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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ronnie Baker Brooks Interview

Ronnie Baker Brooks the son of Lonnie Brooks carries on the blues tradition. Here is an article from the Times Bulletin, from Van Wert, Ohio about Ronnie Baker Brooks. This goes back to what I wrote about several weeks ago, about how many people think that the blues is dying. I assume they are young, because the blues has always seemed like it was dying, and then boom it is back bigger and badder than ever. People like Lonnie and his son Ronnie keep the blues alive and well. The idea that the blues is dying is really laughable. Looking at all the blues fest going on and it is easy to see that the music is going on. There might not be as many bar gigs as there were ten years ago, but bar owners will eventually see that booking the blues brings in the money. You can only do karaoke, and DJs for so long before bar patrons start to get bored. All I can say is bring back the blues!

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