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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Reprevie For Internet Radio

I just found this article in both the New York Times, and Salon,(plus a ton of others just Google internet radio and click on the news search) I usually don't print an article verbatim, but both the Times, and Salon are members only. I have membership so this time I will post it for you. However, do yourself a favor and sign up since it is free. The links above will take you to either news source.

Here is the Salon article

Web radio stations win a last-minute stay of execution

Wired's indispensable digital-music maven Eliot Van Buskirk reports some good breaking news: Internet radio stations will not shut down this Sunday.

Many Web radio outfits feared closure as their legal fight against staggering new music royalty rates met failure this week. On Thursday, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals refused to block the new rates, which are scheduled to go into effect Sunday. But as a result of public outcry -- which, in turn, sparked congressional outcry -- SoundExchange, the recording-industry group that collects royalties, has agreed not to immediately enforce the rates, pending negotiations with webcasters.

I just spoke to Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora, the hugely popular Internet radio station that allows people to create personalized music channels. I asked Westergren if Pandora will shut down Sunday: "No, we won't," he said.

On Thursday, the House Commerce Committee, chaired by Rep. Edward Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat, convened an emergency round-table meeting between both sides in the royalty dispute. At the meeting, SoundExchange agreed to cap the $500-per-channel fee that had threatened to wipe out Pandora and other stations that let people tailor radio channels to their taste. Westergren says the cap "was a precursor to any kind of negotiation, because that fee was so absurd. It was like a billion dollars for us and other large webcasters put together every year." Now, stations like Pandora will pay $500 for each radio channel they send out, with a maximum of $50,000.

Besides the per-channel fee, Internet radio stations also face a new per-stream fee that applies retroactively to 2006, and rises each year until 2010. The new schedule charges webcasters $0.00076 per listener per song for 2006; $.0011 for 2007; $.0014 for 2008; and $.0018 and $.0019 for 2009 and 2010. The rates are far more onerous than those imposed on satellite systems -- which pay a share of their revenue -- and for traditional "terrestrial" AM and FM radio stations, which pay no performance royalties for the music they play. (The music industry, though, is trying to change that.)

The negotiations between SoundExchange and the webcasters now center on these rates -- and they're taking place, Westergren notes, "under the watchful eye of Congress." And that, he says, is the main news today. "The reason this deal is happening is because of congressional pressure, and congressional pressure is happening because of people calling in. Everybody needs to know that. A million people in the last three months have called Congress about this. And Congress has said, Look, if you don't solve this, we will. That's very explicit."

I don't know if this will be the end of it, or just a brief time out. SoundExchange has played hardball through out the negotiations. I understand from an artists perspective the importance of getting paid, but these fees pay bureaucrats and other paper shufflers, while most hard working artists get pennies.

Last Internet Radio Blues Show???????

Well kids, this is it. Today is the 14th of July, and the new fees take effect Monday just 28 hours from now. I do not know what will happen Monday morning, but if you haven't contacted your representative please do! Just click on the save internet radio banner at the bottom of the blog. Tonights internet radio show is Blues Train. According to the website it features guitar blues. To listen to the show click here. Then click on the yellow circle with the speaker in it.

Since tomorrow is the possibly the last night for small time internet broadcasters, I will feature another blues show tomorrow night.


From what I am reading on the net the rate change takes place tomorrow. If that is the case then Internet radio will be gone at midnight. I don't know why a rate change would take place on a Sunday night, but I will monitor the situation tonight and will report here at the Blues Historian. As Edward R Murrow once said, " Good night, and Good Luck."

Friday, July 13, 2007

Issac Hayes: Shaft

A cool video of Issac Hayes from the Wattstax show in LA. What keeps this from being a classic video is the Rev Jessie Jackson yelling Yeah! for the first have of the freaking song!! Otherwise, it is a great clip. The band does get a little off when he starts to sing, but like a well oiled machine they get it together and rock out.

Sam and Dave: Soul Man

The original Soul Man by Sam and Dave. Memphis soul at its best. The guys are lip syncing the song, so no band, but when he says "play it Steve" he is talking about Steve Cropper who played guitar on the track. Of course, Booker T and the MGS were the rest of the backing band. cool video, but the very end is clipped unfortunately.

