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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blues Historian Review: George Thorogood And The Destroyers, The Dirty Dozen

The classic blues rocker George Thorogood has a new CD out called The Dirty Dozen. The 12 songs are listed on the disc much like a classic LP. In fact the CD comes in a nice cardboard sleeve just like the old days!

If you are a Thorogood fan this disk will be a treasure. George blazes through the CD with his classic blues rock slide guitar. Nobody plays slide like Thorogood. He rips it up like the good old days plus the band does a great job keeping up with the old master. Thorogood's whiskey soaked vocals are still strong and mighty. The man hasn't skipped a beat since his early days in Delaware.

The disc is a nice combination of older and new songs. They are seamless, and there is no drop off in quality between the six new songs and the older fan favorites. Thorogood also covers some classic blues songs like, Howling For My Baby, Highway 49, Treat Her Right, Blue Highway, and Hello Little Girl. I have never been a big fan of covers, but in Thorogood's hands, and in his own style, it makes the songs his own.

This disc is for the Thorogood fan, and fans of loud rip roaring slide guitar. It is a good addition to your Thorogood collection.

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