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Friday, October 26, 2007

Nick Moss And The Fliptops

Nice Guitar solo by Nick Moss and the Fliptops filmed at the Blues On Grand, by Wild nites.

Check out this video: Nick Moss & The Fliptops stoppin by Blues On Grand

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Guy Forsyth: 105

Jan has a couple of new Guy Forstyh videos up on her Youtube page. Jan shoots some great videos of blues performers. This one is a cool tune of Guy and mostly his harmonica with some drums. Check it out!!

Andy Schneider in Mason City Iowa

Andy Schneider and his one man band are performing tonight at Laredo's (9-1). I was planning on playing the gig, but am still a little under the weather. However, I will be helping Andy out at Bryon's in Palmeroy Iowa. Palmeroy is a small town with a big heart and Bryon's is a cool bar that brings in national acts to the middle of nowhere! I know that the bar doesnt make money, or much money when they bring in the major league artists, but they certainly put on a great show for the people of Palmeroy, and the surrounding area. If you happened to be around the area, the show starts at 5pm Sunday night.

Tab Benoit Interview

Tab Benoit is interviewed in the Colorado Springs Gazette. The interview is mostly about his album, Power of the Pontchartrain, Which is mostly about Hurricane Katrina. Check it out HERE.

Lindsey Shannon Interview

One of the best blues DJs around, and an all around great guy, Lindsey Shannon is celebrating 30 years on the air in Kansas City, and 17 years of owning BB Lawnside BBQ. Lindsey is having a big party to celebrate both anniversaries down in Ol KC. For more information Click HERE.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Andy Schneider Live At The Surf Ballrooom

Here is a short clip of Andy Schneider at the Surf Ballroom. Yup, thats the same place that Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper played at before they bit it flying in a blizzard in Iowa!

Hey! Where Does The Time Go! Andy Schneider In Mason City

Well, it is one of those busy weeks that makes it hard to post a lot. So today is going to be a short one. Friday, health permitting I will be performing with Andy Schneider in Mason City Iowa, at the Laredo's. Andy is one of those guys who is a one man band. He plays a very cool 8 string guitar, that is sort of half bass half guitar. Plus he now plays drums while he plays and sings!!! I had a chance to play a few songs with him at Dan's studio in Humbolt Iowa a few weeks ago, and so we are going to give it a shot this Friday, and then again Sunday afternoon at Bryon's in Polmeroy Iowa. To check out Andy's myspace page click HERE.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jimi Hendrix: Machine Gun

Hendrix live at the Filmore With Buddy Miles on the drums!

Minnesota Blues Hall Of Fame

Just recieved this from the Iowa Blues Showcase Yahoo group. Interesting note that Iowa Blues Hall of Famer Bruce McCabe is a part of the hall of fame. I highlighted his induction below.


CONTACT: Judy Cedar, Secretary/Treasurer
Greater Twin Cities Blues Music Society


George 'Mojo' Buford; Tony Glover; Aces, Straights & Shuffles; Bruce
McCabe and KFAI Community Radio Station will be the first inductees
into the Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame and Big John Dickerson will be
honored with a Profile Celebration

On Friday, October 26th beginning at 6:30 pm, the First Annual
Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held at
Whiskey Junction, 901 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis. The Blues Hall of
Fame honors people and businesses that have significantly contributed
to the promotion and tradition of the Blues music genre in Minnesota
over the past 20 or more years. Awards are given in five categories:
Blues Performer, Non-Performer Supportive of the Blues, Blues
Literature, Blues Recording and Blues Song. Nominations were
accepted from the general public and then voted upon by members of
the Greater Twin Cities Blues Music Society.

George 'Mojo' Buford was selected in the "Blues Performer" category.
Born in Hernando, MS in 1929, Mojo moved to Memphis, TN at the age of
14 and became acquainted with BB King and other legendary bluesmen.
In 1954 he moved to Chicago where he formed his own band, "The Savage
Boys". That band eventually came to be known as "The Muddy Waters Jr.
Band" backing Muddy Waters on local gigs when his main band was out
of town. He moved to Minneapolis in 1962. It was at that time that
he earned the moniker, "Mojo", from the local crowd's insatiable
desire to hear him play "Got My Mojo Working". Mojo toured with
Muddy Waters several different times in the 1960's and 70's. In 1967-
68 he toured and recorded live with Waters throughout the US,
Canada, Australia, England and Europe. Mojo continues to perform to
this day.

KFAI Community Radio Station has included Blues music programming in
its broadcasts since the station's inception in 1978. Over the years
Blues music has been featured on Joel Johnson's "The Lazy Bill Lucas
Show", "Jackson Buck's Juke Joint", Pete Lee's "Bop Street", Cyn
Collins and Greg Carr's "Dig Up the Roots", Jacquie 'Lady J'
Maddix's "Rollin' and Tumblin'", Sarah Oxton and Tad Seltzer's "The
Rockhouse", Harold Tremblay's "House Party", Lolly Obeda's "Sugar
Shop" and Rose Robinson's "Blueslady's Time Machine". In recognition
of their on-going commitment to Blues programming and support for
local blues artists, KFAI is this year's Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame
inductee in the "Non-Performer Supportive of the Blues" category.

Tony Glover's Blues Harp (Oak Publications, New York 1965) has been a
valuable resource for students of the harmonica for four decades.
Still in print today, Blues Harp is this year's inductee in the
category of "Blues Literature".

In the category of "Blues Recording" this years' inductee is a 45
record by Aces, Straights & Shuffles with "Deep Sleep" on one side
and "2000 Miles" on the flip-side. Band members being honored are
Kim Wilson(Fabulous Thunderbirds), Kent DuChaine, Bob Bingham(Lamont
Cranston, Hoopsnakes) and Bruce McCabe(Lamont Cranston, Hoopsnakes,
Jonny Lang).