Freddie King: Hideaway

WOW!! This is a cool video of the legendary Freddie King playing Hideaway. I assume that this is from a TV show in Memphis. I have seen other great clips from this show, I just wish I knew if this show is available on DVD. If anyone knows if this is available for sale let me know.

Black Snake Moan Review Plus Other Blues Movies Reviewed has a movie review of Black Snake Moan. Overall it is a good review. (I still haven't seen it ACK! The hazards of living in the hinterlands) Then there follows some short reviews of other blues films. However, my old bugaboo, reporting that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil popped up again! ARRGH! Here is the quote.

The greatest legend of the blues is the tale of the man who met the devil at a crossroads and bargained his soul for blues fame. Great bluesman Robert Johnson was the basis for the legend, but permutations of the story have been used time and time again, from "Angel Heart" to "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" The 1986 movie "Crossroads" bases its story on the legend, as well, and serves as a love letter to the blues.
One more time for those who are hard headed. TOMMY JOHNSON sold his soul to the devil. NOT ROBERT JOHNSON. In the movie O Brother Where Art Thou? The bluesman who is picked up in the car who just sold his soul was TOMMY JOHNSON! In the credits in case you missed that,(Which a lot of people did) Chris Thomas King as TOMMY JOHNSON. Okay so the movie kinda of adds to the confusion by having King dressed more like Robert Johnson, and the song he plays is Skip James. But it is TOMMY JOHNSON. Robert Lockwood JR. fought this myth for his entire life. Lockwood was the step son of Robert Johnson, and Robert Johnson taught him how to play guitar. Lockwood knew Robert Johnson well, and continually defended Robert Johnson's legacy. He said in many interviews that Robert never said anything about selling his soul to play the blues. Only Son House said anything about Robert selling his soul, and I contend that he confused Tommy, and Robert, since Son was asked about it 30 years after it happened. Of course, the reality is no one sold their soul to the devil to play the blues, but Tommy Johnson was playing off the popular superstitions of the day in the delta. Much like the blues are dying lazy journalism will keep the myth of Robert Johnson alive and well.

Duke Robillard Interview

I know from my webstats that the most popular bluesman on my page is Duke Robillard. I guess Duke is going through an upswing, or at least here at Blues Historian he is:-) Duke is playing tonight in Cortland NY. However, most of us won't be able to see the show, but we can read a nice interview that Duke gave to the Ithaca journal. Check it out HERE.

Karen Hanson Interview

Karen Hanson has a new book out called, Today's Chicago Blues. Blogcritic has an interview with her HERE. Hanson also has a blog that goes with the book. You can check it out here. I will also add her blog to the link page. I haven't had a chance to read the book, but the interview is very good, and she is certainly a fellow blues traveler, which for a journalist is saying a lot:-) Many journalists stay on script, or write what they think is true by conventional wisdom. One of those antidotes is the idea that the blues are dying. I have run across this idea a lot over the last few months, and it really makes sense from a journalistic stand point. Contemporary journalists are lazy and instead of doing a little research, they parrot the conventional wisdom about the topic. Of course this is far worse when they write about politics than our beloved blues music, but it really needs to stop. Journalist need to take some time to dig up information and do a little research. It is not hard. Journalists in the 60s and 70s did an outstanding job of digging for information. As a historian I have read countless newspaper articles written over the last 100 years as part of my research. The quality of reporting in the past is far more superior than anything written today.

Lucky for us, it looks like Karen Hanson has done her homework, just reading the interview with her I was impressed with her knowledge of the blues. Buy this book if you can find it.

RL Burnside: Poor Black Mattie

Another cool RL video. Burnside was one of the greats, and his family is keeping the blues alive. There are several videos of this set. I assume it was probably taken in his house in the hill country of Mississippi.

