn't skipped a beat since his early days in Delaware.

The disc is a nice combination of older and new songs. They are seamless, and there is no drop off in quality between the six new songs and the older fan favorites. Thorogood also covers some classic blues songs like, Howling For My Baby, Highway 49, Treat Her Right, Blue Highway, and Hello Little Girl. I have never been a big fan of covers, but in Thorogood's hands, and in his own style, it makes the songs his own.

This disc is for the Thorogood fan, and fans of loud rip roaring slide guitar. It is a good addition to your Thorogood collection.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jeff Healey Band: Hideaway

Jeff Healey playing one of those classic guitar solos. Healey had a unique style of playing guitar on his lap almost like a piano. Healey died of cancer last year.

Lucky Peterson: Tin Pan Alley

This guy is the most under-rated blues performer playing today. Lucky is great at both guitar and keyboards. He has paid his dues more than once. Make sure you click on the Lucky Peterson tag below to see more of his videos.

Otis Spann: St. Louis Blues

Here is a video of Otis Spann at Newport in 1960. He is performing WC Handy's St. Louis Blues. Spann was an amazing piano player who was Muddy Water's right hand man for many years. I found Spann by accident. When I was in high school and trying to steal every lick Billy Powell played, I stumbled upon an old cassette tape that featured heroes of rock and roll. On the backside was Otis Spann. The first time I heard it I was blown away. All those licks of Billy Powell, were right there, and a ton more! Needless to say it was a life changing experience!

Blues Historian Changes

I have noticed that the blog is looking pretty ragged, and to be honest I have been lazy. So I am going to go back to looking for interesting blues links and articles about the blues. I am also going to try to post more videos. While I like the info that Bob Corritore, Illinois Blues, The voice, and John Hammer, provided, the graphics on some of their posts were overwhelming the blog. Bands interested in having their gigs listed please feel free to send me your updates to my email:

Just remember if you are not blues, or you send emails with tons of graphics I wont post it.


Tom Gary
Blues Historian

Delta Cultural Center In Helena Arkansas

The Dallas Morning News, has a very nice article about the Delta Cultural Center in Helena Arkansas. What is nice about the article is that they get the history right too! To read the article CLICK HERE.

Jim Dickinson RIP

From Bob Corritore

Betty Miller RIP

From Bob Corritore

  • RIP Betty Miller 1/16/1934-7/30/2009: Bernie Pearl reports the death of West Coast blues promoter Betty Miller, a friend to all in the blues. This is what the Southern California Blues Society says on their website: We are sad to report the passing of Betty Miller, one of the country's biggest blues supporters. Betty died at her home August 6, 2009 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Betty Miller attended the very first meeting of the Southern California Blues Society in the early 80's and became one of its first officers. With Betty's guidance, the SCBS established several programs to advance American blues music. She was also instrumental in the formation of The Big Joe Turner Fund, a group dedicated to providing artist assistance. Betty and her husband Jack, as owners of The Music Machine nightclub, were among the first to bring legendary national blues acts to the West Side. Betty was, and always will be, remembered for her devotion to the blues genre and will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Condolences may be sent to

Teri Duncanson

9468 Jack Rabbit Drive #105

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

To see a photo of Betty, click here. Sorry to say goodbye to this wonderful person.

Billy Lee Riley RIP

From Bob Corritore

  • RIP Billy Lee Riley 10/5/1933-8/2/2009: Though best known as the famed rockabilly artist who recorded for Sun Records, Billy Lee Riley always had his heart in the blues. He was a fine singer and harmonica player, and in addition to his rock 'n roll rave ups, had recorded albums of straight ahead Southern blues. His versions of "Flyin' Saucer Rock 'N Roll" and his rockabilly remake of Billy "The Kid" Emerson's "Red Hot" stand as classics in the genre. He passed away on August 2, 2009 of complications from colon cancer at age 75. He remained active musically, and the coolest of cats until the end; and he was a great mentor to all younger artists lucky enough to meet him. To read Billy Lee Riley's bio, click here; and to read the LA Times obituary, click here.

