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Monday, June 5, 2017

Blues Beatles - A Hard Days Night (Live) 2017

I have talked a lot about the Blues Beatles on the podcast.  While I can't play them on the podcast, I can post their video here!   You would think that blues and Beatles wouldn't work, but obviously it does!  Of course, if you think about it how much the Beatles were influenced by R&B and early rock and roll, it makes sense that you can bluesify the Beatles:-)

Sunday, June 4, 2017


  I hope to start adding more content to the blog.  I have made this promise so many times, but this time perhaps I mean it!  :-)   Granted the podcasts are a lot of content themselves, and many people like the history of Iowa blues, and the players, so it is in the podcast.  However, I also know people like reading and seeing videos too.  So I will try to be more up to date with stuff.  I Hope:-)

IBSC 53 James Bein, and Tina Haas Finley.

tonights show is the September 2003 Iowa Blues showcase.  It was the first show of season four.  It stars James Beihn, and Tina Haas Finley.  It also features the segment where in the world is Woody.  The show was produced by Jay Taylor and Tom Gary.  Director of bands was Jono Smith with guest announcer Ben Williams.  The worlds most dangerous house band was John Lee Eagan, Rick Mosqueda and Don Brown.

IBSC 53 James Bein, and Tina Haas Finley.