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Friday, July 27, 2007

Kenny Neal: Little Red Rooster

Kenny Neal live in Buffalo New York. A very nice, short clip of Kenny and the band playing life outside. Ah, Blues, Summer time, and BBQ, Can't be beat:-)

Billy Branch: Juke Jam

Billy Branch and the Son's Of The Blues with Lurie Bell on Guitar. This was recorded at the American Folk Blues Festival in 1982.

Sherman Robertson video

Sherman Robertson live from the Salaise Blues Festival. Very nice clip.

Eric Burdon Interview

Eric Burdon is still out there making music. Burdon best known as the front man of the 60s band the Animals, is back to making blues music. The interview is from the Time Union of Albany New York. Burdon is performing in the area with another oldies band Rare Earth. For more information read the interview HERE.

Guitar Shorty Interveiw/ Hickory Smoked Music Festival

Another great interview with Guitar Shorty. This interview is from Press and Sun Bulletin from Binghampton NY. Guitar Shorty is playing the Hickory Smoked Music Festival in Owego NY. Here is the schedule of events for the show.

12:15 p.m.: Owego Free Academy (OFA) Jazz Band (National Anthem)

1:30 p.m.: Professor Louie & the Crowmatix

2:45 p.m.: Outta Time Blues with Mac McGhee

4 p.m.: Frostbit Blue

5:15 p.m.: Mac Arnold & Plate Full O'Blues

6:30 p.m.: Rosie Ledet

7:45 p.m.: Guitar Shorty

9 p.m.: Roosevelt Dean Blues Band

For more information about the festival check out the festival website HERE.

Kenny Neal Public Access TV Show

People of Palo Alto California, don't realize how lucky they are to have Kenny Neal doing a public access show for them! Kenny Neal, son of the late Raful Neal. Kenny is promoting both local and national blues acts on his show. However, what is really cool about this show, is Kenny Neal is a blues star himself. He knows most of the people he brings onto his show, and actually goes out and recruits local blues artists to perform on his show. To read a nice article about the show in the Palo Alto Online Click Here. They also have a short video/sideshow of a part of the show on the page that is worth your time to check it out.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Etta James: At Last

Here is live raw footage of Etta James from last month at the Hollywood Bowl. Thank goodness she is feeling better. GET WELL ETTA!!

Crossroads Guitar Festival

Big gig Saturday in Chicago, it is the Crossroads Guitar Festival. It is hard to tell from the website if there are any tickets left. You might want to check out the website here. As you know this is an Eric Clapton event, and features a ton of great guitar players. Here is a list of who will be there.

Jeff Beck, Doyle Bramhall II, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Sheryl Crow, Vince Gill, Buddy Guy, BB King, Alison Krauss and Union Station, Sonny Landreth, Albert Lee, Los Lobos, John Mayer, John McLaughlin, Willie Nelson, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Robbie Robertson, Hubert Sumlin, The Derek Trucks Band, Jimmie Vaughan, Johnny Winter, and Steve Winwood.

Of course, I can guarantee that a lot of misinformation about Robert Johnson will be spread about him. Given that the festival is named after one of Robert's most misunderstood songs, and the myth that has grown around it, thanks to Tommy Johnson, and Son House. However, it should be a good show. If you can make it to the show, just ignore the history:-)

Etta James Recovering

It was reported earlier today that Etta James was in the hospital. Good news! Etta is in stable condition and should be able to return to performing in late August. Here is the complete story from E Online.

News From The Central Iowa Blues Society

A couple of big events from Cibs, the Solo Duo contest, and the Gateway Blues Fest. Here is the press release for both events. Just a note about the contest. I was to perform with the Raccoon River Blues Boys, but due to conflicts with my work schedule, I will not be able to perform. However, I believe, that Jeff Baker our amazing bass player will play in my place. Good luck guys!!

Press Release-2007 Iowa Blues Challenge-Solo/Duo Acts

The 2007 Solo/Duo Iowa Blues Challenge features head to head competition culminating in a four act Final round to be held Sunday, September 2, 2007 at Blues On Grand as part of the Gateway Blues Fest.

For the third year, the Central Iowa Blues Society, in cooperation with the Mississippi Valley Blues Society and Lizard Creek Blues Society, presents the 2007 Iowa Blues Challenge, an all-Iowa Blues Solo/Duo contest.

