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Friday, April 2, 2010

Top 50 Blues And Soul Releases From

The top 50 fromwebpages of Click on the title to go to their website.

Top 50 Southern Soul, Rhythm & Blues Albums

Deep Soul + Soul/Blues + Downhome Blues + Urban Blues

The Nation's OFFICIAL Soul/Blues and Southern Soul Albums Chart






1 NEW All OF Me Floyd Taylor CDS
2 NEW Back To Bidness** Wendell B Smoothway Ent.
3 1 Ms. Jody's In The Streets Again Ms. Jody Ecko
4 6 Love, Romance & Respect Willie Clayton C & C
5 NEW Let It Ride Jerry L Brimstone
6 2 Southern Soul & Party Blues Vol. 3 Various Artists CDS
7 NEW Cougar Pat Cooley L & L
8 8 It's BYOB Donnie Ray Ecko
9 3 I Like It Stan Mosley CDS
10 5 A Tribute To The Legends Sir Charles Jones Mardi Gras
11 NEW Smokin' Will Easley CDS
12 4 I'm The Man For The Job Lee "Shot" Williams CDS
13 7 The Evolution Of Soul T.K. Soul Soulful
14 10 Unfinished Business Lenny Williams Lenlon
15 NEW The Preacher's Wife** Luther Lackey Ecko
16 13 The Bleeding Edge The Revelations feature Tre Williams Traffic Ent.
17 11 I'm In Love With A Man I Can't Stand Nellie "Tiger" Travis CDS
18 12 Blind Snake Bobby Rush Deep Rush
19 NEW Songs People Love The Most, Vol 1 (Deluxe Edition) Carl Marshall CDS
20 9 A Brand New Man Captain Jack Watson CDS
21 15 All About The Rhythm & The Blues Latimore LatStone
22 22 Woof Woof Meow J. Backfoot JEA Music
23 14 Hard Times Willie B. Hot Spot
24 16 It's My Time O.B. Buchana Ecko
25 17 Finally Made It* Stephanie Pickett Aviara Music
26 18 Truth Be Told Vick Allen Soul 1st
27 NEW Sweet Love* Falisa Janaye' Milaja
28 NEW New Millennium Blues Walt Luv Monkey Wrench
29 19 Unleashed Shirley Brown Malaco
30 20 Everybody Needs Love James Smith B & J
31 21 Dirty Woman David Brinston Ecko
32 26 Deep South Soul Various Artists Mardi Gras
33 29 Jerri Curl Muzik Bigg Robb Over 25 Sound
34 28 I'm Comin' Back* Stan Mosley CDS
35 25 Get In Touch With Me Jesse James Gunsmoke
36 24 Your Babies Need A Daddy TJ Hooker-Taylor CDS
37 27 A Woman Needs A Strong Man Karen Wolfe B & J
38 31 Time Served Omar Cunningham Soul 1st
39 30 Pay Myself First Charles Wilson CDS
40 36 Lacee's Groove Lacee Advantage
41 33 Fire Lebrado Make Cents
42 42 Keepin' It Real Jeff Floyd Wilbe
43 34 Who's Got The Power Marvin Sease Malaco
44 40 Change It Up Walter Waiters CDS
45 32 Mr. Booty Do Right Jody Sticker CDS
46 41 How Sweet Is Your Candy Terry Wright Mac Wright
47 35 Southern Soul Pimpin' Simeo Simeo
48 38 Hit & Run Blues Chick Willis Benevolent Blues
49 39 CDS Records Southern Soul Smashes 1 Various Artists CDS
50 46 The Strongest Man Charlie Brown CLM

This chart is based on a combination of Radio Airplay and ACTUAL SALES from the Southern Soul Blues community worldwide though primarily in the Southern United States.

Eligible entrees must be "New" or are currently experiencing a bump in airplay.

Albums marked with * charted mostly on Airplay while albums marked with ** charted mostly on Sales.

