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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bukka White: Aberdeen Mississippi Blues

Classic footage of Bukka white playing and singing the blues.


Anonymous said...

As the daughter of the late Bukka White I am frustrated by the bold use of my dads (MUSIC ON-LINE)I should receive royalty but like it was during my dads career little has changed.Many famous artist recorded Bukka White music but refused to pay.Many of his Ablums are listed for sale on the internet,but I do not receive royalty on them.Bukka White died a Broken man.For more me.(Irene Kertchaval)

Blues Historian said...

Hi Irene

I have read your comment, and looked up your plight on other websites. As far as online use. If you contact the website (Youtube) and ask that the videos be taken off the site they will do it. Also a quick email to any site that allows free downloads of your fathers music should take them off their website if you contact them. Especially if you mention that you have a lawyer.(and you really need to get a lawyer, preferably a music lawyer) You might want to contact the Robert Johnson blues foundation

They have personal experience with getting money to the rightful heirs.

Good luck with fight!

Tom Gary
Blues Historian

Anonymous said...

dear irene, get a job and make a life for yourself and let people enjoy your father's music.
sincerely, dingothrust balltoontich

Blues Historian said...


Irene has every right to be angry with people downloading music for free. Blues musicians spend years working on their songs,spending their hard earned money on studio time, and 300+ dates a year touring. It is a rough life. Blues performers aren't rock stars. Most national acts tour in vans, and cars. they don't have tour buses and rarely fly. So can you understand why blues performers and their families get angry when you download their songs without paying???? None of this is new. African American performers were routinely screwed by record companies. Paid a small fee when they recorded and rarely given royalties. Their publishing rights taken away so that years later Paul McCartney, or Michael Jackson and their families could live comfortably off others hard work. Its a great system! Then you come along years later and steal their music thinking you are sticking it to the man, when in reality you are sticking it to the people who created the music to begin with.

Nice Job.

Blues Historian