St. Louis Blues Today

Nice trailer of today's blues in St. Louis. This is from the St. Louis Dispatch

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bangkok Blues

Hmmmmmmmm, the blues in Bangkok. (I'll let you make your own joke) Yes, it is true blues in Bangkok Thailand. In fact, it is the second annual Bangkok Blues festival. You can read about it here in the Bangkok Post. However, what is amazing about the fest is an old friend of mine from KC is one of the featured artists. Glen Patrick is bringing his burning guitar to Thailand to play the blues. According to the article Glen visited there three years ago, and really enjoyed the place, and now he is playing the fest for the second year in a row. I think the best memory I have of Glen was the weekend that Stevie Ray Vaughn died. Glen showed up at the Roxy for the legendary Sunday night blues jam. He got up and played a ton of Stevie Ray songs in tribute to him, and it was amazing. Not a dry eye in the house. Glen tore it up, and we all felt both grief, and joy that Stevie had graced us with such great music. Glen was the man that night, and to be honest most nights:-) To see and hear more of Glen Patrick click here for his myspace page.

Blues Society News

Hey do you want to go to a show for free???? How about joining a blues society and helping them with one of their shows! As a member of the Central Iowa Blues Society, I know that volunteers are highly prized. So many are willing to enjoy the blues, but so few are willing to work for the blues! Thanks to Illinois Blues, here are some help wanted, and big shows coming up from some of your friendly neighborhood blues societies.

Blues Society News

River City Blues Society - Volunteers for the Blues!

The River City Blues Society in Peoria, IL needs volunteers for the 2007 Luther Allison Memorial Blues Fest August 11, 2007 from 8:00am to 12 Midnight at East Peoria Riverfront Park in East Peoria, IL.

Volunteers are needed in all areas and for all shifts. Volunteer times and positions are filled on a first come, first served basis. VOLUNTEER EARLY! Your 4 hour Blues shift will get you free festival admission and a festival t-shirt . Please contact Nancy at

Larry Kuepker, 60, of Chillicothe died May 7, 2007 from very aggressive metastatic malignant melanoma. He loved music - all kinds. But his favorite was the Blues. He was a very active member in the River City Blues Society as the Treasurer and previously the membership chairman. He loved working at the festivals and helping people. He played drums and was a vocalist for the Generics Goodies Band. The band's website with pictures of "Uncle Lar" can be found at . His contributions to the society will be greatly missed.

Blues Blowtorch Society - Call for Blues Festival Volunteers

The Nothin But The Blues Festival July 20 & 21 will be at TRI-LAKES in Bloomington, Il. 20 more volunteers are still needed to help with every aspect of running this event. If you would like to volunteer please contact Richard Goff @ 1-217-433-3140 to claim your position.

PLEASE NOTE: The location of the Nothin But The Blues Festival location has been changed to TRI-Lakes in Bloomington, IL due to construction at the Sale Barn!

Central Iowa Blues Society - 2007 Solo/Duo Iowa Blues Challenge

Preliminary rounds - Des Moines, August 16, 2007 & Davenport August 17, 2007
Finals - September 2, 2007 At Blues on Grand
Prizes include cash, travel expenses, as well as performance opportunities plus the winners will compete at the Blues Foundation International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN during February 2008.

Information and applications are available from the Central Iowa Blues Society at (515) 225-6638
and our website The deadline is July 16, 2007.

The Illinois Central Blues Club - ICBC Blues Challenge August 25, 2007

Call for band entries. Illinois Central Blues Club - Springfield, IL is holding it's first Annual Blues Challenge during the Old Capitol Blues & Barbeque, August 25, 2007. The winners will receive $500 in travel monies to represent ICBC at the Blues Foundation's International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN in February 2008. Interested bands should go to the ICBC website at for contest rules and forms, or email or call 217-622-0340.

PERFORMERS FROM ANY STATE OR AREA ARE WELCOME TO COMPETE! At least one member of the band must be a member of the Illinois Central Blues Club. Applicants can join ICBC by contacting Mark at the above email address and phone. Applicants should submit photos, band biography, a cassette tape or CD of the band’s music. Quality of recording/picture is not considered in selecting and only the first 3 songs will be considered. Entries must be accompanied by a $10 entry fee. Entry fee will be returned if your band is not selected to compete in the August 25th competition.