Soul Searchers Update

friday, april 2, 9pm
2712 beaver ave, des moines

saturday, april 3, 9pm
star bar
101 fourth street, des moines

every wednesday, 8pm
greenwood lounge
3707 ingersoll avenue, des moines

"the soul searchers lay down authentic west coast blues from their des moines, iowa surroundings"
-BLUES REVUE magazine

"the soul searchers are a veteran group of players who roll along slickly and confidently"

"this band puts down energetic jump-blues with a vintage vibe that harks back
to early fabulous thunderbirds"

Smokin Aces Update

Smokin' Aces Live Friday April 2nd at the Black Swan, 66 Broadway Tivoli, N.Y. 9 PM
Sizzlin' Swinging, Blues. Thanks for all you guys do and all your support! Sonny

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

So the Cedar Falls Utilities Cyber Support Division just sent out an email saying that they will be "upgrading and maintaining" it's customer's (me) internet connection between 2-6am. There will be NO internet access during that time. So if you got this note before 1:59:59 then I met the deadline. If you got this note after 6:00:01 then I missed it and had to send it before my next deadline later this (Fri.) morning. (no matter when you got this, it's gonna be Friday!) (And Good Friday at that! 'course, in my pagan world, EVERY Friday is a good Friday!)...

Which brings me to the FIRST Friday gig at The Hub. It's that time of the month know what to do. It's the Hub, bub. 4th & Main, Sparkle City USA, 6-9pm, Iowa City saxman Rod Pierson will join Al in the horn section. Dancing, adult beverages with other Geeeever aged adults, a couple of dances, pizza by the slice, and you're home before the 10 o'clock news! What's not to like, right Avis? (Avis and her little dog Petey stopped by my garage sale, whereby Petey defended Avis from the ferocious Bullwinkle slippers, despite the fact that the Bullwinkle slippers are BIGGER THAN PETEY! (my wife loves that dog...) Perhaps Avis will bring her big dog, Bob, to The Hub and he will play the coolest rhythm guitar part ever invented for Good Legs. I'm just sayin', it COULD happen...

And speaking of the garage sale, we've still got some cool stuff, like a complete Mac computer/monitor/printer/scanner/desk, (and I think it does your dishes too, but I'm not a GEEEEK, so I don't know for sure) the Blue Band's old custom made merchandise trunk (solid wood, displays 120 CDs, holds 40 t-shirts, and supplies) (yes, I guess that would imply we don't move merch like we used to) (I don't seem to move NOTHIN' like I USED to!) a Tascam 464 PortaStudio (4-track cassette recorder, with manual) still quite a few blues cds, clothes, books, other stuff that we have too much of! But we have no CAKE! Bring some with you, 925 W. 13th St. Cedar Falls (Sparkle City) I'll be there Fri. noon-3pm, Carolyn will conduct 1/2 price day on Sat. 10am-2pm. This is just the first of what we expect to be three garage sales as we (finally) assimilate our households...

In addition to getting the garage sale going, the contractors are now close to starting in on moving the kitchen wall and putting in a new front door to the house. This means moving all the stuff in the kitchen AND the front room. In addition to nail pounding and saw wizzzzzing at 8:30AM!! WHAT?...

The Blue Band's next date after The Hub is at the Bourre Lounge in Waterloo's entertainment district, Sat. April 17, 9:45-12:45. More on this in the coming weeks...

We added a couple more gigs to the summer schedule, still have lots of dates available for that spring deck party at your mansion on the outskirts of town, and wouldn't it be cool to find some little town to play a lunch date along the RAGBRAI route this year? (any date on the RAGBRAI route would be cool, but I thought the lunch thing in Keystone a few years ago was REALLY cool)...

I really should be working on the radio shows (the deadline for delivery of those is BEFORE the garage sale opens at noon) The last 1/2 hour of Backtracks will feature selections from Jesus Christ Super Star (sorry to be so cliche for rock'n'roll Easter)...

