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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Iowa Blues Showcase 29

Our newest show!  Recorded November 27th 2016!!!  Stars Iowa blues hall of famer Harlan Thomas, and acoustic bluesman Matt Woods.  With a special guest appearance by Big Al Daughtery.  The show was produced by Doug Trammell, and Tom Gary.  Director of bands was Jono Smith, with Emeal Myles, and John Krantz.  Our next LIVE show is next Sunday at Grand View University at the Speed Lyceum in the Student Center.  This is the last live show of the season. don't miss it!!!!

As always listen here, or down load up above on ITunes.  Thanks!!!!

Iowa Blues Showcase 29

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Iowa Blues Showcase 28

Yup its early.  Happy Thanksgiving.  I have a busy weekend tomorrow night I will be at Eastside Eddies in Des Moines Iowa, and Sunday night is the big show where we are recording episodes 29 and 30 unless the gremlins return again:-)    Sunday live show is at Grand View University in the Speed Lyceum in the student center.  Tape runs at 7pm.  Our guest for that show are Bob Pace, Tina Haas Finley, Clarence Key Jr.  Mat Woods Harlan Thomas, and Kent Burnside.

Tonights show is Larry "Red" Stoltenburg, and Tom Gary and Don Brown. With a special guest appearance by Kyle Dean Patton.  The show was produced by Jay Taylor and Tom Gary,  With Jono Smith as director of bands.  Featured performers were John Lee Eagan,  Dave Andrews, Rick Mosqueda, Frank Strong, and Don Brown.

As always click the link below or at the right of the page.  for ITunes click the link at the top of the page.  Iowa Blues Showcase 28

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Iowa Blues Showcase 27

Tonights show Rocks!!!   Big Daddy Dennis Kain, and Des Moines Jazz and Blues Diva Tina Haas Finley star, with Frank Strong doing Des Moines on $50.  Just a reminder that next sunday is the Big Show with Bob Pace, Matt Woods, james Bein, Harlan Thomas, Tina Haas Finley, and Kent Burnside   Plus its FREE!!!!   you can catch our new show at 7pm at Grand View University in the Speed Lyceum in the Student Center.  This is in Des Moines Iowa!  Hope to see ya all there

As always you can listen on Podbean by clicking below or to the right ------------->  or you can listen on Itunes by going to the link at the top of the page.


Iowa Blues Showcase 27

Saturday, November 5, 2016

podcast 25 Iowa Blues Showcase

Yup it really was Gremlins, wasn't joking in the open.  Tonights show stars the Bad Boys of the Blues, Curry Harter, Steven E George, and Dennis Kain.  The show was produced by Doug Trammell, and Tom Gary.  Director of bands Jono Smith with Emeal Myles, Johnny Luna, and John Kranz.

As always you can listen below on the podbean player, or check out the archive to the right on the big player.  You can also join us on Itunes by clicking the link at the top of the page.  Thanks

Saturday, October 29, 2016

IBSC 24 Raccoon River Delta Blues Boys

Tonights show features the Raccoon River Delta Blues Boys from around 2006.  Originally recorded in Otho Iowa at Juniors Motel, under the direction of Kurt Kaufmann.  The boys were Dennis Kain on guitar and vocal, Tom Gary on piano and vocal, and Jeff Baker on bass guitar.  As always click the link below to play the show on podbean, or the large player -------->   or you can click the link at the top of the blog to go to ITunes. Thanks!!!

IBSC 24 Raccoon River Delta Blues Boys

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Iowa Blues Showcase 23

Part two of the 2-22-2003 blues showcase.  Iowa Blues Showcase 23 stars Andy Coats, Gary Smith and Clover Buckingham.  engineered by Jay Taylor, produced by Jay Taylor and Tom Gary, director of bands Jono Smith, with John Lee Eagan, Dave Andrews, Rick Mosqueda, and Don Brown.

This show included an Update on Ronn Hill who passed away in 2008 in Chicago

click the link above or use the player over ----------->   Also for Itune click on the link above.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Iowa Blues Showcase 22

Our newest show featuring Brandon Dennis, and Rob Lumbard!   This is the 2-22-2003 show which was engineered  by Jay Taylor, Produced by Jay Taylor and Tom Gary, director of bands Jono Smith, with John Lee Eagan, Rick Mosquedea, and Don Brown.

As always you can click below or ------------>  to play on podbean.  You can click above for ITunes.  You can also download any shows at your favorite place for podcasts.

Iowa Blues Showcase 22

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Iowa Blues Showcase 21

 Another Iowa Blues Showcase!  This one stars Bridget Thompson, John Lukehart, and Big Al Daughtery.  Great show!  This show was produced by Doug Trammell, and Tom Gary.  Director of bands Jono Smith, with Jon Lee Egan, Dave Andrews, Rick Mosqueda, and Johnny Luna.  With special background vocal help from Bridget Thompson, and Sardona Cochrane. 

As you know click below or over here ------> for podbean broadcast.  for ITunes check the link above. You can also download the show at all your favorite podcast download sites.  If they don't have it email me and I will get it there too.