A preliminary round will be held in Des Moines, Iowa at Blues on Grand, August 16, 2007. The Challenge will start at 8 PM with 5 Acts competing for 2 slots in the Finals. The Acts in the Challenge this year are Bodley & Cantrell, Taz Duo, Freight Train Frank, Willie McKnight & Alan Smith and Raccoon River Blues Boy. Another preliminary round will be held in Davenport, IA on August 17, 2007 where 5 more Acts will compete for the other 2 slots in the Finals.

The 2007 Iowa Blues Challenge is proudly sponsored by Central Iowa Blues Society, Mississippi Blues Society, Lizard Creek Blues Society, Budweiser and Citadel Broadcasting/95KGGO & 98.3WOW.

More information available at or 515-225-6638.






Matt Woods & the Thunderbolts 3:00-3:45

Lil’ Brian & the Zydeco Travelers 4:00-5:30

Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers 6:00-7:30 James Cotton 8:00-9:30





3rd Annual 2007 IA Blues Challenge Solo/Duo Finals

at Blues on Grand 3 PM

Jam at Blues on Grand

hosted by the Jeff Banks Band 9:30 PM

Advance tickets are available at Blues on Grand or by calling 515-225-6638…...Sorry-no credit cards

Bring your lawn chairs…No umbrellas, pets, coolers or tents.

Vendors will have food and beverages for sale on site.

Hotel Fest Rates available at the Downtown Marriott (800-228-9290) and at the Hotel Fort Des Moines (800-532-1466). Just tell them you are coming for the Gateway Blues Fest.

Sponsors for the Fest are Central Iowa Blues Society, Budweiser, 95KGGO/98.3 WOW, Downtown Community Alliance. More information at

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mississippi Fred McDowell: Goin Down To The River

Mississippi Fred McDowell playing some delta blues. Not sure where this clip comes from. Possibly from an European TV show.

Bukka White: Aberdeen Mississippi Blues

Classic footage of Bukka white playing and singing the blues.

Blues Fundraiser In Western Wyndott County

People who live in the Kansas City area know about Tonganoxie, a small town located west of Kansas City Kansas. I believe it is where the Blue river splits, they call it the Tonganoxie split, and local weather lore says that tornadoes follow the split and head south of Kansas City. Anyway, some local Kansas City bands will perform at the Tonganoxie VFW park on Saturday to raise money for Big Brother, and Big Sister. Not only will there be blues, but also BBQ provided by Bum Steer of Lawrence Kansas. It looks like the headliner is Fast Johnny Ricker, who became very popular in KC after I left. Lonnie Ray Blues Band will be there as well as two other bands. I played with Lonnie Ray a couple of times, once at the Point. Lonnie is a great guitar player, so you need to check him out. For more info Click HERE.

Cool Blues Fest Alert

Just got this from Illinois blues about a free blues fest

the Spoon River Blues Festival in Canton, IL this Saturday July 28th. They are offering Blues fans a unique opportunity to make their Blues $ dollars go FAR! If you have a ticket stub from any other Blues fest you have attended this season, bring it and you can get in FREE to this fest. How cool is that? See their festival ad below for the lineup. CLICK HERE for more information.
Here is more info from Illnois blues about the fest:

Miller Lite
Spoon River Blues Festival

JULY 28, 2007 - NOON TO MOON

INGERSOLL COUNTRY MANOR (Route 78 N. - North of Canton, IL)


The Dave Chastain Band

Steve the Harp & the Blues Deacons

The Sally Weisenburg Trio

Also coming up in Peoria is yet another cool fest:

The 3rd Annual

Saturday August 11th, 2007
Riverfront Park, East Peoria, Illinois

Gate opens at Noon

9:20 pm Anthony Gomes

7:30 pm Blues Legends:

Pinetop Perkins

Hubert Sumlin

Bob Margolin

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith

Bob Stroger

5:40 pm Judy Page with Preston Jackson & friends

3:50 pm Rooster Alley

2:30 pm The Greg Glick Band

1:30 pm Low Down Blues Band

CLICK HERE for more information

Presented by:

If you live in the area and want to attend free, then here is your opportunity. The River City Blues Society needs volunteers for the blues fest!!!! Join up today and help them out!!!

River City Blues Society - Volunteers for the Blues!

The River City Blues Society in Peoria, IL needs volunteers for the 2007 Luther Allison Memorial Blues Fest August 11, 2007 from 8:00am to 12 Midnight at East Peoria Riverfront Park in East Peoria, IL.

