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Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Commitments Trailer

This movie was a huge influence on me for two reasons. First it is such a true story about the life of a band. I swear I have been in that band more than once:-) I think the knock down drag out fight near the end of the movie has happened in a couple of bands I have been in! Second, I love anything Irish. I am half Irish, and any movie that has Ireland in it, is top on my list. So this movie had Ireland and soul music, well, that makes it one of my all time favorites! I used to own the video on VHS, but I wore it out. Now I have it on DVD, but it is full screen, I like widescreen, but I think that movie is so old, that there isn't a widescreen version.

Bottom line, that movie showed that the Irish have soul, and if you know the history of the Irish it really makes sense. By the time the movie was made Ireland had, had its freedom from England for around 7o years, but it was still mired in a terrible economic slump. Ireland was known as the third world of Europe. The movie shows the poverty in Dublin at the time. However, in the last 15 years Ireland has rode a wave of economic expansion due to companies that deal with computers and other information age related businesses. If you watch the movie many of the comments about Ireland are no longer accurate, especially in its relationship to Europe and England.

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