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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Joe Cocker, Billy Preston, and Patti Labelle/ Taylor Hicks: You Are So Beautiful To Me

Here is two versions of You Are So Beautiful To Me, one by the song writer Billy Preston, with help from Joe Cocker, who made it famous and the amazing Patti Labelle. The second version is Taylor Hicks from American Idol.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a treat with both videos. Each in their own way. Billy Patti & Joe amazing. And Taylor Hicks so tender soul reaching. Have you seen the old video somewhere on youtube of joe cocker singing A Little Help from My Friends...not the woodstock one, but there's another. It's real long and everyone is reallllly into it and everyone seems, well...rather...spaced out.

Anonymous said...

These two videos both blew me away. And I'm so glad to have discovered Mr.Hicks here. OMG I really appreciate that voice and style. What a treasure to have the earlier Joe Cocker, Preston and LaBelle. What a great website this is.

Bluesman: You Blues!

Anonymous said...

My only problem with the first video was that there was not enough Billy Preston. He was magic. An underrated talent.

Mr. Hicks, in less than 2 minutes shows the promise of future greatness. Why is it I only read negative comments about him. You can see how he feels the music inside. You don't see much of that these days.

Anonymous said...

Love Cocker and LaBelle, but Billy Preston is the man! The Beatles knew it. I saw a clip on youtube recently of him on Nat King Cole's show when he was about 11 years old. Even then, you could tell he was an incredible talent.

Taylor Hicks. I have never seen American Idol, but I can see why he won. I think I just fell in love watching that tender, heartfelt performance.