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Saturday, August 4, 2007

More Cool Local Blues News

As you know I am a fan of local blues bands. These can be the weekend warriors, to the retired blues star who likes to stay at home. These people truly keep the blues alive. They also keep alive the local blues sound. Unlike Rock, or Country, Blues is still a local style. All towns develop their own sound. Kansas City, New Orleans, and Chicago blues are just a few examples of local blues styles. so When I come across something that promotes a local area I sometimes like to post it. In the Fayetteville Observer, from North Carolina comes an article about Claudia Swartz, who puts on a local blues showcase every year. (hmmm sounds like something I used to do:-) Brian Dukes does the reporting, and actually shows some compassion for the music, and some knowledge too. None of this blues is dying crap:-) It is a short article, but it is worth your time Click HERE to read it.

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