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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wingnut Adams

I don't know who Wingnut Adams is. I have never heard of him, but he has an interesting name. I don't know if he realizes that "Wingnut" is slang for rightwing crazies! Perhaps he is, after all it takes all types. I certainly know a few republican blues performers, but they are few and far between:-) However, there is an interview in the Pine Tree net, which is an online news source for Calaveras County in California. there isnt a whole lot about the guy in the interview, so perhaps wingnut, is just a wingnut:-) If you would like to peruse his website CLICK HERE.


Anonymous said...

You know, I have never heard of this bluesman 2001 person... Actually nobody else we know has either!

The cheap suit and the wanna be blues brothers crap is just too much. lol

The next time he starts talking about artists out there in cyberland maybe he should check into things a little better...

It seems this wingnut dude was named 2008 band leader of the year by the west coast blues hall of fame, and does about 200 dates annually.

4 albums and over 40,000 units sold as an independant artist...maybe you are just a dumb ass in a cheap wanna be suit!

Blues Historian said...

Hey anonymous, first post your name so we know who you are otherwise you are nothing but a troll. Second my comments are about his name not his music. BTW, before you shoot off your mouth read the whole blog, and then perhaps you will see there is a lot more to it. I am nothing like the blues brothers. Just because I guy wears a black suit and a fedora dosent make them a blues brother.