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Monday, April 2, 2007

New Begining

Hey Everyone, welcome to my new blog. This blog will combine history and blues, my two loves. I will continue to post updates on the yahoo news groups, but I would like to move some posts over here. This way I can get rid of spam in the main text. I do know that spam will get into the comments section, but I can live with that.

Sometimes politics will enter into to the discussion. In this day and age it is impossible to escape political idologies in almost areas of life. It seems that politicians have learned that to polorize the American people helps to keep them in power with cushy jobs paid for by special intrest. So from time to time I will comment on it. The old blog was dedicated to that, but this one I hope has much less of politics, and more history and blues.

I do know that for a small number of our Yahoo list, that anything I write about appears to them as liberal bias. I dont believe I spent 20K going to grad school to be political indoctrinated by the left. I know liberal bias, and I am nowhere near that political leaning. If anything I am a moderate that leans left. This comes from growing up in a union household, and a father who was a union steward. I saw the first hand benifits of belonging to a union, and I have always belonged to a union since my union job in 1986. That dosent mean I agree 100% with the leadership. I am my own man, but I do see the benifits of unionmembership. I will post more about this at a latter date.

I also plan to write about my days in Kansas City as a struggling bluesmusician, and my latter sucesses such as the Central Iowa Blues Society, and the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame. I promise that there will be more interesting topics and more variety than the old blog.

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