Volunteers are needed in all areas and for all shifts. Volunteer times and positions are filled on a first come, first served basis. VOLUNTEER EARLY! Your 4 hour Blues shift will get you free festival admission and a festival t-shirt . Please contact Nancy at

James Harmon: Ooh Baby

James Harmon is one of the wild ones. I had the pleasure to open for him a couple of times, and he was always a blast to talk to. I also learned a lot about the music business from listening to him deal with bar owners:-) If you get a chance to check out James Harmon, you won't be sorry.

Joe Louis Walker, and Gatemouth Brown

Nice TV appearance of Joe Louis Walker, with the late great Gatemouth Brown.

Barbara Dane: Old Fashioned Love

Here is a B&W clip of Barbara Dane with the Firehouse Five.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fight For Internet Radio Not Over Yet

Here is another article on the current state of Internet radio. This comes from Great Reporter. Once again it makes the point that independent artists, and small Ma, and Pa internet radio stations will disappear if Sound Exchange gets its way. I think a great example of the future of internet radio, can be shown by looking at commercial radio today. How many stations in your town,(US) are locally owned and operated. I am not talking about small wattage community stations, I am talking about commercial radio stations. If you have one it is a miracle. even up here in the boondocks, we have no local radio stations. Last summer a typical summer thunderstorm came rolling through NW Iowa. The electricity was out, and I was tying to find a local radio station to find out if anything severe was coming through. Amazingly all the stations in town were automated and run by computers, no weather warnings, no live people, just a computer playing music, and commercials. I was finally lucky enough to find a live person broadcasting 40 miles north of me, and he had RADAR! Only through him did I find out that A severe thunderstorm was rolling through my area! What if it had been a tornado?? My only hope would have been to hear the sirens, or the tornado!

This is why commercial radio has been ruined. No local control, and corporations deciding what I get to listen to. No DJs, no request line, no people! This is why it is important to save internet radio since it still has the local flavor that is long gone from commercial radio. Plus internet radio will play music from me and other unsigned and indie musicians.

If you haven't done it yet, go to the bottom of the blog and click on the save internet radio banner, and see what you can do to save the music.

Barbara Dane Interview

The San Fransico Chronicle has an interview with Barbara Dane. Dane was one of those artists who seemed on the cusp of fame, but never made it. Perhaps the reason why was her politics, and her brief involvement with the Communist party. Yet, at 80, she is still performing, so people in San Fran need to check her out. Click here for more.

Homemade Jamz Blues Band Interview

Apparently at the last International Blues Challenge, in Memphis a band of kids called the Homemade Jamz Blues Band came in second. that is quite the accomplishment. The Band will be performing Thursday night at WC Handy Music Festival in Memphis. If you would like to read an interesting interview with some kids who are truly keeping the blues alive, then check out this article from the Times Daily in NW Alabama.

Here is a short clip of the band. You got to dig the little girl on the drums! She plays better than most guys I have played with that are five times her age:-)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Al Kooper: Wake Me Shake Me

Al Kooper from Monterey Pop festival. I have seen the movie quite a few times, but never all the way through. I need to find it, and finally watch the whole thing.


The Detroit Free Press has picked up the story out of Florida, about the coffee shop that had to stop live music because of publishing fees. Understand, that it is not the copywrite of a song that is in question, it is the ownership of the publishing that is in question. I explain this in detail a little lower in the post.

The story that the Detroit Free Press picked up starts out the same for the first three paragraphs, but the rest of the story is new. I think it is an important story to read, to understand just how hard it is for bands trying to find a gig. I ran into to this a lot in Des Moines. I would book a house gig at a nice little bar, and within two weeks the publishing guys showed up demanding money.

Here is what makes this a racket. First lets take the biggest and greatest example of an artist being screwed over by loosing the rights of their publishing. The Beatles never owned the publishing rights to their songs. They had the copywrite, but not the publishing. It is a long and drawn out tragedy, that was captured in the book, Apple To The Core, by Peter McCabe, and Robert D. Schonfeld. They still have a few copies of the book at Amazon so click here.

What is sad, is that every time the Beatles catalog of songs would come available, the Beatles, or in later years the surviving Beatles, would have to bid on catalog like everyone else, and while McCartney and Yoko have tons of money, it wasn't enough to outbid Michael Jackson.

So why is this important. Let me explain, If I play Yer Blues a Lennon and McCartney song from the White Album, in my band, or if a restaurant, or bar owner plays that tune from a CD, or Radio, then the one who owns the publishing gets paid each time it is played. SOOOOOO, who gets the money every time I sing Yer Blues. Not YOKO, not Paul, or Ringo, its Micheal Jackson! It isn't fair is it. However, don't cry for Paul McCartney! Every time I play a Buddy Holly tune HE GETS THE MONEY! Why??? Because he owns the publishing! The sad thing is that as a young artist, you have no clue what you are doing, and people are willing to publish your songs. You think wow, that's great, because you have the false idea that by owning the copywrite you get the royalty, but that's not how it works. I have to admit that over the last 30 years a lot of musicians learned from the mistake of the Beatles, and they own their own publishing, but not all are that savvy.

