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Friday, August 3, 2007

Blogcritic: Solomon BurkeThe King Live At AVO Session Basel

Ouch! Poor Solomon Burke gets raked over the coals over this DVD reviewed by Blogcritic. Of course Blogcritic also dissed Janiva Magness last release, and it did quite well:-) As always take reviews as interesting tidbits of information, but if you like the artist buy the DVD. In defense of the king of soul, Solomon Burke is getting up there in years, he is not the artist he was years ago, when he and Ray Charles ruled the early days of soul music. So I would cut him some slack. Comparing Burke, to James Brown, as the reviewer did, is really more like apples and oranges. Plus, James Brown stayed in amazing shape till the very end, and still put on a great show. Not everyone is gifted with that ability to perform at top level at that age. I also tend to disagree with his assessment of 70s soul. Most of it was pretty good, even when disco hit its height there were still some decent songs that fit the disco age, but still had soul, like the Tramps,(Disco Inferno) and Commodores. (Brick House) (okay, Linoel Richie had a few stinkers, but the commodores were still pretty good)

However, from my perspective it is good that Solomon Burke is still out there making music. It may not be for everyone, but I can bet, that many of you will love the DVD anyway.

To read the review Click HERE

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