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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taylor Hicks: Early Works

Taylor Hicks is releasing some of his old songs from Pre Idol days, when he was playing the Chitlin Circuit. Apparently this is a fan video and not an official release so the video maybe gone in a day or two, but if the blues fans were half as organized and hard working as Taylor Hicks fans then we wouldn't be discussing the death of the blues! People we need to learn something from these folks!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tom. We do appreciate your support. Ü

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tom, we do appreciate your support of our "soulman."

You continue to "get it" and it's heart warming, when every once in a while, someone who actually knows what they're talking about, is introduced to Taylor, and discovers what we did when we heard "A Change Is Gonna Come!"

Thanks so much for running the promo of "Early Works." Here's hoping some new folks will pick it up and become fans as well!

san said...

Thanks, Blues, for continuing to share Taylor's music. We appreciate your post about Early Works! He is an outstanding songwriter as well as performer.
Thanks again for all you do to promote good music!

juliegr said...

Thanks, Blues for your help in getting the word out about the upcoming Taylor Hicks re-release of his early music.

Taylor recorded and released some excellent music before he was on American Idol and his core fanbase has been enjoying the music for some years -- I'm delighted that the release will give more music lovers an opportunity to enjoy this fantastic artist.

Anonymous said...

Taylor's “Early Works” is what made so many of the Soul Patrol so passionate about him, during/after his AI exposure. Hope that more come to appreciate his sound! Thanks!