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Monday, December 3, 2007

Christina Aguilera And Dr. John : Merry Christmas Baby

This is what changed my mind about Christina Aguilera! I saw her doing this song with Dr. John and it proved to me that she was light years ahead of Brittney Spears and all the rest of the pop princesses! Christina can sing the blues. Now if only she would do some more blues!!!


Anonymous said...

Christina can sing, that's for sure. My mind was changed last year when she sang at the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree lighting. She and Taylor Hicks made that show last year.

I hope she moves more into a blues direction with her music, she could be great.


Anonymous said...

Christina has an amazing voice,vocally she blows Brittany away. You've got some great stuff going on here Bluesman,glad I stopped by !

Rob W said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rob W said...

She also did Harry Warren and Mack Gordon song "At Last" (made famous by Etta James) and a James Brown and Betty Jean Newsome song called "It's A Man’s World"

I would have to say, see she sure can blow but putting her in tandem with the Dr. who is way too funky and cool. At least in my little pea brain anyway LOL

Nice Blog I will be sure to add you to my RSS Feeds

Kind Regards