New Video Alert Chick Willis

"1,2,3,4,5 Shots Of Whiskey"

Video for a song on the NEW CD "Hit & Run Blues". The video features an edited single version of the cut. The longer, full version is found on the CD.

Chick Willis "Hit & Run Blues"
Label: Benevolent Blues

Andy Coats Update

Hey everyone,

I’ll be playing solo acoustic this Friday, at a great new coffee shop in downtown Raleigh.

Come out for some great coffee, sandwiches, and roots/blues from yours truly!

We’re also planning a special blues concert at this venue in early October, so now’s the chance to get a preview.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, Aug. 21, 7-9 pm
Andy Coats, solo
Port City Java

234 Fayetteville St Mall # 100, Raleigh, NC



Monday, August 17, 2009

Congrats to Steve George, And Bob Pace!!!


Press Release-2009 Iowa Blues Challenge-Solo/Duo Acts Finals

Congratulations to Midnight Dogs, consisting of Bob Pace and Iowa Blues Hall of Fame member Steve George, winners of the 2009 Iowa Blues Solo/Duo Challenge held August 16th at Blues on Grand. Midnight Dogs received $250 cash plus $300 travel expenses to Memphis as our state representative at the International Blues Challenge to be held January 20th – 23rd, 2010.
They were one of nine acts from across Iowa to participate in this event.

The 2009 Iowa Blues Challenge has been proudly sponsored by Central Iowa Blues Society, Mississippi Valley Blues Society, Lizard Creek Blues Society, Budweiser and Citadel Broadcasting/94.9KGGO & 98.3WOW

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Voice

Header Music News
The Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Society, Inc.
Marietta, Ohio
August 13, 2009
Vol 9, Issue 14

Quick Links
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Music News You Can Use is Semi-Monthly email newsletter from the BJFMS. We try to be your Source for what's happening with Live Music in our area - from Marietta-Parkersburg to Charleston, WV, to Columbus, OH, to Pittsburgh, PA. We'll tell you what we know of, what we've heard about, and even the good rumors we've either heard or made up. You may learn something about music along the way, and maybe even get a few laughs in the process. You'll be getting Music News You Can Use in your email in-box about every other week - or when something important comes up in between. We promise we will never sell or give your email address to any 3rd party, and to never use it for any commercial purposes. You will always have the chance to "opt-out" (un-subscribe) on every issue.
Marietta Brewing Company
167 Front Street, Marietta, Ohio 740-373-BREW
TUESDAYS 9PM: MBC Unplugged Series
WEDNESDAYS 10PM: Open Mike w/ Jeremy Harmon
The 4th Annual
Marietta Brewing Company
Summer Music Festival
August 13th, 14th, 15th, & 16th
51 Live Bands
** 2 Stages **
4 Days of Music

Join us this year as we host our 4th Annual MBC Summer Music Festival on August 13th through the 16th. The original summer music festival consisted of 5 local bands on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, growing to 10 bands the following year, and then exploding with 37 bands last year over the course of three days. Here at the Marietta Brewing Company we just don't know how to settle, so this year we are bringing in 52 acts over four full days of live music. We further better the weekend by hosting several sponsors including Brew City, Leinenkugal's, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Malibu Rum brimming with prizes and give aways, while also benefiting the Humane Society of The Mid Ohio Valley. So take time off from your busy schedule, join us at The Brewery for a weekend full of top notch live music, great handcrafted brew, and so much more!!!
Festival Schedule
Thursday August 13th, 2009
Brewery Stage Patio Stage
4-530 Todd Burge 530-7 John Radcliff
6-730 Nate DiRuzza
730-9 Chris Castle
8-930 Steve Hussey 930-1030 Elizabeth Seward
10-1130 Athel 11-1230 DJ CORRECT
12-2 Minority Report 1230-2 GMFL Records