Send your Society's BIG news or Press Release to: to be considered for next week


Just received this email from the save the internet campaign. They ARE NOT asking for money. All they want is for you to call your congress person TODAY!! I have contacted all three of my representatives from Iowa. Harkin has not replied. Grassley and King said they would look into it. They Are more likely to look into if they get a lot of phone calls and emails.

here is the email from Savenetradio



Time and options are running out for Internet Radio. Late this afternoon, the court DENIED the emergency stay sought on behalf of webcasters, millions of listeners and the artists and music they support.

UNLESS CONGRESS ACTS BY JULY 15th, the new ruinous royalty rates will be going into effect on Sunday, threatening the future of all internet radio.

We are appealing to the millions of Internet radio listeners out there, the webcasters they support and the artists and labels we treasure to rise up and make your voices heard again before this vibrant medium is silenced. Even if you have already called, we need you to call again.

The situation is grave, but that makes the message all the simpler and more serious.

PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES RIGHT AWAY and urge them to support the Internet Equality Act. Go to to find the phone numbers of your Senators and Representative.

If they've already co-sponsored, thank them and tell them to fight to bring the bill to the floor for an immediate vote. If the line is busy, please call back. Call until you know your voice has been heard.

Your voices are what have gotten us this far - Congress has listened. Now, they are our only hope.

We are outmatched by lobbying power and money but we are NOT outmatched by facts and passion and the power of our voices.

Again, please go to to find the necessary phone numbers and make the call today.

Thank you,

The SaveNetRadio Campaign

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rob Rio: Rocket 88

Some nice boogie woogie piano playing from Rob Rio.

Amos Milburn: Down The Road A Piece

Found another Amos Milburn video. This one is a nice boogie woogie piano song.

Floyd Dixon: Hey Bartender

Very rare video footage of Floyd Dixon doing Hey Bartender. Floyd was a popular blues piano player in the 1950s. In his later years he played frequently in the LA area. Of course, the Blues Brothers re-popularized his hit song Hey Bartender in 1980. The video abruptly ends, but it is the only footage I have found of the great Floyd Dixon, which is a shame, because he was one of the great jump blues piano players of his day.

Even North Platte NE Has The Blues

The 14th Annual South Loup Blues Fest takes place Friday in Arnold Nebraska. It sounds like an interesting show. Here are the particulars from the festival website. This is one of the cool small fests that can be a lot of fun. Much like Newton Iowa's Bowlful Of Blues. What is nice is that you have small crowds, lots of friendly people, great music, and usually pretty good eats! Plus you get to spend the day in a small Midwestern town, with some of the friendliest people you have ever met.

Here is the line up from the South Loup Blues Fest website:

FRIDAY, JULY 13TH -- 8:00-10:00 p.m.       FRIDAY, JULY 13TH -- 8:00-10:00 p.m.

The Resonators, a Lincoln-based band with roots in R & B and blues, will be performing for our Friday night free show thanks to KBBN 95.3 FM "The Thunderbird."

The members are all veterans of southeast Nebraska's music scene and possess a varied repertoire that focuses on great songwriters like Lucinda Williams, John Hiatt, Los Lobos, and Bonnie Raitt. They all like music with deep roots in blues! The Resonators are Sharon Kreimer, vocals; Randy Barger, guitar; Russ Zierke, keyboards and guitar; Dell Darling, drums; and, David Morris on bass. Friday night's show featuring the Resonators will be just the right warm-up for Saturday.


12:00 noon -- THE USUAL SUSPECTS 12:00 noon -- THE USUAL SUSPECTS

As you can see, this band is quite busy getting ready to open for the 14th Annual South Loup Blues Festival!! We have yet to receive their detailed bio but you might remember that they were part of our free Friday night show a couple of years ago and were great crowd-pleasers. The band members are based in the Lincoln and Omaha area, but one member, Rod Armstrong, grew up in Broken Bow, Nebraska -- a mere 35 miles from Arnold. And, Ben Armstrong, Rod's son, is also now part of this opening band. More information will be posted soon about our opening act, but until then, we can guarantee you that this year's line-up may be our strongest yet. See you at Old Mill Park on Saturday, July 14th!

