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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Artist Of The Week: Count Basie

Artist of the week is Count Basie. I thought I would go old school, and bring on some swing! Legend has it that Benny Goodman was traveling through the Midwest when he heard Count Basie on the radio. He told John Hammond who contacted Basie, and arranged for him to play in Chicago. When Basie and the band arrived the producer of the show wanted to know where his music and arrangements were, when Basie informed the producer that they didn't have any, and that the arrangements were in their head! I am sure the producer was a bit shocked when he heard how good these guys were without music!:-) As always the videos are located on the left side of the blog. Also notice that I have another box of videos below that. You can watch those blues videos without leaving the site. It is pretty cool, and has some different videos. I have noticed that it slowly changes videos perhaps a couple a week.

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