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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Taylor Hicks LIVE!!!!

Its been awhile since I have posted some Taylor Hicks!   Hey Soul Patrol hows it's going!  I am always grateful when Taylor plays the blues.  Things are tough right now and even on the local level it is hard to convince bar owners to hire blues bands.  With people like Taylor out there playing the blues gives me hope.  If Taylor is in your area you need to see him.  The man is a true hero of soul and blues. Thanks for keeping the blues alive!!!!

Iowa Blues Showcase 11 Dan Doran Tribute

Episode 11 is dedicated to Dan Doran, one of Kansas Cities best blues piano players.  He helped me learn to play the blues so many years ago.   Please listen, share, and subscribe.

Iowa Blues Showcase 11 Dan Doran Tribute