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Friday, April 16, 2010

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

Have you ever decided to settle for the 2nd or 3rd best mango because the best mango doesn't have one of those damn scanner stickers and you know damn well that the 14 year old checker (ok, they LOOK 14 years old to me, but at my age EVERYONE looks like a kid) has no idea what fruit that is and they have to scream at some other poor stock person to go back to the mango department and find out how much it costs (which is always more than you thought it was) (BTW, I thought George Bush gave away some of our nuclear secrets so that we could get cheap mangos from India. When's THAT gonna happen?) (mango is the new CAKE) Isn't it a shame that we're letting our standards slip just because the best doesn't have a scanner sticker? (scan 'er sticker?) (stick 'er?) Never mind, that has nothing to do with the Blue Band, I'm just sayin'...

Which brings me (finally) to Saturday night's Blue Band gig at the Bourre Lounge, inside of Roux Orleans Restaurant, 4th & Sycamore (the old Black's Building) in Waterloo's entertainment district. Come early for the fabulous New Orleans cuisine (there might even be something with mangos, but I'm not sure) and stick around for dancing and adult beverages. We've been able to talk them into starting the band at 9pm instead of 10pm and we'll play til around 12:30am...

Then we have no work until the final First Friday show of the season at The Hub on May 7. Normally I would be freakin' out over having no work, but I have been so busy with all the projects involved with consolidating Carolyn's and my households into one that I haven't had time to worry about it. (What, me worry?) (that's Phil's job) (a little longtime Blue Band fan inside humor there) We finally closed the sale of that third property on Wednesday. (after considerable hail damage was done to the property on Apr. 6, complicating the sale) I learned a lot about the real estate market, human nature, and myself during that 5 month fiasco. I was helped along the way by some new people in my life and some longtime friends. I wish I hadn't lost so much money in the process of that lesson (it would have made a substantial down payment on a new band truck) but I'm still alive and well and wiser and more humble (actually, the words humble and Bob Dorr are rarely used in the same sentence!)...

Speaking of Phil the Road Worrier, Mr. Maass is really out doing himself on the technical recording, mixing, and editing of this year's New Year's Eve souvenir cd. He and I have been mixing the tapes about 5-6 hours a week for a couple months now and things are sounding good! I must say that I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such fabulous musicians, sound engineers, support people, and fans of the band. The band (and in particular Heath and Jeff) went WAY out of their way to deliver the requested wedding songs (At Last and I Knew The Bride) in such superb fashion. You'll be stunned at Heath's vocal on At Last. I get to relive that night every time we work on those recordings and the memories are fantastic. Thank you Blue People and family. I really needed that!...

I have often talked about my mother's last living sister, my Aunt Dolores. Please send out prayers and positive energy to Dolores' husband, my Uncle Wallace, who has decided to fight his cancer without taking any more chemo treatments. Wallace is the strongest, quiet man I know. His personal and moral integrity has been a source of inspiration to me many times. If the world was full of human beings like Wallace Busse, we would have a much better planet. Thoughts and prayers to him, Dolores, and my two cousins Greg and Sharon...

We still have WAY too many open dates this spring and some prime open weekends in the summer. Let us know if we can be part of your neighborhood block party or the party in the barn on your acreage in the country. Book The Band info is available here:

So let's turn our attention back to mangos. As a matter of fact, how 'bout mango CAKE?! (I'm hoping my friend James P. Ronan has that recipe) See yas on the Blue Highway, it would be fantastic if we could get 10 or 15 zydeco tie players going all at once in the New Orleans theme restaurant on Saturday night, watch out for hail damage (it's like someone just took a ball-peen hammer to the hood and roof of the band truck, right Carolyn?) and always remember we love you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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