That brings us to the blues. A lot of the great delta blues masters are long gone, but their publishing lives on. For instance Robert Johnson's music was owned by Road Island Co., which picked up the publishing rights in 1978! That is 40 years after Robert DIED!! Also they owned the rights to ST. James Infirmary in 1978! This was a song made popular by Cab Callowy in the 30s.

I do know that some royalties make it to the families. Robert Johnson has a son who is a truck driver who is getting money, and certainly some of the Smithsonian reissues are making it to the families of the performers who are no longer with us, but you wonder about the ton of reissues that are now out. I suppose the answer is to follow the money, and see where it goes.

Redwood City PAL Blues Festival

A FREE blues fest is going on in Redwood City CA. This show is to help raise money for the Redwood City Police Department and their PAL program. PAL is an organization that brings together kids, and police officers into sporting activities, and other events to give kids some positive attention. It sounds like a great program, and it is great that the blues is playing a part of it. Here is the acts slated to appear from the blues fest web page.

12 noon ............................... J. C. Smith
1:10 pm ............................... Nitecry
2:30 pm ............................... Daniel Castro
3:50 pm ............................... Steve Edmonson & Jackie Payne
5:10 pm ............................... Steve Freund
6:30 pm ............................... Joe Louis Walker
Other Concerts Associate with the Redwood City PAL Blues Festival
............................... Patricia Wilder
Afternoon Concert on Courthouse Square
7/20 6pm-8pm ............................... bluestate band
Music on the Square Series
7/21 8pm ............................... Kenny Neal plus Earl Thomas
Little Fox Theatre - This is a paid event

Cape Fear Blues Festival

The Cape Fear Blues Society is putting on their 12th annual blues fest in Wilmington NC. This takes place July 27-29th. Sound like a lot of fun, with many different types of entertainment, plus a lot of local blues. Like I have said in previous posts, I really enjoy listening to the locals as much as I do the national and regional acts. Every area has its flavor of blues, so never be scared to go to a blues fests where you only recognize only one or two acts. You will always be pleasantly surprised when you go to any of these outdoor festivals.

Here is the schedule from the Cape Fear Blues Society Website.
2007 Festival Schedule

Friday, July 27

7:30 pm - Cape Fear Blues Cruise / Henrietta III Riverboat: 3 bands, 3 bars, and 3 decks
of pure blues fun! Performers include
Elliott & The Untouchables, Rick Tobey & The
Chickenhead Blues Band
, and Spider Mike Bochey. Heavy appetizers are served by
Angie's Catering. Tickets ($45 per person) on sale NOW at Cape Fear Riverboats, 101 S.
Water St. or call 910-343-1611.

7:00 pm -
Live Blues / Water Street Restaurant: Live blues & jazz from The Prince Taylor
. Enjoy this venue's unique riverfront setting, an awesome band, and a menu of local
fare that's sure to please. 5 S. Water St. For reservations call 910-343-0042.

9:00 pm -
Post-Blues Cruise Party / The Rusty Nail: THE
place to be for Friday night blues. The
Cape Fear Blues
plays their trademark rockin' blues into the wee hours
of the night. 1310 S. 5th St. Call 910-251-1888 for more info.

9:00 pm -
Live Blues / West End Tavern & Deli: Stop in for a special appearance by the
Eric Culberson Blues Band. Enjoy their fresh deli sandwiches and the finest microbrew
selection on the Cape Fear coast. 108 W. Fremont St. in Burgaw. Call 910-259-8444.

Saturday, July 28

11:00 am - Cape Fear Blues Workshop / Finkelstein Music: An ideal listening and
educational experience for musicians, young listeners, and ardent blues fans.
Guitarist Elliott
New will be our featured artist
. FREE! Go to 6 S. Front St. 910-762-5662 for more info.

Noon -
Festival Concert / Hugh MacRae Park: Blues in the great outdoors! Performers
Maurice John Vaughn, The Eric Culberson Blues Band, The Dynamic Therm-
O-Tones, Tommy B. & The Stingers,
and Mojo Collins. Coolers OK, but NO GLASS.
Chairs and blankets welcome. Beverages and food available on-site. Free parking.
Discount tickets at Finkelstein Music ($12). $16 at the gate. Call 910-762-5662 for info.

