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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blues Historian Review: Ana Popovic, Blind For Love

This is one of the hardest reviews that I have had to do at Blues Historian. Ana Popovic is a blues guitarist, and a damn good one, but her latest disc is not a blues disc. Blind For Love is an eclectic collection of rock, funk, soul, and melodic jazz. The last song on the disc, Blues For M is blues, but that is about it. Yet, her amazing guitar playing certainly is blues through and through.

I think I can understand the need for Ana to move into other genres of music. I have certainly felt that myself. Playing, living, dreaming, and eating the blues can get old. Sometimes you want to stretch out and play or create something else. I went through a Billy Joel stage myself. Go figure!

I am not sure what the blues fanatics are going to think about Blind For Love, but I am sure that Ana's legions of fans will be happy with this CD. After all, her guitar playing is first rate, and her sultry raspy vocals are nice. Her band is tight throughout the disc, and it is a nice mix of styles. I suppose the only real problem is finding a market for this CD. I have read a couple of scathing reviews from the blues sites. However, I can only imagine that a follow up live disc, or her next release will get the blues purists back.

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