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Monday, July 30, 2007

Ike Turner Day Turned Down By St Louis

The Mayor of St. Louis, turned down the Big Muddy Blues Festival Organizers request to declare an Ike Turner Day. Ike is not the most likable person in the world, and he is being punished for his past history with his ex-wife Tina, and past drug use. However, the guy is 75 years old, and isn't time to move on. He is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has a star on the St. Louis walk of stars, and he is an important figure in the history of Rock & Roll. Most of these old blues guys, and gals have not lived model lives.
However, it is the mayor, and the city of St Louis's decision. Certainly Ike has a good attitude about it. His answer was he was coming to play music and make the people happy, not coming to get an award. He did say that he was sorry for what he did to Tina all those years ago. At the very least he apologize to Tina and that was a good step.

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