Friday August 14th, 2009
Brewery Stage Patio Stage
12-130 Jason Hook 1130-1 Austin Alexander
2-330 Magic Mama Latte
130-3 The Head Changers
4-530 Jessica Jo 330-5 The Weathered Road
6-730 Justin Arthur 530-7 The Post Pattern
8-930 Bobby Kirl 730-9 Matt Warren
10-1130 Vinnie & The Lubricators
930-11 City In The Sea
12-2 28 North 1130-2 Adam Bieniek &
The Sound Assassins

Saturday August 15th, 2009
Brewery Stage Patio Stage
12-130 Simply Ira 1130-1 Eveready
2-330 Matthew First 130-3 Marbles For Eyes
4-530 D.W. West 330-5 Stockdale
6-730 James Perrine 530-7 Violetta
8-930 Sean Benjamin 730-930 Resurrect 27
10-1130 Izzy & Chris 10-2 Radio 1
12-2 The Jay Wiley Band

Sunday August 16th, 2009
Brewery Stage Patio Stage
12-130 Euphonic Brew 1130-1 Ovada
2-330 Cold Shot 130-3 Last Day Dawning
4-530 The Faculty 330-5 Sons Had Father
6-730 Smoke Signals
530-7 The Sixth Degree
8-930 Sacra Via 730-9 My Kind
10-1130 The Meaninful Gnames
930-11 Premature Burial
1130-1215 The Torture Store
12-130 Matt James & The ProgressNotes
1230-1 Throne Of Infection

LARGEST gathering of bands in the region; JOIN US as we help the Humane Society of the Mid-Ohio Valley.
Chris Fennell
Events & Entertainment Director

Liz Pennock & Dr. Blues
Meadowood Blues Festival
-- 1st Annual in North Central Ohio
-- NEW FESTIVAL featuring River City Blues Competition winners (2007) The Jimi Vincent Band and more....
Header Music NewsJimi Vincent
4824 Rule Road, Bellville, Ohio
- Near Mansfield, OH (Just off SR 97W)
ONLY 300 tickets Available @ $25
11am - Micah Kesselring 15-year-old slide guitar virtuoso (Columbus)
1:00PM - Terry Davidson & The Gears (Columbus)
3:00PM - Elm Street Blues Band (Cleveland)
5:00PM - Stick People (Wooster, OH)
7:00PM - The Bluescasters (Columbus)
9:00PM - The Jimi Vincent Band - headliners
Overnite camping available;
Bring lawn chairs.
Food, Cold Beer and Beverages on Site.
NO coolers/NO glass bottles, PLEASE
Ticket in Advance OR AT THE GATE
For Tickets/Info CALL 419.989.1151
Foothills Music Festival
2 Full Days of FREE music,
fabulous food and amazing art
In the foothills of beautiful southeastern Ohio.
Free tent and RV camping on site. Personal coolers are OK
Bring Your Lawn Chairs & Flashlights
530PM - Micah Kesselring
630PM - C&S Railroad
730PM - Izzy & Chris
845PM - FBnCC
10PM - Sitdown Baby

