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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Taylor Hicks: Who Do You Love, Big Boss Man

Taylor Hicks Jamming the blues.  The man is a bluesman I just don't understand why the blues crowds haven't accepted him yet. 


medolark said...

Thanks for featuring another great clip by Taylor Hicks. I, too, don't understand why the blues crowds haven't accepted him yet. Perhaps it's because Taylor sings a little bit of every genre'. Basically though he is a blues/soul man. Ü

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you and medolark. Taylor is definitely a real blues artist. Perhaps it is, like medolark says, that he does so many genres, but the way artists are switching around these days, I think he just needs to produce something that really gets notice other than from those who follow him so closely.That means radio and the music industry. Not so easy.

Anonymous said...

Love this. Taylor is one of the great live blues artists out there. He deserves to get that recognition.

Anonymous said...

Amen , the man deserves recognition ! Love this vid.