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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Steve Goodman: Dying Cub Fans Request

I post this song every year for two reasons. First, I love the Cubs! How could you not love the lovable looser from the northside of Chicago. Second, Steve Goodman! As you know from my previous posts, Steve Goodman was a die hard Cubs fan, who unfortunately, was dying of cancer when this video was made. The sad irony of Steve and the Cubs, was that he died just days before the Cubs made it into the playoff for the first time in 40 years. Of course, the 85 Cubs lost to the Padres in 5 games, after blowing out the Padres in the first two. It was one of the most painful three days of baseball that I remember. Much worse than Bartman! God Bless Barman, but the Cubs choked away the Florida game, and Alou was never going to catch that ball Bartman or no Bartman.

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