Iowa Blues Showcase 21

Saturday, September 24, 2016

IBSC 19 Bad Boys of the Blues

Hey Everyone, well, Greenwich mean time not central daylights saving time is what Podbean goes by:-)   So I kinda of figured as such, but hey, you get the show early tonight!   tonights show is the bad boys of the blues. This is my current Blues band.  Raw blues at its best LIVE!!!   These are from two recordings at the Hull Ave.  One was from the Sunday night jam and the other from the Women In Blues Show two.  Both recorded by Lee Bell, with the exception of one song Baby Don't Do It, which was recorded at the Ingersoll Tap.  This is my band so I sing half the songs, the other half are by the Legendary Jon East.  Jon is a great jump, blues and rockabilly guitar player.  I have played with Jon off and on since 1990.  Joining us on bass guitar is Norman Sue. Norm has played with many bands and different styles.  He is a professional musician of the highest caliber.  He mostly know locally for playing Tango, but he also played with Link Ray.  On drums is Scotty Hartung of Scotty and the Wingtips.  Scotty is the heart of the band.  He is a drummer who can move a crowd. Probably the best dance drummer in town.  Next week should be the first new show since 2003.  If you are in town come join us!!!

Podbean  go here IBSC 19 Bad Boys of the Blues

Itunes go here

Or you can listen below or over HERE----->

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Iowa Blues Showcase 18

Great show tonight we have Frank Strong with Des Moines on $50, Larry "Red" Stoltenberg, The original Other Brothers, and Gary Smith.  Next week we will be recording our first new show of Season Five at Grand View University in Des Moines Iowa, 7pm in the College Center at the Speed Lyceum.  No cover, but goodwill donations accepted for the Viking Swing Club of Grand View University.   Hope to see you there.

For podbean download and subscribe here---> Iowa Blues Showcase 18

For ITunes go here---->

To listen here click on the player below or on the side of the blog.  THANKS!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Iowa Blues Showcase 17

Hey everyone!!!!!   Episode 17 is on the air featuring Roy Cashmen and Jeff Baker.  Roy lived briefly in Iowa and was recorded several times by the Iowa Blues showcase.  I did a google search for him and found that at least up to around 2008 he was still playing guitar.  If you know him let him know he is on the air worldwide on our podcast!!!!!   Jeff is currently playing with the El Dorados which is an Alt Country band in Des Moines.  Unlike bro country, the El Dorados play rough and tumble old time country with a twang.  Jeff now plays bass, but back in the day he was a guitar slinger.

By the way, thanks for all the listens and downloads.  Please subscribe to our podcast.  you can catch us below on Podbean our home

Iowa Blues Showcase 17

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Also you can listen below, or over there------->  to the right where you can play any of our shows!!!  Thanks and have a great night!!!


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Iowa Blues Showcase 16 Erick Hovey

Another great show! featuring my good friend Erick Hovey!  DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

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Iowa Blues Showcase 16 Erick Hovey

also available on google play, tune in, and other fine podcast download sites.  If we aren't there request us, or contact me at and I will submit it.  THANKS!!!!!!  

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Iowa Blues Showcase 15 Ron Hill Tribute

Special show dedicated to Ron Hill.  Some great southern soul blues!  I lost contact with him around 8 years ago, and once again I am asking the blues historian readers to help find him.  My last contact with him was Chicago, and he seemed to think he was going to relocate to New Mexico.  Please contact me at  thnaks!!

Pod bean

Iowa Blues Showcase 15 Ron Hill Tribute


also available on Google Play and other find podcast download sites.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Iowa Blues Showcase 14

Hey hows it going!!!   New show tonight features acoustic to screaming blues.  Kyle Dean Patton answer the question that yes you can dance to an acoustic band, and Bob Pace blows the lid off the joint with the most amazing set in showcase history!   you can now download the Iowa Blues Showcase on several sites most notably on ITunes, but also coming soon on Google Play!  Just do a google search and find out if your favorite download site has us.  if not ask for us!!!

Iowa Blues Showcase 14

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Iowa Blues Showcase 13

Iowa Blues showcase episode 13 is now up and running.  You can get it either on Podbean, or Itunes.  Make sure you subscribe so that you don't miss any episodes!

Iowa Blues Showcase 13

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Iowa Music Showcase

A nice blog post about the Blues Historian, and my blues related projects!  Thanks to Dan at the Iowa Music Showcase for featuring us.  It is good to know that Dan is helping all Iowa musicians by getting out the good news about Iowa music.  He also has a podcast and an internet radio show.  Check him out!!

Iowa Blues Showcase 12

Tonights show features Willie James Shay, Jimmy Shiffer, Steve George and the Living Stones.  ENJOY!!

Iowa Blues Showcase 12

on Itunes click here

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Taylor Hicks LIVE!!!!

Its been awhile since I have posted some Taylor Hicks!   Hey Soul Patrol hows it's going!  I am always grateful when Taylor plays the blues.  Things are tough right now and even on the local level it is hard to convince bar owners to hire blues bands.  With people like Taylor out there playing the blues gives me hope.  If Taylor is in your area you need to see him.  The man is a true hero of soul and blues. Thanks for keeping the blues alive!!!!