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Friday, November 15, 2013


All start cast of blues performers playing and singing the blues. I am guessing 1980s due to Billy Ocean being in the mix, plus Stevie Ray Vaughn.  I am sure I posted this years ago, but a lot of the videos i posted originally have disapeared.  Plus this video is worth reposting:-)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Muddy Waters - Champagne & Reefer

Just thought a great Muddy Waters tune was due today:-)   Plus my friends Johnny Reefferseed Express are playing at the Hull Ave tonight (E9th and Hull Ave, Des Moines Iowa, 6pm-10pm)
Support your local blues performers because with out them there is no local blues scene. 

More Paramount Records!

Great day for Paramount record lovers!  Found another article about the small Wisconsin furniture company turned record company to sell record players!  This one is from NPR, and discusses research of Scott Blackwood, and a reissue of Paramount recordings.  Unfortunately I couldn't find a link to the reissue or who is putting it out on the NPR site. The article is here on the NPR webpage

However, they did mention Revenant Records, so I checked them out and found the Paramount box set HERE Unfortunately all 5000 copies must have been sold because it is out of print!  ARGH!  The article from NPR is only a few days old!! I guess you will just have to look at the site and wonder what it would have been like to own a flash drive with 800 Paramount recordings on it, and all the rest of the cool stuff that came in the box. 

Bobby Parker RIP

Blues and soul guitarist Bobby Parker died October 31st at the age of 71.  His hit Watch Your Step influenced John Lennon on two Beatles songs Day Tripper and I Feel Fine
His Obit can be found here on the Washington Post

Another Blues Historian

Article from Penn State about blues historian Jerry Zoltan and his research on Paramount records.  Paramount was a furniture store in Grafton Wisconsin in order to sell record players, Paramount started to record music. The most sought after being blues recordings of artists like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Charlie Patton, and Skip James.

To read more click HERE. To read the Wiki about Paramount click HERE.

Cleaning House

Got rid of some dead links, on the sidebar.  Will try to clean up and delete blogs that are dead, or no longer functioning.  It will take some time, but I will clean this house up eventually:-)  Look for new content soon.

Prof Gary "Blues Historian"