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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Part of Living Blues Article From SHSI

I found a small excerpt that I sent to the State Historical Society of Iowa from my Living Blues article. Most of it is mine, but the last two paragraphs are someone else. I didn't put the cat house sentence in there at all. someone must have read the hall of fame web page, and felt it needed to be in the story. I had put that in years ago, when Jimmy once told me that he played cat houses when he was five. However, over the years I realized he was just kidding me. Jimmy was always sly about his past. He would have a twinkle in his eye, and say something fun like that, and it would be hard to tell if he was kidding, or serious. I miss him a lot. we spent a lot of hours talking about life, the blues, and how things have changed from when he was a kid. If I can figure out how to change analogue tapes into digital I will make some MP3 of Jimmy available for you to listen to.

link to story

The article was mostly about Jimmy and his years growing up in Red Starr Virginia. Red Starr was a coal mining town that is still on the maps. I was checking it out on Google Earth one day!

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