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Monday, October 22, 2007

British Blues Trio Back Door Slam

I know better, than to be snarky about young British bands after Blues and Snake! Who would think that they would be so sensitive:-) I found this article in the Boston Herald about Back Door Slam that features a young guitarist named Davey Knowles. I don't know if he is the second coming of Hendrix/Stevie Ray, but he does have some good press. To read about him and his band Click HERE.

1 comment:

AnneD said...

Watch BDS's live performances of "Ain't No City" and "Red House" on YouTube. Knowles is young but has that passion and fire similar to SRV. Don't know if he has the originality yet, but even on cover songs he brings a true bluesman's sensibility and licks, IMO. And he has an amazing soul voice; sounds much more seasoned than his 20 or so years. I wish I were going to Boston tomorrow to check them out.