1:00PM - Liz Pennock & Dr. Blues
230PM - Mojo Theory
430PM - Mudfork Blues Band
630PM - Dennis McClung Blues Band
830PM - Albert "The Kid" Castiglia
1030PM - Larry Garner
GREAT little festival on an immaculate farm in beautiful Southeastern Ohio. Our hosts are Jared and Laura Sheets, the Sheets family who do a lot to promote music and art in this area. This is one of the COOLEST events of the year and it's all FREE. The lineup this year is stellar, and the nightly campfires are NOT TO BE MISSED. This will be a FUN weekend -- DON'T Miss IT!! -- the Voice.
West Virginia Blues Society
Yueng's & Wings Blues Thing
Header Music News
Sponsored by the WV Power baseball club (Pittsburgh Pirtates Class A Charleston franchise) and produced by WVBS, the YUENGS & WINGS BLUES THING is sittin' on go! Beginning 3pm Sunday Sept 13th @ Appalachian Power Park. Located just off I-77/I-64 via Exit #100 (Leon Sullivan Way) downtown Charleston. Lineup includes HUBERT SUMLIN & THE NIGHTHAWKS, JAMES "SUPER CHIKAN" JOHNSON & THE FIGHTING COCKS, ZAC HARMON, and THE CATCH BLUES BAND.
Tickets $12 advance, $15 @ the gate. Advance tickets available @ Appalachian Power Park ticket office or call 304-344-2287.
VIP seating: $30- seating in front of stage, hot wings, 2 complimentary drinks and line-free concessions.
Yuengs & Wings Tent Parties: $700- 25 guests, 10'x30' tented areas, 400 wings, keg of Yuengling beer and seating.
No coolers are permitted. Bring blankets/lawn chairs. Gates open at 2pm.

WVBS BNO (Blues Night Out)
Friday/September 4th
WVBS Blues Night Out - Morgantown
Marty's Place @ Cheat Lake
Morgantown, WV
Mississippi Heat - Chicago
One of Chicago's legandary blues bands
Great Harp-driven blues
9pm Show - $8 @ doo; $5 WVBS membersr
more from the WVBS:
The West Virginia Blues Society
The 3rd Annual
Appalachian Blues Competition
October 3rd 2009 Noon
Christopher's Banquet Center
104 Van Kirk Dr
Fairmont, WV 26554
(304) 534-5300

Looking For Blues Talent
The West Virginia Blues Society will hold its Third Annual Blues Competition on October 3, 2009 at Christopher's Banquet Center in Fairmont, WV. Blues bands and solo/duo blues acts will compete for cash prizes and WVBS sponsorship to the Blues Foundation's International Blues Challenge held every year in Memphis, Tennessee.
The first-place winner of Blues Competition will receive $750 dollars in cash and WVBS sponsorship to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. The second place winner will receive $200 in cash and third-place winner will receive $100 in cash. "
CONTACT PERSON FOR COMPETITION PARTICIPANTS: Complete information, application & rules are available online at Deadline for application submission is September 1, 2009.
For more information contact Competition Director, Jack Rice at 304-389-1438 or e-mail:
The Chile Pepper Report
a review
As the spiral notebooks and pencils and crayons go on display at the discount stores, and the summer winds down, I've got to admit that staying in the Mid-Ohio Valley for a recession-proof "Musication" was a good choice for this roving blues fan. From the "Dennis McClung Blues Band" on June 5th to "The Fabulous Thunderbirds" on August 10th, I have listened to sixteen concerts in ten weeks. Wow, now that is a good summer. Buy me an iced tea at the Courts Street Grill and I will tell you all about them, but the concert of late that impressed me the most was Ruthie Foster at Wheeling. Ruthie grew up in a family immersed in the blues and gospel. She has a strong , clear voice and can hit a wide range of notes. I especially liked how she dedicated one tune, "Traveling On" to the late KoKo Taylor. Playing behind Ruthie are family members- a woman on the drums and the bass guitar. We will be hearing much more from Ruthie in the future, hopefully in venues around the Mountain State. Chile Pepper
Emerson Sports Grill
4000 Emerson Ave, Parkersburg, WV 304-422-7655
Hey folks, if you consider yourself a live music fan, then it's time YOU came out and started supporting one of Parkersburg's FEW live music venues. This place has gone from a brash, loud, smoke-filled pick-up joint with no service (the old Front Row) to a smaller, more cozy and intimate listening place for acoustic music. On Friday nights, they feature some of the regions best singer songwriters and acoustic musicians unplugged. The beer is ice-cold, the wings and burgers are tasty, and you won't smell any cigarettes -- the place has been completely remodeled. The music is only one night -- FRIDAYS. It's really a nice place. Come out and support it, or we'll lose it just like the other live music venues that have given up on us. Check it out.
the Voice.

