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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blues Historian Review: Taylor Hicks, Whomp At The Warfield

I received this DVD from some fine folks at one of Taylor Hicks fan clubs. I suppose a review is not really necessary since his fans will love the DVD no matter what I say. However, I can safely say for those of you who haven't listened to this guy yet, that this DVD is for you. Taylor Hicks is the real deal. I have said this many times, but it is true the man can sing the blues, soul, R&B and rock and roll. Whomp At The Warfield is mostly a soul filled romp recorded live at The Warfield in San Francisco back in 2007. The band in incredibly tight and Hicks has both the band and the fans pumped up from start to finish.

I must admit I am fascinated with Hicksmania. Perhaps in a differnet time and place before the music business imploded from its own excess he would have been the next incarnation of Elvis, but today in a music scene that is so large, over played, and mega corrupt, Hicks seems to fly beneath the radar. It is both fortunate and unfortunate. In one sense his fan base is tremendous and very faithful. In many ways he and his fans remind me of the relationship between Tom Jones and his fans. Jones never got his due, was regarded as a pop singer, and his legendary fans have followed him forever. Both Jones, and Hicks can sing anything, blues, soul, R&B, Pop, Country, and folk. However, the blues purist would not think about either one as a blues performer, but when I hear them sing I think otherwise.

The other thing that strikes me when I watch the video is that Taylor reminds me a lot of the good qualities of Elvis. It is more than the accent, because both have the Mississippi drawl, but it is their obvious love of the music, and culture of African Americans. Also Taylor doesn't have all the trappings that came with Elvis's fame. Perhaps in the long run it is a good thing that the music industry doesn't control artists like in the old days because that's what ruined Elvis.

This is a great DVD. lots of energy, and great music. Buy it today you can't go wrong.


san said...

Thanks, Blues, for one of the best reviews/assessments I have ever read of Taylor Hicks and his music. You have it right on...Taylor is the "real deal." This is why fans will follow him forever as they did Tom Jones.


soulthing said...

I couldn't agree more. Taylor is one of the top performers around today - a performer who does not need bells, lasers, eyeliner or crotch grabbing to divert attention away from the basic gift - the singing and the delivery of the blues and every other style of music.

Keep on doin' what you do, Taylor! I'm a fan for life!

tishlp said...

Bluesman, you rock, you get it! Thanks for the great review of Taylor and his music.


Louise said...

Thanks for this great review. I've seen Taylor live many times and this DVD is a true representative of how he performs in a theater. Fired up, bluesy and constant motion.

Anonymous said...

We are all products of our times , so Taylor must find his way in today's music biz world. Because he is his "own man" , he will find happiness performing with or without media support. We fans are here for the long haul and wish Taylor only the best.

Thanks for your thoughts on WATW. As fans of yours, we value your opinion.


Laurie said...

I loved reading your comments and observations on Taylor and, actually, Tom Jones too. Taylor is a great all-around musical performer and entertainer. I wish more people "got" him and were able to look beyond the preconceived notions and prejudices, including media and music fans alike, and took the time to explore what he's all about to truly see what a talent this man is. He is too underappreciated and ignored.

Anonymous said...

Love you, Tom! It's so refreshing to read a review from someone who understands Taylor. I love Taylor as a singer and entertainer, but I think he really excells at putting bands together. These guys were seamless! I hated to see them go their separate ways when this tour ended. It's good to read that someone else appreciates them.

labelle31 said...

What a great review! So nice to hear someone give Taylor his due, instead of all the negative things we read. Taylor doesn't need all the trappings of Elvis....he has his voice and his talent. I am another Fan For Life!