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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Blood Sweat And Tears: Got To Get You Into My Life

This funkified version of the Beatles Got To Get You Into My Life predates the Earth Wind and Fire version that was part of the ill fated Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band THE MOVIE! Probably the worse film ever put on celluloid. Talk about destroying the careers of everyone who touched it! If you have had the misfortune of watching Robert Stigwoods attempt to turn the Beatles classic hits into disco songs then you know what I am talking about. Perhaps the person whose career was hurt the most was poor Peter Frampton. Frampton was a decent guitar player, and had some artistic credibility with the album Frampton Comes Alive. But, the attempts to make him a teen idol, ( which really was going on before the film) destroyed his career.

If you are going to cover the Beatles, then BS&T did it right. BS&T was one of the first jazz rock, fusion bands. They started in 1967 with the legendary Al Kooper on lead vocals, Steve Katz on guitar, and some of the best session guys around. Kooper left after the first album, and the amazing David Clayton Thomas took over. Over the years the band fell apart, replaced members and has finally called it quits. However, they were perhaps one of the tightest bands in pop history. BS&T played everything from soul, blues, jazz, and everything in between. This video is a great example of BS&T from the mid 70s.

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