9:00 pm - Live Blues / The Rusty Nail : It's another over-the-top Blues
party at Wilmington's favorite juke joint.
Mario & The Shakers play
classic blues and butt-shakin' R&B. Enjoy the ambience of this popular
club and find out why it's become the home of the weekly Cape Fear
Blues Jams. 1310 S. 5th St. Call 910-251-1888.

Sunday, July 29

Noon - All-Day Blues Jam / The Rusty Nail: An outdoor blues extravaganza
featuring the area's finest blues musicians. Plus, the
Guitar Giveaway will take
place at 6:00 pm. FREE! Chairs welcome. NO coolers. Beverages and food
available on-site. 1310 S. 5th St. or call 910-251-1888 for more info.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Artist Of The Week: Marvin Gaye

This weeks artist of the week is the late great Marvin Gaye. Marvin was one of the greatest soul singers of all time. An incredible artist who could touch the souls of people with his music. Sadly he faced a lot of tragedy in his life, and in the 80s drugs, and mental illness cost him his life when he attacked his father, and his father shot him to death. It is the unfortunate legacy of the last few generations that so many great talents have been lost to drug and alcohol abuse. It is not only the big stars that we all know, but a lot of friends that I have played with over the years who are either no longer with us, or have never achieved the recognition they deserve, because they drank, smoked, or shot it all away. We all make choices, and that is part of life, but sometimes we need to think about how those choices affect others in our life.

As always click on the Google video link at the left side of the blog for some great soul music.

Photo Of The Week: BVU In Winter

I know it is July, and it is hot, but I just wanted to give everyone a gentle reminder that it could be a lot worse. The photo may look pretty, but this photo was taken by me TWO days after we had 2 feet of snow fall on Storm Lake. It closed schools for three days, and all the roads leading out of town were blocked for 2 days. It was the biggest snow storm I had been in since the 1970s. I couldn't get my car out of the garage, and even if I did I had no where to go, so I walked around town in drifts up to my waist taking pictures. So even if you are hot now, just wait in 6 months you will wish it was summer again:-) OH BTW, for my friends south of the Equator, I know you are in the middle of Winter, but Spring is on the way!

Internet Radio In Trouble In England

I don't know how many of you read the comment from Mike in the previous post. He is one of those famous "Off Shore" broadcasters in England, who in the bad old days gave people something good to listen to because the BBC wasn't. He is a legit Internet radio broadcaster, but he informed me that just like here in the US, the UK is raising rates on Internet broadcasters.

Mike Said

As an artist the record companies have screwed you guys for years with contracts that allow them to keep your royalties.
But now the royalty set for internet radio in the UK is 9 yes NINE times higher than the highest rate in the USA check out,,2129109,00.html
The link leads to an article from the Guardian, which details what is going on in both the US, and UK. Here is the part that I wasn't aware of dealing with England.

From the Guardian:

But the UK ruling, announced on Monday and effective from July 1, creates a new problem. In addition to a percentage of total revenue, for every track they play webcasters will have to pay a minimum charge which is nine times higher than the US royalty board's projected per-track rate for 2010.

The terms were originally agreed last September, in a royalty settlement between record companies and parties including mobile phone operators, music download companies and the MCPS-PRS Alliance, which collects music royalties for publishers. Three webcasters - AOL, Real Networks and Yahoo! - failed to settle.

Now, webcasters face a war with regulators on both sides of the Atlantic. Very large webcasters may be able to stomach the fees, but Pandora is preparing to shut its service in the UK - the only country served outside the US - as early as this week, says international managing director Paul Brown. The service, which had been offered informally while Pandora negotiated UK music licensing deals, was to formally launch by the end of the year, but it could never be profitable under the new rules, he says.

"We want to bring this good service to the UK, but it has to be on an economic base and if you're losing money for every hour then there's no business there," laments Brown. For Pandora UK at least, it turns out that Monday really was the day the music died.

Amazingly the rate charged to British Internet stations are NINE TIMES higher than the highest rate in the US would be in 2010!! I think this just shows that the power of the corporation is no longer just a regional or national phenomenon, but it is truly a global power. Once again it is the little guys, who will be put out of business, sure, Yahoo, Real, and Aol, will whine and cry about it, but in the end they will put up the money and the rest of us small fries, will be out of business.

I will keep you posted, and I will keep all the links to save internet radio up for now. I also am including mikes blog, The Thunder to the links section.