2:00 p.m. -- THE TABLEROCKERS featuring EARL CATE of the CATE BROTHERS 2:00 p.m. -- THE TABLEROCKERS featuring EARL CATE of the CATE BROTHERS

Okay, we promoted Baby Jason coming back with new "Spankers" and now we are announcing one more change! It seems that after coming to Arnold the last several years, the festival has grown on Larry Boehmer and David Watson...the other two members The Tablerockers, the band Jason had been performing with at the South Loup River Blues Festival. When we contacted Jason earlier this year, he said that Larry and David were tired of the road and the band was dissolving. As any of you are are musicians know, hanging up your instruments is nearly impossible and this spring, Jason received a call from Larry Boehmer who had been in contact with David Watson and they were ready to start playing once more. And, it is our good fortune that one of the gigs they wanted to do was our festival!

As an extra bonus, The Tablerockers will be bringing with them a legend of rock and soul music for over 20 years---Earl Cate of the famous "Cate Brothers." We have always wanted to get the Cate Brothers on stage at Arnold so having one of these legendary brothers here this July is a dream-come-true. For those of you not familiar with them, the Cate Brothers, through many years of writing and performing, have developed a sound that is truly their own, both soulful and unique. From 1975 to 1980, the Cate Brothers released three LP's on Electra-Asylum Records and one LP on Atlantic Records. In 1980, the Cate Brothers Band reunited with longtime friend, Levon Helm of "The Band," and tourned the U.S. and Canada for two years. In 1983, the Cate Brothers Band joined Helm, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, and Richard Manuel as "The Band" reunited and tourned the U.S., Canada, and Japan. The Cates filled in for Robbie Robertson who declined to join the reunion of "The Band." The Cates have also toured with Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Earl is good friends with the members of The Tablerockers, as well as with The Bel Airs, so who knows what kind of jam session might transpire. You won't want to miss one minute so get to the festival early!

4:30 p.m. --            THE BEL AIRS 4:30 p.m. -- THE BEL AIRS

Living on the road and playing clubs from “Austin to Boston,” the Bel Airs carry on the tradition of American rhythm and blues. Brothers Dick and Dave Pruitt on bass and electric guitars front the band and since they grew up on country-soul and rock ‘n’ roll, the Pruitt brothers have developed a harmony and vocal style all their own. They have been performing for more than 25 years, wowing audiences with their unique brand of music – leading one reviewer to refer to them as the “Everly Brothers of Blues.” Drummer Michael Cherry hails from the Indianapolis music scene and is a veteran of the Paladins and the James Harmon Band. Based in Columbia, Missouri, the Bel Airs are one of the hottest and most entertaining bands in the United States that has now found appreciative fans in Europe as well. Their musical approach and superbly crafted showmanship make for memorable shows wherever they go and we know their time on stage at this year’s South Loup River Blues Festival will be no exception. It is a dream-come-true for us to finally get the Bel Airs in Arnold! Visit their site at and read about them before July....


Do you like your blues rough and ready? Do you like it live and edgy? This is how blues is played in Chicago and Bill Lupkin has had experience in that venue for the last thirty plus years. Born and raised in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Lupkin made his move to Chicago at the end of the 1960s, when blues was still mainly heard in the ghetto clubs on the South and West sides of the Windy City, and most of the great names of the post-war era were active. One of the great charms of that scene was how approachable the musicians were and Lupkin wasted no time falling in with The Aces, former backing band for Little Walter, Junior Wells, and many other greats. From there, often in collaboration with pianist Bob Riedy, he went on to rub shoulders with the likes of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and eventually to his most memorable association…Jimmy Rogers who was just out of retirement after a few fallow years. Jimmy’s Chess recordings and tastes did a lot to define the place of the harmonica in Chicago blues and for Lupkin, the gig was both a thrill and a school. Lupkin is one savvy harp player and a true talent. If you love harp players and good Chicago blues, you’ll love the energy and strength Bill Lupkin and the Chicago Blues Coalition will bring to our festival this summer. You’ll walk away wondering why you hadn’t heard more about this incredible performer before now!!! You can find out more about Lupkin by visiting his website

