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Friday, June 4, 2010

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

This is FINALLY going to satisfy the couple of people who always complain about the rambling nature of these Blue Notes. I decided to nap for 45 minutes, FOUR HOURS AGO!! Obviously, I forgot to turn the alarm on after setting it. It's 4:40 in the morning, I still have a couple of hours of radio production to do on shows that start airing this weekend, the contractors will be here in less than 3 hours, it's pouring down rain and someone has to worry that only half of my house has gutters, (it might as well be me worrying, as the unguttered part is right over my basement bedroom) and somehow, I've got to get some laundry done before hitting the road for THREE ONE-NIGHTERS IN A ROW!!! (it's just like playing in a real band again!!)...
I am told that there are still tickets available for tonight's (Fri) riverboat cruise on The Spirit of Dubuque out of the Ice Harbor in Dubuque. It's a fundraiser for Iowa Public Radio and they are handling all the ticket sales. Info at Board the boat at 7pm, cruise the Mississip 7:30-10:30, meet IPR personalities and dance to The Blue Band. What's not to like, right Avis? (I like to put that in every once in a while because Avis is one of many Blue Note subscribers that our automated delivery system seems to have difficulty delivering to) Didjya git, Avis? The Blue Note, I mean...
Saturday finds us at a Grand Opening celebration for a cool new vineyard outside of Traer (it's 28 miles mostly south and a little west of my soggy little house in Sparkle City) (I blew off the aforementioned radio work and drove down there this afternoon) The Fox Ridge Winery is a beautiful acreage, they're set up for a rain or shine event, and they've got LOTS of wine, which will make our 6-9pm show fly by. More info/directions:
And Sunday (SUNDAY!!) marks our return to the Troll Capitol OF THE WORLD (this is not one of my snide comments, this is how the city actually promotes itself, especially since the world famous Mustard Museum (Poupon U.) has left town) for Mt. Horeb Wisconsin's Summer Frolic. This is a weekend long city celebration with people who know how to drink beer. Troll on over. We play 5-8pm. More info and directions:
We are still experiencing difficulties with the Blue Note email list. Obviously this doesn't effect you cuz yer readin' this note, but please let us know if there are any difficulties with getting the notes. The geeks who are trouble shooting this problem suggest that I submit a list of people that we know are not getting delivery. It's beginning to look like there's trouble with the addresses of people who have been added or changed in the last 6 months. We're determined to get this fixed...
I gotta go. It's my wife's Birthday Weekend (I've never said that before!) (beware, dancing on bars and tables is a distinct possibility) Bring CAKE! Load-in at the boat dock is less than 12 hours away. See ya on the Blue Boat, grap yer troll and rub yer washboards, and always remember we love you. Bob Dorr & The Blue Band