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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ain't No Blues At The House Of Blues

Okay, before you read this post go to my friend Dick Deluxe's Myspace page and listen to his song Ain't No Blues At The House Of Blues. Never was a song so right. I have never understood what the deal was with the house of blues, but the latest news from the wire is just crazy. Brittney Spears is supposedly planning her great comeback by playing some gigs with a band called M&Ms. At, get this, THE HOUSE OF BLUES. Oh, yeah, Brittney the great blues goddess. You know if they booked Christine Aguilera I could see that. I have heard her belt out a few blues tunes, and she even sang with Dr. John, but Britney. Give me a break! Does ol Elwood have anything to do with this place? I bet Jake is turning over in his grave about now. ACK!!!!!!!! Lets hope this is an urban legend, or a very late April Fools joke:-)

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