9:30 p.m. -- COREY STEVENS 9:30 p.m. -- COREY STEVENS

Corey Stevens was born in the small town of Centralia, Illinois where his earliest musical influences were Chuck Berry and other early rock-and-rollers. However, it was the lyrics of the British Invasion musicians that moved him and inspired him to be a songwriter as well as a guitar player. In college, Stevens studied classical music and classical guitar, choices that taught him discipline and shaped who he is now. Living in Hollywood, by the 1980s, Stevens began to focus seriously on his songwriting. He set up a four-track studio in a walk-in closet in his one bedroom apartment, writing such songs as “Blue Drops of Rain” and “Lessons of Love” and he started getting attention from record companies. He dedicated himself to becoming the best songwriter he could be while juggling a teaching career and raising a daughter. He started his own band and turned to guitar with the same passion he approached songwriting. Eventually he converted his songwriting studio into a guitar workshop and threw himself into learning blues guitar. An independent label signed Stevens in 1995 and released Blue Drops of Rain. In 1997, after quitting teaching, Stevens recorded his second album—one that yielded a top ten radio hit “One More Time.” He hit the road in support of the album and toured nine months, including a summer tour with Paul Rodgers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Stevens’ fan base grew as word how he captivated an audience with his live performances spread. His third album, Getaway, was released in 2000, followed in 2003 by his fourth album, Bring On the Blues, a combination of the contemporary blues concept of his first album with the classic rock of his second album. In early 2005, Stevens returned to the studio for an album that was a departure from the electric blues-rock template he had followed for ten years. Alone At Last, an acoustic offering, demonstrated his passion for trying new things and still being able to maintain his ability to write quality songs. In 2006, Stevens began pursuing an album idea he’d kept on the back burner for a few years…a collection of Albert King covers. Albertville was just released this February and has received critical acclaim. There are really no words to express how thrilled we are to have Corey Stevens as our late-night headliner at this year’s South Loup River Blues Festival. Trust us, you won’t want to leave until the last note is played! Check out this incredible musician by visiting his website:

Blind Mississippi Morris NEEDS YOUR HELP

Blind Mississippi Morris needs some much needed help. His house in Memphis is in disrepair and in need of 90,000 dollars in repair. I found out about this through the channel 5 WMC TV website in Memphis(Click Here). According to the article Morris's house doesn't meet code. Apparently some contractors are willing to donate time to repair the house. According to the reporter, Nick Kenny, if you would like to help out contact the Shelby County Commission. I took a look at the website, but I couldn't find any information on how to help Morris. If you can't find information there, you can also try emailing Nick Kenny

Buddy Guy Plays Des Moines On Friday Night

Radio Iowa, has an interview with Guy about his beginings in the blues. Buddy Guy will perform at the Events Center in downtown Des Moines friday night as part of the Rib America Festival. The show is at 9pm. I dont know if it is sold out. Readers in central Iowa should call the Events Center and see if tickets are available

Cool Photo Of Center Street, Des Moines Iowa

This is a photo of 3rd and Center about 11 blocks east of the black business district of Des Moines. These look like pretty nice brownstones, but they are long, long, gone now. Right now it would be the far south west corner of the new arena. These buildings were probably torn down not long after the photo was taken by Charles Cushman in 1958. That was about the time of the River Hills urban renewal effort. many of the people who lived in the River Hills area ended up living in the Center Street area to the west of where this photo was taken. This caused the area to get overcrowded, and to many people who used to live on the street helped lead to its decline. If you wonder what this has to do with the blues, it is because Center Street was a hot spot of blues and jazz in Des Moines. Without a doubt the streets decline began in 1958 for two reasons. The influx of people from River Hills, and plans for Interstate 235, which in 1958 was supposed to run right down Center Street. However, that plan eventually was scrapped in favor of moving the freeway north of Center. Yet, most of Des Moines still thinks that Center Street was demolished by the interstate, when in reality it was the urban renewal movement in the 60s that destroyed the street. To see more of Charles Cushman's photos click here.