See ya on the Blue (Bunny) Highway, let yer Easter Bunny rub yer zydeco tie, wear yer Easter bonnet with all that stuff upon it, happy Easter, Christians! It must be time for CAKE! We love you. Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

PS, made the deadline with 26 minutes to spare!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Barbara Brown RIP

From Bob Corritore

RIP Barbara Brown, May 1 1935  - February 3, 2010. Ace Records Reports that Memphis soul singer Barbara Brown, passed away on February 3rd. She was in her 70s. Brown was best known for her hit "Big Party", on the Stax label, with Barbara & the Browns (featuring her and her 3 sisters). She would also record classic soul sides for XL, Cadet, Tower, Atco, Sounds of Memphis. Her short lived career ended in 1972 when she left music for good. But a resurgence of interest happened in 2007, when Kent reissued her classic sides on the album Can't Find Happiness, and again a year later when the highly acclaimed soul collection Take Me To The River (also on Kent Records), featured one of her brilliant recordings. It is wonderful that she was able to see this appreciation during her her lifetime. To see the article on Ace Records website, click here.

Rod "Beachhead" Jeffery RIP

From Bob Corritore

RIP Rod 'Beachhead' Jeffery February 26, 2010. This sad news in from Colin Briscoe of Sydney, Australia, who reports "Rod “Beachhead” Jeffrey, one of the pioneering Australian bluesman, and vocalist with the band Beachhead, passed away on Friday, February 26th, after a long and arduous fight with cancer."Rod's bio indicates that his major activities took place in the 1980s and his influence and blues contribution, in his community was great. To see Ron "Beachhead" Jeffery's website, filled with photos and information, click here.

Marva Wright RIP

From Bob Corritore

RIP Marva Wright March 20. 1948 - March 23, 2010. New Orleans blues and gospel singer Marva Wright passed away from complications from a 2009 stroke. She was 62. She came into prominence in the 1980s and became known as the "Blues Queen of New Orleans". She recorded and toured frequently, and won over audiences in the US and Europe with her powerful voice and stage presence, and her kind and sincere personality. For more information on Marva and to enjoy her beautiful website click here. To see a film clip of Marva performing "Heartbreakin' Woman" click here, and performing "Bluesiana Mama" click here. Thanks Marva, for giving us your heart with each performance.

Rockie Charles

From Bob Corritore

Rockie Charles November 14, 1942 - March 12, 2010. New Orleans soul singer and guitarist Rockie Charles passed away in his home town on Friday March 12th, after a long struggle with cancer. He was 67. Born Charles Merrick in Boothville, Louisiana, he would learn guitar at an early age from his father, and at age 13 moved to New Orleans where he would formally study music. As a young man in the 1960s he hit the road backing O.V. Wright, Percy Sledge, Otis Redding, and others. He would record a handful of singles and albums, of which the best known is his CD, Born For You, on the Orleans label, which finds this wonderful vocalist and songwriter at the top of his game. He had become a popular attraction at the annual retro roots festival called Ponderosa Stomp. To read the article about Rockie Charles' life and times, and to see a nice video clip, click here.

Clayton Love RIP

From Bob Corritore

RIP Clayton Love November 15, 1927 - Feb. 28, 2010. Clayton Love will best be remembered as the vocalist and pianist in Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm. He passed away at a hospice in St Louis from complications of a stroke and heart problems, He was 82. He was born in Mattson, Mississippi in 1927. During 40s and 50s Love was a popular musician around the Vicksburg area, fronting and organzing sophisticated swing bands. This sound was reflected in his first recordings done for the Trumpet label in 1951. His association with Ike Turner soon followed and eventually led to his mid 1950's relocation to St. Louis, where he would front Ike's band, The Kings of Rhythm, and record such great songs as "Do You Mean It", "She Made My Blood Run Cold", and "The Big Question". Clayton Love would make St. Louis his lifelong home, and he was one of that town's proud blues statesmen until the day he died. His long career saw releases with Trumpet, Modern, Aladdin, Federal, Groove, Bobbin, Monad, Modern Blues, Ace, Charley, Collectibles, and Alligator. His great R&B vocals and spectacular recordings will live forever in blues history. To see a Clayton Love interview with with STL Blues click here.