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Friday, February 19, 2010

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

OK, who's done with winter? But is winter done with us? I have once again insured more snow fall in the next 24 hours by using today's nice day (you know it's been a tough winter when temperatures in the mid 20s with wind chills in the teens is a "nice day") to remove the last bits of ice and snow from all the walk ways and parking slabs at my house. Mother Nature waits for me to complete this task just so she can break my spirit by adding another couple of inches to the near record totals for the season. It's hard to be a skeptic about climate change when the last three winters have produced 3 out of the top 8 yearly snow fall totals OF ALL TIME here in Sparkle City! And now we get the Winter Olympics (take my snow, PLEASE!) The Winter Dance Party (somebody please tell me what the fascination is with bands that pretend to be someone else) and, most importantly, the Winter Specials at Vickie's place! But first...

I hope you can help us make a good first impression at the new Bourre Lounge, inside of the new restaurant Reux Orleans, in the old Black's Building at 4th and Sycamore in Waterloo. Let me see, a New Orleans themed atmosphere with cajun cuisine at Mardi Gras time. What's not to like, right Avis? Get there early for the great food and stay late to rub yer washboard tie with the band. (you do not have to give up rubbin' it for Lent) We start a little after 9 and play til at least 12:30am. Our friend from Independence, Nate Whited, is bringing a birthday party with him, CAKE is optional (but recommended) (speaking of Avis, she's throwing a birthday party for her husband Bob Guthart, at The Hub, tonight-Fri. 2/19, during Checker & The Bluetones Geeezer Gig, CAKE is mandatory!) (Bob would like an official NFL football signed by Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, Boyd Dowler, Max McGhee, Jerry Kramer, Forest Gregg, Jim Taylor, Willie Wood, Ray Nitschke, and Herb Adderly as a gift, in case you have an extra one of those around)...

We are not currently booked next week (a perfect opportunity to have us play for that celebration you're planning for the first day of temperatures OVER the freezing mark) We have added a cool gig to the first weekend in March. Fri. Mar. 5 is the First Friday of the month Geeezer Gig, 6-9pm, at The Hub and Sat. Mar. 6, we've been invited to play at the Redstone Room in The River Music Experience, 2nd & Main, in Davenport. Doors open at 8, showtime at 9. I'm hoping to run into some people that I went to Sudlow Jr. High School with at that Davenport gig...

So that's the appearance info part of the note. Yer done if that's all ya need. The rest of us will talk about you after you leave...

You know yer old when you're watching the Winter Olympics and you find curling exciting! Until this year, the only contact I've had with curling was in the Beatles movie Help when George Harrison discovered a "fiendish thingy" attached to his curling iron, err, stone. BTW, are people who curl called curlers? How 'bout it girls, have you ever seen men use a broom so fast in your life? Rumor has it that as soon as my wife actually moves into my house, I'll be learning how to use a broom myself! I'm in awe of those curling broomsters already!...

Carolyn (my red headed wife) (what?) (only her hairdresser knows for sure) and I were given some tickets to the Winter Dance Party at the Gallagher/Bluedorn Performing Arts Center tonight as a wedding gift. I enjoyed the show, but I do not understand the proliferation of bands/musicians who pretend to be someone else, in this case, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper. Christ, they even introduced these guys as Buddy, Richie, and The Bopper. There are bands who pretend to be The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Grateful Dead. There are musicians who pretend to be Elvis Presely (both young Elvis and Fat Elvis) There was even a band who pretended to be The Who at this year's Super Bowl! I don't get it. Part of the fascination of being a musician for me is that you get to be you. For cryin' out loud, The Blue Band doesn't even BLUE BAND songs "like the record". I know these "actors" make WAY more money than I ever will (the Gallagher/Bluedorn was sold out at $40 a head, The Blue Band doesn't even sell out The Hub for $5) but I still don't get it. Somebody 'splain this to me...

And that brings us to Vickie's Place (Victoria's Secret) Winter snowfall/temps continues to make it so that my wife (CD not CP!) and I do our exercise walking in the mall. Vickie is having a sale on bras and panties. Bras are $8 a cup and panties are half off (It's 8 minutes, 40 seconds per round of the mall, plenty of time to make this stuff up) The wife (just call her Red) got a Vickie's Gift Certificate at her bridal shower. I'm here to confirm for you fellows what you have always suspected. My wife looks real good in that short, low neckline thing...

Whew, I'm gonna have to take a cold shower just thinkin' about that one! See yas on the Blue Bourre Highway, rubbing yer washboard tie is the only way to survive the rest of the winter, CAKE is always in season, and don't forget that we love you. Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Attention Iowa Blues Bands

Here is your chance to be a star. The Iowa blues societies are looking for a few good people to send to Memphis to represent Iowa. Here is the official press release from the Central Iowa Blues Society.

ATTENTION BLUES BANDS We are now accepting applications for the 2010 IOWA BLUES CHALLENGE!!! Play for a prize package that includes cash, recording time and performance opportunities at Mississippi Valley Blues Fest and other paid gigs, PLUS INTERNATIONAL BLUES CHALLENGE In Memphis, TN. ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE CHALLENGE? DON’T DELAY!!! Information and applications are available from the Central Iowa Blues Society at (515) 225-6638 and our website The deadline is March 6th, 2010. The 2010 Iowa Blues Challenge is proudly sponsored by Central Iowa Blues Society, Mississippi Valley Blues Society, Lizard Creek Blues Society, Budweiser, KGGO/98.3 WOW., Junior’s Motel, Cityview, Rieman Musi

Soul Searchers Update

the soul searchers
click here for our website
click here for our myspace page
click here to buy the CD

wednesday, february 17, 9pm-midnight
greenwood lounge
3707 ingersoll ave, des moines

"the soul searchers lay down authentic west coast blues from their des moines, iowa surroundings" -BLUES REVUE magazine "the soul searchers are a veteran group of players who roll along slickly and confidently" -BLUESWAX "this band puts down energetic jump-blues with a vintage vibe that harks back to early fabulous thunderbirds" -OMAHA READER

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lil' Dave Thompson RIP

From Bob Corritorre

February 15, 2010
RIP Lil' Dave Thompson - May 21, 1969 - February 14th 2010. It is with great sadness that we report that Mississippi blues guitarist Lil' Dave Thompson died yesterday from an auto accident outside of Augusta, Georgia, while touring with his band. His van overturned and Dave was thrown from the vehicle and pronouced dead on the scene by the paramedics. Other members of the group were reportedly not seriously injured. Dave was born in Hinds County, Mississippi and was greatly influenced by musicans from that area. He made his first record for Fat Possum in 1995, and subsequently had two beautiful releases for Electro-Fi. In the last few years he had toured extensively as he built his career. He had developed into a spectacular singer and a fine, modern blues guitarist. For more details on Dave's untimely death click here, and here. To see Dave Thompson's website click here. Rest In peace Lil' Dave.

Dale Hawkins RIP

From Bob Corritore

February 15, 2010