Stevie Ray Vaughn In Des Moines Take Two!!!

This is a different video of Stevie Ray Vaughn in Des Moines. This on is definitely his show at Easy Street. Easy Street was a huge bar with a great stage. It was an old department store at one time, and then after Easy Street closed it became an Earl May, which for those not from the Midwest is basically a lawn and garden store:-)

This is a raw video, but it is a gem. Stevie is rocking! I only wish I had went to that show! I don't know what I was doing back then, but I was going to Easy Street at that time. I guess I didn't know who Stevie was in 1987:-)

Okay, I looked at the date, and I know 1. It wasn't Easy Street because Easy Street was closed by 87. 2. I knew who Stevie was in 87, because we were covering a ton of his tunes in 87. 3. I was in KC at the time teaching school, so I wouldn't have known he was in Des Moines:-) I assume that show must have been the Val Air Ballroom, because it does look like a big room, although it could have been Vets. I don't know if Stevie played at Vets. Hopefully T-Bone will stumble on this post and enlighten us:-)

Walter Trout: Dust My Broom

Walter Trout doing Robert Johnson's Dust My Broom.

John Hammond: Phonograph Blues

John Hammond playing Robert Johnson's Phonograph Blues.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Walter Trout Interview

From the Free Times of Cleveland Ohio, comes an interview of Walter Trout. One of those hard working blues guitarists that blues fans love, and everyone else goes who??? This is a great interview so you need to read it. check it out HERE.

John Hammond Interview

IC Wales website has an interview with John Hammond. It is a great bio, and covers a little bit about his famous dad John Hammond Sr. Hammond is playing in England at the Abertillery Blues Festival this weekend. To read the article Click HERE. Below is the artists slated to appear at the fest from the IC Wales website.

Abertillery Blues Festival – The line-up

Thursday, July 12, at The Met, Abertillery from 7pm Jim Diamond and Snake Davies. Yes, THE Jim Diamond who wrote Hi Ho Silver, the theme tune to the Michael Elphick drama Boon. Also playing: Crosscut Saw, J44, Blue Traffic, Kendall James Band.

Friday, July 13, at Abertillery Park from 7pm The Blues Band. Formed in 1979. This blues ensemble features Radio 2 presenter Paul Jones and they have become a real tradition on the blues fixture list. Also playing: The Animals, The Yardbirds, The Revelators.

Saturday, July 14, at Abertillery Park from 3pm The Michael Roach Band. John Hammond is headlining but you should also check out Washington soulful country blues singer Roach and his eight-piece band. Also playing: Taste, John Hammond, Paul Lamb and the Kingsnakes, Dave Arcari, Stone Fox.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Blues Brothers Trailer

I tried to post this a couple of months ago, but it got ate in cyber space. So I waited and hoped it would show up one day, but like Elwood, and Jake it proved to be undependable:-) So here it finally is the prodigal son returns. One of the great blues movies ever made. Here is the very cool trailer for the movie.

Steve Goodman: Go Cubs Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In honor the Cubs getting within 5 1/2 games of first place, and the all star break I have a video of the late great Steve Goodman's song Go Cubs Go. Although it is a collection of pictures of the 2007 Cubs that someone made on Youtube, the song is Steve Goodman. Enjoy!!!


I have noticed a ton of traffic to this video. I thought you might like this Steve Goodman Cubs video as well. A Dying Cub Fans Last Request. A very cool song, from a very cool man.

Update II

I also added a couple of videos of Harry Carey HERE. I just want to thank my fellow Cub fans for finding my blue blog. Thanks to you, Thursday was the biggest day in Blues Historian history! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gina Sicilia: Evil Gal

This is from a TV show. I assume that it is a local TV show from Philadelphia since she is from that area, but I could be wrong:-) Not bad, although the guitar player was playing delta until his solo, and boy is that akward! However, she has a great big voice! Give her a couple more years, and she is going to kick some A$$:-)

ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC : Big Bullies

This is a great article about the hazards of booking live music. You think hey, I would like a band to play at my business, and then guess what the vultures start showing up demanding money. Blues On Grand went through this a year ago, and a lot of places that I have played over the years have gotten screwed over by these groups(thugs is closer to it) I have no problem with composers of songs getting payment for their work, but this is ridiculous. You need to read the whole story to get the real idea of what is going on. Click here for the article from Florida Today.