Coming to The Emerson Sports Grill:
Liz Pennock & Dr. Blues
from St. Petersburg, Florida
9PM - 12Mid. NO COVER
Liz & Paul are from this area (Liz is from Beverly, OH) and were instrumental in the beginnings of the BJFM. They come "home" to see us every Summer, so PLEASE come out and SUPPORT them --- one of the few nationally touring musicians from our area. Stop in at the gig, say "hi," buy their latest CD and feel good about yourself. the Voice.
short takes.....
things you might want to know about...
Blues and "Americana" Togteher in Columbus
Deb Landolt reports That Blues and americana will come together at the Thirsty Ear Tavern at 9:30pm on Saturday, August 28, as our winners of the River City Ohio Blues Competition (Long Tall Deb and The Drifter Kings) present their special brand of "Blues For The People" along with Americana favorites "Matt Monta and the Hot Coal Band." Tickets are $7 at the door.
Jon Justice Band "Wow's" Blues Blast e-zine:
"We also made it out to hear a set by the Jon Justice Band last week. WOW! These guys are a GREAT band. In this young 4-piece band there is one bachelors degree and 2 masters degrees in music. OK so we normally do not associate academics and blues music, but these guys are fantastic musicians whether or not they have some kind of paper degree to back it up. If you get the chance to hear them we think you will hear the huge talent of this band, regardless of their academic backgrounds." Aug 6, Blues Blast e-zine.
More from "The Blast": Bryan Lee
"We made it out to s ahow by New Oleans musician Bryan Lee and the Power Blues Band this week. We were thrilled to see that Bryan had Brent Johnson playing guitar with him again. Brent has not been playing with the band for the last 8 months because of illness, but he is back and sounding better than ever. If you go see Bryan Lee you will be impressed with his GREAT show. He is one of the best touring acts around anywhere." Aug 6 Blues Blast e-zine.
Mose Allison in Cleveland August 28 & 29
Legendary musician and jazz icon Mose Allison will be appearing Friday, August 28 and Saturday, August 29 at Cleveland's top jazz club, NightTown, 12387 Cedar Road (top of Cedar Hill) in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Tickets are a mere $20. NightTown is a relatively small venue, so this will be a rare, intimate show with one of the jazz/blues world's best. Tickets/reservations: 216-795-0550.
Patrick Sweany on Tour with Hot Tuna
Our buddy Pat Sweaney is on tour down South, opening for Yorma and Jack of Hot Tuna fame. There;s a nifty tour poster for sale on Patrick's label's website:
World's Top Drummers Show in Cleveland
Five of the world's top drummers are coming to Cleveland for a one-of-a-kind jazz concert. The concert, entitled drumFantasy.09 will happen Saturday, August 15 at 8PM at the beautiful Forum Conference Center in downtown Cleveland. The Forum is located at One Cleveland Center, 1375 E 9th Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Drummers Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Peter Erskine, Tommy Igoe and Dafinis Prieto will sit in with the international jazz group Steve Smith's Jazz Legacy. The band is made up of musicians from the former Buddy Rich Big Band and performs jazz tunes that honor drumming legends such as Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Philly Joe Jones and Buddy Rich. Tickets are $40. Call 440-498-3395 or go to
Catch "High Schools That Rock" Kids
at Marietta's Catfish Derby Saturday
Mark Doebrich's "High Schools That Rock" group of elementary, middle and high school students, some of which started out in our "Blues in The Schools" program, will be performing next at Marietta's Catfish Derby, Satuday, August 15 in Muskingum Park from 5:00PM - 5:30PM. Come out and support music in our schools.
Throw a Blues Party -- Bring Your Friends
For the "Yuengs and Wings Blues Thing" bash on Sunday, September 13 in Charleston at WV's Power Park, Party Tents on the field are available adjacent to the stage area. The party tents are $700 and include: 25 tickets, 10'x30' tented area with pub tables, bar stools, and regular chairs, 400 wings, a KEG of Yeungling Beer, 1-case of water, 1-case of Pepsi, 1-case of Diet Pepsi. The concert is 3pm to 8:30pm and features the legendary Hubert Sumlin & The Nighthawks, Zac Harmon (IBC winner), Super Chicken & The Fighting Cocks, and The Catch Blues Band from Wheeling.
AUGUST 28-30, 2009

