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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Casey James: Too Sweet For Me

Hmmmmmmmm, reminds of the good ol days in Kansas City.  How did this guy end up on American Idol???  This guy is as blues as it gets.  He can shuffle, slow blues, and blow the doors off the dump like Stevie Ray.  All I can say is the blues community better wake up and latch on to this kid.


Marie Leathem said...

I was at this show and it was amazing! Such a treat to watch him with the Buckaroos. If you want to see his fingers fly from another angle you can go here Same song. He plays "Born on the Bayou" first, not blues but you'll see just how versatile he is. I was spellbound & couldn't even take it all in while I was there. So glad we have video. Thanks SO MUCH for recognizing this great talent & for writing about him. We appreciate you!

Amber C. said...

Great performance! Enjoyed reading your that you highlighted Casey James in it!

Gail. V said...

Thanks for highlighting Casey James in your blog. I have seen him perform live several times. He definitely can make the guitar talk! He is a very talented singer/songwriter and musician!!!

Nikki (@Nickle_T) said...

Casey is an amazing ARTIST! No computers, smoke & mirrors needed -His talent & music are made to last! So happy that his dreams are coming true. Not only is he a wonderfully amazing guitarist and singer - he is a beautiful, sweet soul.

Cecil A. said...

Casey sounded incredible playing So Sweet that night. (I especially loved the guitar.)But then again, that's Casey. He pours his heart and soul into all of his music. I'm glad you're highlighting his talent because he deserves to get solid recognition in the blues world. Thank you.

Inta Akerberga said...

Casey James is not a superstar, but he is much more !! Way to go, Baby Blues! <3

medolark said...

I enjoy it when Casey sings the blues. I don't know if he's going to be able to catch the country crowd. He's relaxing more and enjoying his gigs and his personality is shining through. Thanks for posting this vid. Too Sweet For Me is one of my faves. Ü