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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fight For Internet Radio Not Over Yet

Here is another article on the current state of Internet radio. This comes from Great Reporter. Once again it makes the point that independent artists, and small Ma, and Pa internet radio stations will disappear if Sound Exchange gets its way. I think a great example of the future of internet radio, can be shown by looking at commercial radio today. How many stations in your town,(US) are locally owned and operated. I am not talking about small wattage community stations, I am talking about commercial radio stations. If you have one it is a miracle. even up here in the boondocks, we have no local radio stations. Last summer a typical summer thunderstorm came rolling through NW Iowa. The electricity was out, and I was tying to find a local radio station to find out if anything severe was coming through. Amazingly all the stations in town were automated and run by computers, no weather warnings, no live people, just a computer playing music, and commercials. I was finally lucky enough to find a live person broadcasting 40 miles north of me, and he had RADAR! Only through him did I find out that A severe thunderstorm was rolling through my area! What if it had been a tornado?? My only hope would have been to hear the sirens, or the tornado!

This is why commercial radio has been ruined. No local control, and corporations deciding what I get to listen to. No DJs, no request line, no people! This is why it is important to save internet radio since it still has the local flavor that is long gone from commercial radio. Plus internet radio will play music from me and other unsigned and indie musicians.

If you haven't done it yet, go to the bottom of the blog and click on the save internet radio banner, and see what you can do to save the music.

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