The 19th Annual Snowshoe Symphony Festival will be an affair to remember as the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra presents its "From Tyranny to Tenderness" program. Symphony Weekend is always an elegant time on the mountain, as the WV Symphony perfectly compliments Snowshoe's amazing natural setting. Join us for this fantastic weekend of programs and performances including afternoon picnics and cocktail receptions, the work of local artisans and crafters and, of course, the beautiful music of the WV Symphony. The weekend also features the West Virginia State Monarch Butterfly Festival. It's a great time for you and your family to experience some of the best entertainment West Virginia has to offer. Come be part of this annual celebration of music and culture at one of WV's premier destinations.

Call 877.441.4FUN to speak with a friendly reservations specialist and book your Symphony Getaway TODAY!

For more information go to

Clay Center: Irving Berlin's "I Love a Piano"
Special internet Pre-sale for the Sunday, September 27 performance of Irving Berlin's classic, "I Love a Piano" ends Satuday, August 16 at 11:59PM (before they go on sale to the general public).
Steely Dan Tour - Detroit Show
For you old geezers like me who are Steely Dan fans, their "Rent Party 2009" US tour is going on right now. The closest they're coming to here is Detroit on Saturday, September 5 at Detroit's Motor City Casino Hotel, 2001 Grand River, Detroit. Tickets are about $60 for general admission, and you have to deal with TicketMaster: or Google "Steely Dan Tour".
As they say in West Virginia: "Watch This"...

Here's a great old clip of John Lennon playing a blues tune with Eric Clapton and Keith Richards on a British TV show hosted by Mick Jaggars: "Wow, yer a blues, John..." Look how young they all look (are).

Subject: Wow !!! Yer Blues , check it out??

About The Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Society P.O. Box 2122, Marietta, Ohio 45750
The Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Society is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 all-volunteer "force" of music enthusiasts on a mission to enhance the appreciation of American Roots Music in the Mid-Ohio Valley and we do it by presenting concerts, workshops, conferences, and a forum for education and development in the schools.

The BJFM Society celebrates and perpetuates blues and roots music as a traditional, evolutionary, and uniquely American art form. During the grant period, we will continue to present live music in genres not normally available in a small town like ours, to educate and expose our audiences to music new and unfamiliar to many of them. Our goal is to keep blues, jazz and roots music alive in our area.

With the help of volunteers from our membership, and an
8-member board of directors, the BJFM Society will continue to produce and present our "core events" plus other shows throughout the year as the opportunity presents itself. The BJFM Society has also undertaken the expense of production and presentation of the nationally recognized multicultural "Blues in the Schools" program here in our local schools
The Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Society Board of Directors:
John Bolen - President
Steve Wells - Vice President, Director of "Blues in The Schools"
Peg Bolen - Treasurer
Maren Beery - Secretary
John Gifford - Board Member, Competition Director, Stage Manager
Helen Holt - Board Member
Mary Ann Osborne - Board Member
Kezia Douglass - Board Member

The Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Society
P.O. Box 2122
Marietta, Ohio 45750
And finally....
Check out this cool video.
It's called "Riding A Bike."
I can do this; I do the same thing every morning when I ride my bicycle down to the carryout for a pack of cigarettes...

(Turn it UP)

just trying to have a little fun before I die...
The Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Society
P.O. Box 2122
Marietta, Ohio 45750