Why The Blues Is Still Alive

An interesting article from the Daily Times from Farmington New Mexico. There is a small blues fest in Aztec New Mexico and I think the author was stunned that a 78 year old woman would be interested in blues music. Unfortunately the rest of the article made it look like only old people come to blues shows. In the long term that is not a good trend for the blues. However, one of the volunteers at the show had this to say about the blues, which I thought was hilarious.

"You can not like rock and roll. You can not like jazz. But I don't think there's too many people who go, Ugh, God, I just hate the blues.' There's just something about it,"
If you would like to read the whole article CLICK HERE.

Blogcritic: Gina Sicilia, Allow Me To Confess

A new blues artist Gina Sicilia got a great review from blogcritc. I have no clue who she is, but I have to admit that I agree with most of what was written at the beginning of the review.

From Blogcritic:

I know this might come across as some sort of reverse ageism, but I've always wondered how a twentysomething musician could legitimately sing the Blues? That's a pretty pejorative statement I know, but looking at some of these guys with their perfect teeth, expensive leather jackets and fancy guitars, nothing anyone tells me is going to convince me they know what the Blues are.

Oh technically they've got the chops; they can play guitar, blow harmonica, and sing, but a machine can be programmed to do most of the same things. I was very deliberate about saying guys because for every new woman Blues singer that comes along, there seems to be about twenty young turks, who in spite of having no real affinity for the music call, are called Blues musicians.

If I have to hear another CD of some young white guy singing misogynistic songs about hot chicks, being dumped, dumping someone, or "hey babe let's have a good time", I might puke. I know a lot of old time Blues guys sing "done me wrong songs" but there's a big difference. Those old time songs were vehicles that most readily expressed the emotions that the Blues evoked and weren't really about the topic of the song. With the young guys today it unfortunately comes across like they really mean what they are saying in the songs instead of only using them to express a universal emotion.

Now, I don't think that is universally true. We have had a couple of players, Jake Torkleson, and Matt Woods, who know the blues and are young guys. In fact, Jake lived the blues as a kid when he was deathly ill from Leukemia. However, for the most part young guys don't have a clue. I certainly didn't have a clue until my early 30s, and even then it was and still is a learning process.

Yet, I regress the article is a review of Gina Sicilla, and according to the review she has a fine disc out there. To read the review click here.


Here is her Myspace page. I am listening to her stuff right now, and it is really good:-)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Artist Of The Week: Otis Spann

Artist of the week is the great Otis Spann. Otis influenced my piano playing more than any other bluesman. His strong left hand, and speedy right hand make him one of the greats. Furthermore, he could play more than boogie. He played most of his career with Muddy Waters, and was Muddy's first call piano player. Otis also recorded a few albums on his own. perhaps the most famous was recorded in England with Muddy's band backing him up, and a guest appearance by a very young Eric Clapton. Otis died young he was 40 years old when he died of Liver failure in 1970. The videos are on the Google video bar located on the side of the blog. Sometimes the videos vary, but right now at least the first three are Otis.

Photo Of The Week: Jimmy Pryor

This is a nice pic of Jimmy Pryor taken during one of the Central Iowa Blues Societies pub crawls. At the end of the night there is usually an after hour jam, and you would always find the Midnite Cowboy ready to go no matter what time it was. Jimmy was a night owl, and was used to playing the blues late at night. In fact, the reason he came to Des Moines in 1960, was because Iowa still had key clubs, and were open 24 hours. When the Key Clubs closed in the mid 60s and the state enforced a 2am closing time on clubs, Jimmy played at after hours joints. He was still playing them as late as the mid 90s. He asked me a couple of times to go play with him at an after hour joint, but for some reason I never was able to get free to do it.