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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cee Lo Green: F You

I have debated posting this video, not because of the foul language (Beware Cee Lo using the F word a lot in this song:-) You see the kids at the high school are in love with this video not because it is an amazing soul song, and isn't it nice to hear a great melody on the radio again????  It is too bad that the kids have no clue about why THEY SHOULD LIKE THE SONG!!  Just because it is funny and he says F you, a couple a dozen times the high school crowd thinks its cool.  

The reason the language doesn't bother me, is that blues singers have sworn and cursed for decades.  there are songs out there from the 20s and 30s that would make a sailor blush!   So this is nothing new, and I certainly hope that Cee Lo can keep his career going after all the tiny boppers move on to the latest Lady Gaga single. What bothers me is the large number of Southern soul artists who are doing songs far better than this, that no one has heard.  I hope that a handful of kids who are into Cee Lo will look into soul music, or better yet search this blog for soul music, and find out that there are a lot more great artists doing this great music. 

However, that said this is a damn good song, so if you can handle the language give it a listen:-)

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