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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Internet Radio : Blues Radio

Today's featured Internet radio station is This station is run by Joe Buckel from Baltimore Maryland. Like always follow this LINK. Then click on the yellow circle with the speaker on it.

No news about the future of Internet radio. Things are still in limbo. Hopefully something permanent will happen in the near future. As for today, the high fees are still on hold, so Internet radio is still going. However, if you want to save Internet radio, then call your Representative, and Senator TODAY! Even though Sound Exchange, has agreed to hold off on collecting fees, that is no means a win for Internet radio. They could change their mind tomorrow. So make sure that you let Washington know how you feel.


Please check out this link to Rusty On Radio. It is pretty much what I thought above. There is no settlement, and perhaps Sound Exchange is trying to do an end around. Typical corporate BS. Muddle the truth, pretend to negotiate in good faith, and then when they have enough politicians, and the public on their side, pull the rug.

I will add Rusty On Radio to the link lists.


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