"As Simple As That" written by Bruce McCabe was chosen "Blues Song".
It was originally released on The Hoopsnakes Jump In & Hang On (1994,
Mouthpiece Records). Bruce is a highly respected musician and
songwriter having performed with and penned songs for the likes of
Aces,Straights & Shuffles, Lamont Cranston, The Hoopsnakes and Jonny

The festivities will begin with a social hour at 6:30 pm followed by
the Award Ceremony at 7:30 pm. Big John Dickerson is also being
honored in recognition of the completion of his Profile by the
Greater Twin Cities Blues Music Society. Following the
ceremony "Cool Disposition Band" will perform featuring and reuniting
two of this year's inductees, Bob Bingham and Bruce McCabe. This
promises to be a very entertaining show with the possibility of
numerous guest musicians sitting in throughout the evening.

The Greater Twin Cities Blues Society is a 501c3 non-profit
organization founded in August 2002. Through volunteer efforts we
lend support, pay tribute to and honor our local blues musicians
through Profile Events, Road to Memphis competitions, and the
Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame. The Blues Foundation in Memphis awarded
the Electric Fetus a 2007 "Keeping the Blues Alive" Award through our
efforts. Our 2004 Road to Memphis finalist, Scottie Miller, made it
to the final round of the 2005 International Blues Challenge in
Memphis, TN and went on to tour with Bo Diddley. We have compiled
profile booklets for some of the musicians and we have had historians
at Hess-Roise Company document the Cabooze Bar, KFAI Radio Station
and the Electric Fetus retail store.

# # #

With your help and support we look forward to continued growth and
success 'Keeping the Blues Alive' in Minnesota. Look for us at: or contact us: (mail) GTCBMS, PO Box 580704,
Minneapolis, MN 55458-0704 (e-mail) (phone) 651-407-

Cephas And Wiggins: Hard Times On The Killing Floor

A shaky, but good live video of Cephas And Wiggins doing their own version of a Skip James classic. Skips version is spooky, but this one raises goosebumps!!

Back Door Slam: Aint No City

This kid is the real deal! Nice video of Back Door Slam featuring Davey Knowles on Guitar.

Another Blues Playing Professor!!

It is nice to find fellow college professors playing the blues. From the Brown Daily Herald, a student paper from Brown University, comes a story about Marjorie Thompson, who is a dean of Biology during the day and a blues performer at night! To read more about another professor of the blues click HERE!

Canadian Blues Radio?? has an interesting article about an attempt to put on an all blues radio station in Peterborough, and Kawartha Lakes area. I don't know much about Canadian radio, but it sounds like there is a competition for signals. Personally I think it is great that anyone would program an all blues radio station, especially this one that promises to promote 40% Canadian blues artists. As you know my internet station is 100% Iowa blues artists:-) (find the link at the top of the page) Check out the article here.

John Cephas Interveiw

Modern Guitar Magazine has an interview with John Cephas about his style of blues. Cephas plays what is known as the Piedmont blues. This is a very informative article about Cephas and acoustic blues. Read more about it HERE.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Two of Albert King from Blouboss

My Friend Blouboss sent me some Albert King Videos from Daily motion. Merci Blouboss!


Jan left some links for some cool videos of Porter Davis. In case you missed it I posted about them HERE. I think they are a fun band. So here are the videos that Jan shot and Linked to on Youtube. Jan does a great job shooting this videos so make sure you let her know!!

Porter Davis: Closer

Porter Davis: Trouble (Just Can't Keep From Crying)

Too Busy To Post!

ACK!!! Busy week this week!! Between conferences at school, rehearsal for the big show in November and a side gig with Andy Schneider in Mason City Friday, I have very little time to post this week. I will try to slip in a post here and there over the next few days so keep checking in. I know you guys like your updates! Also I will rebroadcast the January 11 2003 Iowa blues showcase on Sunday Morning again. BTW, If you happened to listen Saturday night I might sneak a test show sometime between 10pm and 2am.

Also, if you have any cool videos you want posted or any blues articles, or bands then send them to me, and I will get them up.


British Blues Trio Back Door Slam

I know better, than to be snarky about young British bands after Blues and Snake! Who would think that they would be so sensitive:-) I found this article in the Boston Herald about Back Door Slam that features a young guitarist named Davey Knowles. I don't know if he is the second coming of Hendrix/Stevie Ray, but he does have some good press. To read about him and his band Click HERE.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Artist Of The Week: Count Basie

Artist of the week is Count Basie. I thought I would go old school, and bring on some swing! Legend has it that Benny Goodman was traveling through the Midwest when he heard Count Basie on the radio. He told John Hammond who contacted Basie, and arranged for him to play in Chicago. When Basie and the band arrived the producer of the show wanted to know where his music and arrangements were, when Basie informed the producer that they didn't have any, and that the arrangements were in their head! I am sure the producer was a bit shocked when he heard how good these guys were without music!:-) As always the videos are located on the left side of the blog. Also notice that I have another box of videos below that. You can watch those blues videos without leaving the site. It is pretty cool, and has some different videos. I have noticed that it slowly changes videos perhaps a couple a week.

Photo Of The Week: Scotty And The Wingtips

A Cool pic of my good friends Scotty And The Wingtips. Scott Hartung(in the hat), Mike Tyler(playing piano), and Ernie Terrill were the core of a great jump and blues band. In this photo they are waiting for their turn to play. This was shot backstage at the State Historical Society of Iowa, in the Des Moines museum. The showcase was there for about three years, and the last four shows of the radio show were recorded there. I did get an email from Scott a couple of days ago, so the Wingtips are still around! If you are in Des Moines check them out.